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Russian Strategic Bombers Fly Over Barents And Norwegian Seas In Another Show Of Force In Arctic (Video)

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Russian Strategic Bombers Fly Over Barents And Norwegian Seas In Another Show Of Force In Arctic (Video)

ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber

As the geopolitical standoff for the Arctic is heating, the Russians have once again send a strong reminder who is the real leading power in the region.

On March 30, the Russian Defense Ministry released a video showing flights of two Tu-160 strategic missile carriers in airspace over the neutral waters of the Barents and Norwegian Seas. The strategic bombers were supported by MiG-31 fighter aircraft of the naval aviation of the Russian Navy.



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johnny rotten

If someone will ever dare to attack Moscow, these white swans would erase all the northern European capitals in an instant.


You mean they will cleanse Europe of the taint of its globo-homo liberast faggotry infection.


London needs re-modelling anyway :)

Supreme Blyat

Sounds like a plan.

Rhodium 10

The purpose of that TU 160 in case of war is to attack European ports ( Germany, Belgium, Holland) from the atlantic away of the range of fighterjets using the KH 101 cruise missile ( range 5000km)…

Band Itkoitko

No one knows for sure how such a terrible event would unfold. However, we can be sure that is not at all Russia’s (or any reasonable person’s) desire. Peace is so much better, but it has to be a true peace.

We will see more and more expressions of the true comprehensive power of Russia and their strength will come more and more in the light. Some weaknesses will be exposed as well (which can actually help remedy them unlike if they stay hidden). Unfortunately, war spirits are brewing now and this undeniably would cause Russia to be more open about her strengths. As a final result, the country’s influence would very likely increase, but that always comes with a burden.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Nuclear ambassadors.

Jean de Valette

Sexy plane..

cechas vodobenikov

Covid fascists in angloshere jealous—backward UK spends useless currency on 2 carriers, lacks money to afford jets; must use American Cessna with kalishnikov bought from taleban. US LGBT navy learning to shoot itself w f35

Davide Herzog

” US LGBT / ANTIFA / BLM navy learning to shoot itself w f35


The Arctic is Russian domain, it has been militarized and Russian presence is significant by naval and air forces, while US a wanna be contender in the area beploys a few B1 bombers in the area and lack icebreakers to exercise their “ freedom of navigation” bs.

Tommy Jensen

International waterways under the Global Rules based Order in accordance with US/Nato’s Inherent Resolve Freedom Coalition of 70 countries and its Allies.

Robert Ferrin

Damn but these are beautiful birds dancing in the sky.

Tommy Jensen

Exactly as I predicted it and I was right again. “First we take Arctic, and then we take the Atlantic Ocean”.

But as usual everyone refused to recognize I was right because I was the first one to discover Russia’s secret “Full Spectrum Global Dominance” strategy. But today however, everybody can see I was right!!

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