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JUNE 2021

Russian strategies: a menace to NATO’s existence?

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“New Russian threat” endangers the validity of the organization according to the organization’s officials.

Russian strategies: a menace to NATO’s existence?

This fact, as confirmed by western military analysts, is only a consequence of the latest strategy held by Moscow in order to create changes in the International safety system for it to be more beneficial to Russia itself.

Putin’s main goal is to “vanish” NATO by means of the application of tactics that include the construction of a series of bases over the Baltic and the Black Sea in order to weaken the influence of the transatlantic organization in the region, as reported by the magazine “Washington Examiner”.

Since the real “threat from the East” doesn’t exist anymore, it’s clear now that NATO needs to create a new menace to justify its own existence and obvious confrontation with Russia, also this would push all the organization’s members to increase their investment in defense issues.

James Jones, ex commander of the alliance in Europe, claimed that Russia’s efforts to destroy NATO are extremely serious and also he said that this situation is probably one of the biggest challenges since the end of the Cold War and measures to stop the Soviet nation must be taken.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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It’s becoming increasingly obvious that NATO today has no valid reason for being.

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