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Russian Strategic Bombers Strike ISIS For 3rd Time In Deir Ezzor

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Russian Strategic Bombers Strike ISIS For 3rd Time In Deir Ezzor

Russian Tu-22M Tupolev Backfire Supersonic Strategic Bomber

Six Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bombers have delivered airstrikes on ISIS positions in the area of the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor for the 3rd time in a row.

“On January 24, 2017, six long-range Tu-22M3 bombers that took off from a Russian airfield and flew over Iraq and Iran carried out airstrikes on a [terrorist] plant producing ammunition and explosives in Tel al-Salhiya, Daesh’s [ISIS] arms and ammunition depots, as well as areas with Daesh’s hardware in the Deir Ezzor province,” the Russian Defense Ministry reported on Tuesday, adding that all targets were destroyed.

The Tu-22M3 strategic bombers took off from an airfield in Russia and flew over the territory of Iraq and Iran to conduct airstrikes.

The six Russsian boombers also delivered airstrikes against ISIS terrorists in the area of Deir Ezzor yesterday and last weekend.

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Thanks for this, also note spelling of

for the 3rd time in a ro

should be

for the 3rd time in a row


They are carrying daily raids for the last few days. If Russia was to do this for a couple of weeks involving T22s and T160s there is not going to be much of any ISIS infrastructure left.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

The ISIS head-choppers will appreciate their quick ticket to 80 virgins. I am sure the cloning factory in the sky will need to work overtime to meet the demand for virgins. Godspeed RuAF!

Pave Way IV

This is nothing. Operation Inherit Resolve has approximately twenty-five TIMES the air assets in SW Asia than Russia does. Check out their strike report for yesterday:

Syria  Near Abu Kamal, one strike destroyed an oil well head.  Near Al Bab, two strikes engaged two ISIL tactical units and destroyed a vehicle, two mortar systems, and an ammunition cache.  Near Al Shadaddi, one strike destroyed an ISIL front-end loader.  Near Ar Raqqah, five strikes engaged two ISIL tactical units and destroyed a UAV tower, an ISIL decoy tank, and an IED factory.  Near Dayr Az Zawr, two strikes destroyed two oil trucks, two oil pump jacks and two vehicles.  Near Palmyra, one strike engaged an ISIL tactical unit

Ten million dollars a day for intel, twenty-five times the Russian air power and the U.S. coalitions’ strike reports read like a few drunk Syrian soldiers with pickup trucks and an RPGs could do over a weekend. This was actually a good day for them – some of their targets were an actual ISIL tactical units. That’s pretty damn rare for OIR.

In the mean time, six Tu-22M3s probably killed more ISIS than the coalition has all week – in Syria AND Iraq combined.


The difference being, playing war and making war.


you seem to forget Us-led coalition has over 60 nations Only Russia by it self has done more in Syria then us has ever done in Iraq and Afghanistan combined since they started their war of terror.


Surprised by strike on ISUS decoy tank, was it a balloon tank from Patton’s army in England. How many times has it been hit. Or does it just float around the area? Hard to take out. :)

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