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Russian Strategic Bombers Pound ISIS Targets Near al-Bukamal


Russian Strategic Bombers Pound ISIS Targets Near al-Bukamal

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On November 15, the Russian Defense Ministry announced that six Tu-22M3 strategic bombers carried airstrikes on ISIS targets near the  Syrian city of al-Bukamal.

“Fortified areas, manpower and armored vehicles of terrorists have been targeted,” the ministry said, adding that means of reconnaissance had confirmed the destruction of the targets.

According to the Russian and Syrian defense ministries, al-Bukamal should be in hands of pro-government forces and only few ISIS members  remained in the city.

However, according to photos and videos from the area, an intense fighting is still ongoing there. The situation remains unclear.



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  • Tiresia Branding

    hope for US special operators they had some umbrellas

  • dutchnational

    Some commenters are complaining of long distances from airbases to fighting positions in the DeZ area.

    Acc to a pro SAA commenter, the US has the solution :

    van Sidorenko‏
    2 u2 uur geleden
    #Syria Unconfirmed – US forces are building a huge military base in the village of Hammad Al-Ali 11 km southeast of the city of Shaddadi after having bought the land from its owners for $2 million.
    also reports that they intend to build a base near Al-Tanak oil field

    If this is correct, then Incirlik will be unnecessary too in the coming years. It is yet another indication, if correct, that US will stay in Northern Syria for a long time.

    • Blucross

      I agree, and I don’t like the idea.