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JULY 2022

Russian State-Funded Donation Platforms Blocked SouthFront’s Accounts

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Russian State-Funded Donation Platforms Blocked SouthFront’s Accounts


SouthFront has become a target of another censorship and pressure act.

This time from Russia.

In early May, accounts of SouthFront Team registered on Russian state-funded donation platforms were blocked. This hostile act was undertaken by subsidiaries of Mail.ru Group. The major shareholder in Mail.ru Group is Russia’s state-owned bank Sberbank (Sberbank of Russia). This banking and financial services company is the largest one in Russia.

It also should be noted that after the introduction of the US sanctions against SouthFront, we sent an official request to the Russian Presidential Administration. As we know from claims of the US State Department, SouthFront is the key ‘pillar’ of the ‘Kremlin disinformation’. So, SouthFront officially asked the Russian Presidential Administration for legal and technical assistance. In accordance with SouthFront’s main principles, we did not request any funding.

However, as in the previous cases when SouthFront asked Russian authorities for legal support to fight back the unprecedented censorship and pressure campaign waged against our team, SouthFront’s request was ignored.

SouthFront Team calls on all who wants to support SouthFront work in any way, including donations, to contact us via info@southfront.org


BTC: bc1qw4cxpe6sxa5dg6sdwxjph959cw6yztrzl4r54sRussian State-Funded Donation Platforms Blocked SouthFront’s AccountsBITCOINCASH: qq3vlashthktqpeppuv7trmw070e3mydgq63zq348v

Russian State-Funded Donation Platforms Blocked SouthFront’s Accounts

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Fog of War

” This banking and financial services company is the largest one in Russia and is headed by Herman Gref, a well-known representative of the ‘liberal wing’ of the Russian elites. ”

Herman Gref, such a pure Russian name.

jens holm

Man are working for improvements. I hope some of it works. Too much hardly is information by thewriters in here.

And if You give luibnks or maps, You are ignored or laughed at. That no debate or chinging infoirmation to reach a higher level for ones opinion.

If people dont write, what their oppinions aresilence is betyter tthen gold.

Some instead should learn arabic and not say “Its written”, but they only are told its written by old longbeard analfabeths.

The same for the still confuced Marxists. Many seemes to havelearned Groucho and Harpo Marx only. No wonder only was possible as a forced version in cement æless then 100 years.

jens holm

Sure. I jist comment that “Liberal” is so many things around the world so liberal is very different for the readers.

Liberals in what. Are they fx for any can run for parlment and president unless they are hard criminals or hard menthal ill. Liberal here also can say, that plunderinbg others is allowed and people getting poor is their own fault.

As beekeeper I see the bees treating each other first classfine as long as they produce until their wings almost are gone. If not ITS OUT.

Rhodium 10

As Putin gets old..he gets weak!…which means that pro western liberals Oligarchy grows in Russia like a virus….and the Putin´s politics of friendship with my enemies ( Turkey, Israel, EU) are a complete failure as we have seen in Syria, Libya, Donbass and Nagorno Karabaj war… weak leaders like Gorbachov and Yeltsin destroyed USSR and Russia in exchange that few oligarchs got richs and almost all population poor! while “friendly” Reagan and Clinton supported them!….strong leaders like Nikita Khruschev and Leonid Breznev imposed respect and fear to the enemies ( included China in those years) and Russia became a Superpower with a large military and Industrial complex.


Gref doesn’t want to face sanctions, although I dunno how much they will affect him, it’s quite obvious to see now that Southfront is on the list. I guess business is business.

As for the future of donations to Southfront? I guess it’s a game of cat and mouse with the Department of State.

jens holm

Im just cleaner and postman.

I see every reason to comment things which are created under own bedblankets or worse. Those people not even try to debate even Southfront often bring interesting articles I like even i often dont agree.

I havnt stopped the limitations for Soutfront at all.

Maybee criminals and police are same thing in Your country and You are used to that kind of non debate at all and created by bad people living in their of selfcreated dark state. I dont. I dont think any should.

So thats where I am.

jens holm

Growth from and by west is a very good thing for Russia. Not much more else grows at all.

The devastating problem is those people are not taxed well by laws and reliable methods. By that the state wont get an income to finance the state parts of the system like schools, hospitals and pension.

So please do that and clean Your own parts first Russia. Next Russia hardly creates jobs itself. Its well descriebed well by many and even lilttle me.

There is no base for growth in Russia unless You educate millions of Russians into the middle class level 24/7 and also reward them for it as well as tax them too and more, because threy have a higher income.

Biden says same thing but from a much higher income and social much btter network system. The really rich ones has to pay back much more. 3% more from the rich in USA is a lot of money.

Matt Skarlatos

Question to SouthFront….

Are Jens Holm and Fog of War “real” or AI generated?…

Does Zerohedge’s parent company own you yet?… Because they should!


Good luck wtih the $Bitcoin PR. “Daniel Ivandjiiski” must be proud


@Matt Skarlatos Jens, Fog, and much of the handles of Zerohedge are all part of the same swamp. But who cares? It ain’t even half obvious…..

I’m sure Southfront still takes cash donations :)


The banker must be a liberal US stooge.

Matt Skarlatos

What sad James is that this article about Sberbank is fact. Russia still has too many Anglo-Zionist participants in it’s banks and energy, along with it’s titular head that needs replacing.

When either Dmitry Rogozin or Sergey Shoygu assume the head of the table “symbolic” as it might be I think Russia will be turning the page in it’s 21st century history in it’s best direction.

After all. Putin is KGB relic that made far too much money for never working a day in his life!


@Matt Skarlatos Yes, Jens Holm is real. Unfortunately…. although he sounds like a broken NATO bot.


The American people themselves are a bigger danger than even their criminal government today, they’ve become the modern day Nazi. In 2015 Russia exposed the USA to the entire world for supporting terrorists in Syria, and that forced the USA to admit to the whole world they had recruited — Trained — Armed — Supplied — Protected — Paid — Used brutal terrorists, the “Free Syria Army” (sorry I forgot, Americans like the term “moderate head chopping fake rebels”, it’s only terrorists to the rest of this world, my mistake). And not one American of any race or colour, has ever condemned it? Not one has done the right thing and stood up against it? Or even protested against it? As every other society on earth would be doing, if any of their governments were forced to admit what the USA admitted.

The only society we’ve ever seen do this before (not even protest against their own country’s killing, once the people found out) was Nazi Germany 1933-1945, and that’s the only time in modern history the people have done what the American people are today, or rather what they’re not doing!

What’s worse is, that we can understand today why the German people did what they did. They were starving to death with the harshness of the Versailles treaty, while also suffering and dying in large numbers during the great depression, so quite naturally they’d of supported absolutely anything that offered them hope!

The American people have no such excuse. They’re the problem in this world today, and It’s all of them who are our true and only real enemy. Their very own self-righteousness and their cowardly arrogance and refusal to even protest against that is appalling. It’s actually really sick.

Far from seeing them against it. What is the reality, what do we really see? We see millions of American people cheering their criminal president. We see millions of American people chanting USA USA, just like Nazi’s today. And we have never seen a single American of any race or colour stand up against it, why not? I’ll tell you why not! It’s because it was a clear case of the American people themselves saying… “F*** them? (Those lives don’t matter)”.


Today, every white American is seen around the world as the cowards. Today we watch white American men stand by and do nothing against a gang of BLM protesters smashing New York up and telling all the white people to get out of New York. You know, all those same white Americans who have said for years and years the reason they needed guns was just in case they ever got a rogue government, (so they could fight against it and stand up for their rights)?

Well as we all knew at the time, they’re cowards who will do nothing about anything, far from seeing the white American against all of this as they should be, today we watch these white American cowards actually stand up next to an anti-white black racist and join in shouting all whiter people get out of New York!

Get into these places you white cowards and start killing these thugs, clean your country up, and start with the disinfectant of each black American coward (who use knives and guns to kill) because they can’t actually stand and fight, they’re a nation and a generation of ultimate cowards today. To watch any white person afraid of these people, is appallingly, is embarrassing, we should see 100 thousand white people cleaning that area up. What are you white American people today? I’ll tell you what you all really are in the eyes of every other white person on earth, you’re a nation of cry baby cowards. None of you have any balls, not any at all, the opposite is in fact the truth, you’re the most cowardly white society ever witnessed on this planet before.


We even read these American people and astonishingly some British running China down today? I wonder what they all see that I don’t? I mean the reality really is, that we should be asking these people we read saying these things if there’s actually something mentally wrong with them all, maybe? I don’t see China invading countries all over the world? Slaughtering 50+ million innocent civilians? Do you? I don’t see China supplying weapons to terrorists, or arming criminals in Ukraine? Do you? I don’t see China stealing other countries resources, or invading, murdering, and stealing all over the world? Do you? I don’t see China building illegal military bases in others countries to steal and syphon off their oil? Do you?

Nope, that all comes from the USA, the world’s global monster, that’s so out of control today, the country needs removing from this planet! Who do those people actually think they are? This is the biggest problem facing this world today! The American people themselves have no morals, no empathy, or even any ethics, (an understanding between right from wrong).

The American people and astonishingly some British, all see the USA as in the right today? So again, I find myself reminding these people that the easy way to figure out the right from the wrong in all possible war situations and scenarios when the lies from the media start, is to simply ask yourself what you’d be fighting for?. The answer to that question, should be telling you whose right, whose wrong! So tell me, are the USA right today, or are they wrong?

Ask yourselves — If the USA went to war today against Russia, China, Iran, or N. Korea? Then what would you people, all be fighting for? Then ask yourselves? — What would the Russians, Chinese, Iranian’s, or Korean’s be fighting for? You’ll come to find… they’ll all be fighting for their freedom? Fighting for their own country’s freedom? (ring any bells?). While the USA will only be fighting for global tyranny?

That’s what you’re all supporting today? And if you really can’t see that? All I can say to that is, the Nazi was just like that, they couldn’t see it either! You’ll be the Axis powers, the rest of the world will be the allies. And today it’s not only the American, no, today I read the same thing from the British millennium generations. It’s shocking man.

Good luck with that, especially as you must understand the UK is the perfect target for either Russia or China to merely remove from this planet to force the USA to stop and back down, Oh you? Who cares?, Nobody, in fact, the truth really is, that should that happen, far from the USA do anything on your behalf? Don’t make me laugh, they’d hold it as a public holiday every year, to celebrate the day the USA fooled the UK into committing suicide.


Opinions from British people on what we see China doing to those extremist Muslim people? Hilarious, as if one of them would actually care? LOL Get real. But again the reality is that China is reeducating those extremist Muslims, and if you know how those particular Muslims have been educated, and if you know what those people really think and were trying to do?, and if you know what many of them have already done?, then surely you’d be all for China trying a new approach?.

At least we see China doing something about the terrorism being carried out against them other than invading their countries/lands and slaughtering them all, like we’ve always done, and what we continue to witness the USA doing ILLEGALLY. And that’s all the USA has ever done!.

So, we see China doing something that actually far more positive, and actually far more humane, than anything we’ve ever seen from us or the criminal USA. And our murderous government of Washington puppets, accuse China of acts of inhumanity? LMFAO! What a f**** nerve!

But to read it from the actual British people? IT’S BRAIN-DEAD BACKWARDNESS AGAIN!.


1. Americans say Crimea isn’t Russian, (and Putin stole it)? LOL. Hilarious! Russia won it from the Ottoman Empire in 1783? How could Russia steal their own country? They must believe that Britain fought Ukraine in the Crimean war? Either that, or they must believe a former Soviet leader “Khrushchev” had the legal right to just give away over 2 million peoples nationality, their homes and their heritage.

2. Americans say Hong Kong Isn’t China? Hilarious, it’s always been China. The Qin dynasty incorporated the Hong Kong area into China in 214 BCE. The British stole it in 1884 after the first opium war. But gave it back, well, after 100 years lmao.

3. Americans say Taiwan Isn’t Chinese? Hilarious Try looking up Taiwan before 1912? It seems American history thinks Taiwan rose from beneath the sea in 1912 LOL

4. Americans say Tibet is not part of China? Hilarious If we’re being honest Tibet is China, we can see this as the disputed borderlines between India and China were made by the British and Tibetan government. Yet the Tibet government never had any autonomy to make any agreement with the British, as Tibet is Chinese land. So would have needed to be agreed between the British and Chinese. No matter how hard people try to deny that?, they’ll always lose the argument for one reason? If you know the history? You’d know Treaties signed by Britain and Russia in the early years of the 20th century, and others signed by Nepal and India in the 1950s, recognized Tibet’s political subordination to China.

Now surely, as we all see and witness the USA making all these outlandish accusations about other country’s histories? The normal and correct thing to do, would be to take a look at the USA’s real history, right? So, let’s see just what sort of right these people actually have to judge anything or anyone else on this planet, right? Seems fair enough to me, right? So let’s take a good look shall we? Oh yes, lets?

Today we read the Americans all claiming and saying they won their independence from the British? Everybody knows this FACT, right? Well, that’s strictly not true now, is it?

The reality rather than the American propaganda is that the British had won many of those 13 colonies from either the French or the Spanish in various wars over the years. After each victory either the French or Spanish depending on which had been beaten, would concede land (in treaties) from their own empires to the British. However, the colonies belonged to the Native American Indian. Not the British, so the USA claiming independence from the British, (when it was never British land in the first place), is just like stealing a push-bike from someone who had stolen that push-bike, and then claiming you then legally own that push-bike. LOL Propaganda in other words.

So we really do need to ask, what are the American people really? They don’t really have a homeland as such, do they? They’re in all real terms, mere immigrants living on land stolen through genocide, right? I mean really, what are the American people?

Me? I’m English, this is my homeland, everyone else has a homeland, apart from Americans, Israelis and Kurds, isn’t that strange? Maybe that’s why the Americans don’t like Nationalism, or even understand what Patriotism really is?

That actually makes perfect sense?. Because patriotism comes from the heart, it’s a love of one’s country and all the good things your country stands for.

Well, really, in all real terms, how can any American ever feel that love in their hearts for home and country?, when they actually in all real terms, don’t have one?. So, who are these people?


The Americans all see their own country’s history as a good history, (when the truth is that it could not be much worse). Another problem is getting any of them to start learning the truth, as not knowing or learning the truth means they get everything they go on to do and say completely wrong – because their own thinking starts from what they’ve all wrongly been taught and lied too about!

Since 1945, America’s Manifest Destiny posing as the Free World’s Crusade against the Red Menace, has claimed 45 to 50 million lives worldwide, and has bombed one-third of the earth’s people.

In the 19th century, America exterminated another kind of “red menace,” writing and shredding treaties, stealing lands, massacring and herding Native populations into concentration camps (Indian reservations), in the name of civilizing the “savages.” By 1890, with the massacre of the Lakota at Wounded Knee, the total of the slaughter rose to well over 150 million, the frontier land grab, and internal imperialism — was over! There was a world to conquer, and the USA trained its exceptionally covetous eye on Cuba and the Philippines — American external imperialism was born.

For a while after 1945, the US had to behave like a civilized country, while formally It claimed that the USSR had a barbarian, all-conquering ideology, rooted in terror, disappearances, murder, and torture. By contrast the USA was the shining city on the top of the hill, (the beacon of hope for “the free world). Its shrine was the United Nations, Its holy writ was the international law, its first principle was the inviolability of the sovereignty of nations.

All this was of course rubbish. It was an apartheid society. It nuked Japan, not once, but twice, deliberately selecting civilian targets. It shielded from justice top Nazi criminals to absorb them as partners in intelligence structures. It conducted many virtual “show trials” against dissidents during the hysteria of the McCarthy congressional hearings, (seeding the country with a harvest of fear). It waged a genocidal war on Vietnam to prevent independence and unification. It assassinated African independence leaders, and bestowed fascist dictators on Latin America. It softly occupied Western Europe, tied it to itself through military “cooperation” in NATO. And it waged psyop war on its opposition parties. Behind the civilized façade was a ruthless effort to take out the Soviet Union and crush self-determination in the colonial world. By hook and by crook the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, and the USA went berserk with triumphalism and unwarranted boasting.

So now today, not seen since the 1930s, we once again live in a dangerous world, a world that’s being stalked by an expansionist power answering to no law but its own unilateral humanitarian vigilantism. They said the Kosovo precedent had spun out of control? Yet of course, those were lies that span out of control. Libya smoulders in the ashes of NATO bombs, dropped to prevent “genocide”. Syria fights for survival today, under attack by genocidal terrorist groups, armed, trained and funded by a genocidal USA, with other so-called preventers grouped in the NATO alliance with the Gulf partners. Afghanistan languishes in a permanent state of war, seeing the largest non-nuclear bomb ever built dropped to make a statement. Present ten thousand American troops, who bomb hospitals to promote human rights in Iraq. Oh yes, the humanitarians are back after twenty-five years of humanitarian failure.

And in Ukraine? — Nazi patriots are promoting American democratic and humanitarian values, by shelling Donbass daily. I hesitate to mention Africa? Where humanitarian Special Forces are watering the fields where terrorists sprout like mushrooms after rain—in Mali, Nigeria, Somalia & Kenya.

Then there is Yemen? Perhaps the most callous, vicious, and careless, humanitarian crime, of a litany of crimes against humanity in the Middle East. The US government has recently admitted deploying troops to Yemen? The Pentagon claims that the deployment will assist Saudi Arabia, the Arab coalition, to fight al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. Can such a grotesque claim be met with anything other than infernal laughter? Help Saudi Arabia to fight their own creature? Are we stupid yet?

$7 trillion dollars later, spent on the War-on-Terror (that should be re-named War of Terror) and Humanitarian-R2P. And the pattern of military destabilization of sovereign states proceeds apace one recalcitrant independent country at a time in the Middle East and North Africa. For the rest of the world the surrender of sovereignty is sought by means of economic globalization, through trade pacts—TTP, TTIP, etc.

Neither the military, nor the economic war on the sovereignty of nations has yielded anything close to a stable prosperous and peaceful world. It has delivered death, destruction, debt, market crises, tidal waves of millions of refugees and displaced persons, and as always, the concentrated masses of weapons sales wealth end up in a few yet but powerful hands. The USA is the biggest problem in this world, and it always has been for Its entire 245 years of existence.


USA REAL HISTORY. 1. Afghanistan, In the 1980s, the U.S. worked with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia to overthrow Afghanistan’s socialist government. It funded, trained and armed forces led by conservative tribal leaders whose power was threatened by their country’s progress on education, women’s rights and land reform.

2. Albania, Between 1949 and 1953, the U.S. set out to overthrow the government of Albania, the smallest and most vulnerable communist country in Eastern Europe. Many of the exiles involved in the plan were former collaborators with the Italian and German occupation during World War II. They included former Interior Minister Xhafer Deva, who oversaw the deportations of “Jews, Communists, partisans and suspicious persons” (as described in a Nazi document) to Auschwitz. Declassified U.S. documents have since revealed that Deva was one of 743 fascist war criminals recruited by the U.S. after the war.

3. Argentina, U.S. documents declassified in 2003 detail conversations between U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and Argentinian Foreign Minister Admiral Guzzetti in October 1976, soon after the military junta seized power in Argentina. Kissinger explicitly approved the junta’s “dirty war,” in which it eventually killed up to 30,000, most of them young people, and stole 400 children from the families of their murdered parents. Kissinger told Guzzetti, “Look, our basic attitude is that we would like you to succeed… the quicker you succeed the better.” The U.S. Ambassador in Buenos Aires reported that Guzzetti “returned in a state of jubilation, convinced that there is no real problem with the US government over that issue.”

4. Brazil, The CIA provided all the support needed to ensure the success of the coup, including funding for opposition labour and student groups in street protests, as in Ukraine and Venezuela today.

5. Cambodia, As the Khmer Rouge gained strength in 1973, the CIA reported that its “propaganda has been most effective among refugees subjected to B-52 strikes.” After the Khmer Rouge killed at least 2 million of its own people and was finally driven out by the Vietnamese army in 1979, the U.S. Kampuchea Emergency Group, based in the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, set out to feed and supply them as the “resistance” to the new Vietnamese-backed Cambodian government. Under U.S. pressure, the World Food Program provided $12 million to feed 20,000 to 40,000 Khmer Rouge soldiers.

6. Chile, After General Pinochet seized power, the CIA kept Chilean officials on its payroll and worked closely with Chile’s DINA intelligence agency as the military government killed thousands of people and jailed and tortured tens of thousands more.

7. China, By the end of 1945, 100,000 U.S. troops were fighting alongside Chinese Kuomintang (and Japanese) forces in Communist-held areas of northern China. Chiang Kai-Shek and the Kuomintang may have been the most corrupt of all U.S. allies. A steady stream of U.S. advisers in China warned that U.S. aid was being stolen by Chiang and his cronies, some of it even sold to the Japanese, but the U.S. commitment to Chiang continued throughout the war, his defeat by the Communists saw him flee to Taiwan.

8. Colombia, When U.S. special forces and the Drug Enforcement Administration aided Colombian forces to track down and kill drug lord Pablo Escobar, they worked with a vigilante group called Los Pepes. In 1997, Diego Murillo-Bejarano and other Los Pepes’ leaders co-founded the AUC (United Self-defence Forces of Colombia) which was responsible for 75% of violent civilian deaths in Colombia over the next 10 years.

9. Cuba, The United States supported the Batista dictatorship as it created the repressive conditions that led to the Cuban Revolution, killing up to 20,000 of its own people. After the revolution, the CIA launched a long campaign of terrorism against Cuba, CIA-backed operations against Cuba included the attempted invasion at the Bay of Pigs, in which 100 Cuban exiles and four Americans were killed; several attempted assassinations of Fidel Castro and successful assassinations of other officials.

10. El Salvador, The government forces responsible for this one-sided slaughter were almost entirely established, trained, armed and supervised by the CIA, U.S. special forces and the U.S. School of the Americas.

11. France, After the OSS merged into the new CIA after the war, it used its contacts to restore Corsican gangsters to power in Marseille, to break dock strikes and CGT control of the docks. It protected the Corsicans as they set up heroin labs and began shipping heroin to New York, where the American-Sicilian mafia also flourished under CIA protection.

12. Ghana, There was a rising star in Ghana: Kwame Nkrumah. He was Prime Minister under British rule from 1952 to 1960, when Ghana became independent, and he became president. In 1965, he wrote a book called Neocolonialism: The Last Stage of Imperialism. Nkrumah was overthrown in a CIA coup in 1966.

13. Greece, Prime Minister Georgios Papandreou was overthrown in a CIA-backed coup in 1967, leading to seven more years of military rule. His son Andreas was elected as Greece’s first “socialist” president in 1981, but many ELAS-EAM members jailed in the 1940s were never freed and died in prison.

14. Guatemala, After its first operation to overthrow a foreign government in Iran in 1953, the CIA launched a more elaborate operation to remove the elected liberal government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954.

15. Haiti, The long-suffering people of Haiti finally elected a truly democratic government led by Father Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 1991. But President Aristide was overthrown in a U.S.-backed military coup after eight months in office.

16. Honduras, The 2009 coup in Honduras has led to severe repression and death squad murders of political opponents, union organizers and journalists. At the time of the coup, U.S. officials denied any role in the coup and used semantics to avoid cutting off U.S. military aid as required under U.S. law, the U.S. Embassy was the main power brokering managing the aftermath of the coup and forming a government that is now repressing and murdering its people.

17. Indonesia, In 1965, General Suharto seized effective power from President Sukarno on the pretext of combatting a failed coup and unleashed an orgy of mass murder that killed at least half a million people. U.S. diplomats later admitted providing lists of 5,000 Communist Party members to be killed.

18. Iran, Iran may be the most instructive case of a CIA coup that caused endless long-term problems for the United States. In 1953 the CIA overthrew the popular, elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh. CIA paid millions of dollars to bribe military officers and pay gangsters to unleash violence in the streets of Tehran.

19. Israel, Israel remains beyond the rule of law, shielded from accountability by its powerful patron, the United States. Since 1966, the U.S. has used its Security Council veto 83 times, more than the other four Permanent Members combined, and 42 of those vetoes have been on resolutions related to Israel.

20. Iraq, After the U.S. invaded Iraq on false pretences in 2003, the CIA recruited 27 brigades of “Special Police,” merging the most brutal of Saddam Hussein’s security forces with the Iranian-trained Badr militia to form death squads that murdered tens of thousands of mostly Sunni Arab men and boys in Baghdad and elsewhere in a reign of terror that continues to this day.

USA REAL HISTORY, Cont’d… 21. Korea, The U.S. flew in Syngman Rhee, a conservative Korean exile, and installed him as President of South Korea in 1948. Rhee became a dictator on an anti-communist crusade, arresting and torturing suspected communists, brutally putting down rebellions, killing 100,000 people and vowing to take over North Korea.

22. Laos, The CIA engineered at least three coups between 1958 and 1960 to keep the growing leftist Pathet Lao out of government.

23. Libya, NATO conducted 7,700 air strikes, 30,000-100,000 people were killed, loyalist towns were bombed to rubble and ethnically cleansed, and the country is in chaos as Western-trained and -armed Islamist militias seize territory and oil facilities and vie for power.

24. Mexico, The Zetas cartel was formed by Mexican security forces trained by U.S. special forces at the School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia, and at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

25. Myanmar, support from the CIA. Burma’s opium production grew from 18 tons in 1958 to 600 tons in 1970. The CIA maintained these forces as a bulwark against communist China, but they transformed the “golden triangle” into the world’s largest opium producer.

26. Nicaragua, Anastasio Somosa ruled Nicaragua as his personal fiefdom for 43 years with unconditional U.S. support. After he was finally overthrown by the Sandinista Revolution in 1979, the CIA recruited, trained and supported “contra” mercenaries to invade Nicaragua and conduct terrorism to destabilize the country. In 1986.

27. Pakistan, In the past 12 years, U.S. military aid to Pakistan has totalled $18.6 billion. One of the three major state sponsors of terrorism in the world today are U.S. allies.

28. Saudi Arabia, The U.S. has just negotiated the largest arms deal in history with Saudi Arabia. One of the three major state sponsors of terrorism in the world today are U.S. allies.

29. Turkey, Turkey is a long-standing member of NATO. One of the three major state sponsors of terrorism in the world today are U.S. allies.

30. Panama, The indictment to arrest Manuel Noriega in 1971, was a pretext for the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989, whose main purpose was to give the U.S. greater control over Panama, at the expense of at least 2,000 lives.

31. The Philippines, Since the U.S. launched its so-called war on terror in 2001, a task force of 500 US JSOC forces has conducted covert operations in the southern Philippines.

32. Syria, When President Obama approved flying weapons and militiamen from Libya to the “Free Syrian Army” base in Turkey in unmarked NATO planes, he was calculating that the U.S.could replicate the “successful” overthrow of the Libyan government.

33. Uruguay, Uruguay in 1970, when Police Chief Alejandro Otero objected to Americans training his officers in the art of torture, he was disposed of…

34. Yugoslavia, The NATO aerial bombardment of Yugoslavia in 1999 was a flagrant crime of aggression in violation of Article 2.4 of the UN Charter.

35. Zaire, Patrice Lumumba, Congo’s first elected Prime Minister in 1960. He was deposed in a CIA-backed coup led by Joseph-Desire Mobutu, his Army Chief of Staff.

And you all think you’ve some sort of right to even try to judge others? You’ve not got the intelligence to judge a pass the parcel contest!!


Terrorist USA…. The United States of Global Terrorism. And the people cheer their president and chant USA USA USA just like the Nazi’s. Every other country on earth who knew what their country was doing, (supplying, recruiting, arming, training terrorists) who’ve slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent people, would all be out on the streets in the millions protesting it stops!


Is it just me, or do we have any others in this country today, who are really looking forward to watching us go to war with the USA, against many other countries, countries who are all in the right today, while we, and the USA could not be any more in the wrong if we really really really tried to be wrong.

I mean pardon me for my honesty, It’s just the way I’m made. I do understand that in the UK today, we have a modern society that’s unable to handle any sort of truth or honesty, as the truth and the honesty today shows each of these less educated of our societies right up as the most uneducated and dumb society this country has ever seen before. But I’ll make no apologies for it, as when you’re speaking the truth, no matter if you’re the only one speaking the truth? You’ll ALWAYS be right, the rest will ALWAYS be wrong!

Very soon we’re going to be at war. And guess what? This time, we are going to be seen by history, as the axis powers, fighting against much of the rest of this world who will all be seen as the allied powers. HOW EXCITING!!

Britain the only country in the world that’s always fought against every attempt at tyranny in our world’s modern history, today, with such a dumb society, a society of the very worst sort of people we could possibly find ourselves with, and right at a time we need the exact opposite. Today, we’re inundated with fools who believe they’re bright, fools who want to go to war with the USA, that will see us only fighting for American tyranny, against so many others fighting for their freedoms!

But again, only being honest, It actually sees me want to see this country, my own country completely annihilated today. I am really looking forward to seeing my own country destroyed today. Wipe this urban jungle of the worst kind of filth imaginable, from the face of this earth, and do the rest of the world a massive favour.

We read opinions from British people on what we see China doing to those extremist Muslim people? As if any Brit would care a less about those terrorist loving Muslims in China. But again, let’s look with truth and honesty? What do we really see? We see that China is reeducating them, and if you know how those particular Muslims have been educated, and if you know what those people really think, and know what they were trying to do, or if you know what many of those Muslims have already done, then surely you’d be all for China trying a new approach? . At least we see China doing something about the terrorism being carried out against them other than invading their lands and slaughtering them all, (like we’ve always done), and what we continue to witness the USA doing ILLEGALLY today (And that’s all the USA has ever done)!.

So, we see China doing something that’s actually far more positive, and actually far more humane, than anything we’ve ever seen from us or the criminal USA.

And our murderous governments of crap and corruption, accuse China of acts against inhumanity? What a f***** nerve! But to also see and read it coming from British people is unbelievable, it’s shocking, appalling, and just so cowardly.

China has a Communist government, and they run an almost capitalist system (only with one VERY big difference). China have been able to watch and learn from all the mistakes made by the West, giving China a massive advantage to get things right without having to make the same mistakes as the West.

The biggest difference you’ll find between the West and China, is that China will never allow anyone, or any company/business/corporation to become influential to the leading party.

Nothing and nobody will ever be able to dictate government policy. Not by being a multibillion-dollar company or a corporation, not by being an extremely wealthy individual, and not by being an Elite, (as we’ve created and now got in the West).

In the West, we’ve created a 1% of the population, with over 90% of the wealth, and that has seen all the power shift away from governments and into the hands of individuals and corporations! And as we’re all very shortly going to see and find out, that has seen the West fail. China knows this, and that alone will see China succeed, as it’s seen us in the West fail.

We live today with such a backward and cowardly society, that all lack empathy, remorse, who have zero understanding of morals or ethics.

It actually sees me want to see my own country destroyed. Wipe this urban jungle of the worst kind of filth imaginable from the face of this earth and do the rest of the world a massive favour.


Today we see all these rainbow fairies, the millennium generations – all running around confused what sex they are, or who they should be attracted too?… It’s absolutely hilarious man, can you imagine if we go to war?

Who are we sending out to fight? LOLOL Just imagine any of this shower being called up to fight? What the other side would think?

We’d win without firing a shot, as they’d all be falling over dead through a lack of oxygen, they’d all be laughing so hard. LOL…

No, I must stop this at once! I’m turning over a new leaf, I am now going to make a concerted effort at being “normal” …

Can someone pass me the lipstick please?


You have to laugh really, the whole worlds gone absolutely mad, the backward of our societies have all found a voice through, and in Trump, (thinking to themselves if that dumbo can run a country, so can I) LOL. So now we have to suffer hearing backward opinions on absolutely everything! LOL.

And when you point out to them just how dumb they are, and even show them why they’re dumb? All you’ll get back, will be some hilariously childish emoji or name-calling, (and even that will be spelt like a 5-year-old) LOL.

They’re also the same people we saw wanting to remain in the EU? None can spell our own language?, or even type a coherent sentence?

As for any of them knowing any real British history? Hilarious, forget it, they’ll all tell you how bad this country was? LOL It’s shocking!

Who ever believed we would see the day when the British are all just as uneducated, self-righteous, Immoral, and ignorant, as the Americans? I never believed I’d ever see this day in my lifetime. Man, how wrong I was. How embarrassing!

But, as they say?, you really can’t fix stupid, why?, because hilariously, stupid really really believes he’s smart. LMFAO.

But there you go, this is what happens when you end up with a society lacking in any sort of real education who have all been dragged up and handed everything. You couldn’t make it up. The UK is finished. Gone. And will never be back.


We now live in… “New Times”.

The times of the dunce, the fool, and the classic idiot (idiots who believe they’re smart are very dangerous idiots indeed) The times of the gay, the lesbian, and not to forget, the ever so normal transgender. The times of the less educated, unimaginative, and the extremely dull. The times of those who don’t understand, yet think they do, but they never have understood. The times that leave you dumbfounded it could ever get this bad. The times when everything we know as wrong, are now seen as right. The times when everything we know as right, are now seen as wrong. The times when racism becomes acceptable (as long as you’re black, feel oppressed, and mean it the “right” way). The times when common sense is as fashionable as pulling teeth. The times when cool means gay, gay means right, and normal, well that’s just a boring distant memory. The times we see political leaders making threats on social media platforms, or using those platforms to manipulate opinion with lie after lie. The times when truth is frowned upon, and lies today, have become the accepted norm. The times when opposition parties question absolutely nothing. The times that sees intelligence censored & dumbness rewarded. The times when the POTUS can’t spell simple words like “liar”. The times when having a real opinion, is seen as a BIG problem. The times when illegal, can sometimes be classed legal. The times when legal can sometimes be classed illegal. The times when loving home and country, sees you labelled a communist, fascist, or Nazi today. The times when terrorism is now graded by brutality, head chopping is moderate today, you know?, but fighting against it? Well that’s extremist terrorism. The times when the people cheer their president for breaking international law. The times when murdering people in their own country’s (while syphoning off and stealing their oil) sees the people from the thieving country, chant their country’s name USA USA, rather than fight against it. The times when protesting about one black man’s murder, means violence, looting, smashing, & stealing. The times when protesting against your own governments admitted terrorism? … Well, that just isn’t worth it, (those lives don’t matter). The times when pointing out the obvious, becomes a regular thing. The times that are setting up perfectly for the USA’s push for war. New times Indeed.


The Americans don’t even understand what patriotism really is, they don’t know or understand, that when your own country gets caught doing things it shouldn’t. Like recruiting, training, arming, supplying, paying and using terrorists (moderate head chopping rebels to the American, terrorists to the rest of the world) who have murdered so many innocent people, the very last thing any society should do is support it?

Americans must think supporting your own country (no matter what), is the patriotic thing to do? Unbelievably, this is exactly what these people really think today? That’s not patriotism at all. It’s not even close, but it is the complete opposite, It’s treason, It’s treachery.

Americans are not patriots, as quite incredibly they clearly don’t have a clue what patriotism really is?

Being wholeheartedly (against) what your country is doing, when it’s doing things it shouldn’t is known throughout the entire world (apart from the USA), as being patriotic, and even more so than it is when proudly supporting and praising your country for doing something good, or something helpful, or something right.

That’s something these Americans really do not understand! Yet it’s so obvious! Because to support it, or to ignore it, or even worse, to deny it? Is actually committing treason against one’s own country? Why? Obviously as you’d be in effect, supporting the rot, supporting the corruption, supporting the terrorism, supporting the brutal murder of innocent people, and supporting your own country breaking International Law!

That’s what you’re doing by supporting it, ignoring it, or worse, denying It. And that’s no different from supporting your very own country’s demise! And that’s known as treachery! Not patriotism.

So, why are they all actually being traitors against their own country? It incredibly, really is, because they’re all completely uneducated.

I really do think that these American people today, actually think and believe that American tyranny over the world would see them all as better off, as on a level above the rest of us?, this really is what these fools think. Showing they do not even understand what a tyrannical government is, or what it always does?, as if they did?, they’d all know they’re first to be killed gunned down threatened and subdued, it’s always the people living under Tyrannical governments who are always the first dumbed down and turned into meaningless canon fodder, they’re always the first crushed, and as it happens, that is exactly what we’re watching them being turned into today.

This is the biggest problem facing this world today? The American people don’t know right from wrong any more. And when you tell them, or ask them why they’re doing nothing? These people will call you names or something as intelligent?

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