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Russian State Duma regarding Angela Merkel and hot potatoes

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Russian State Duma regarding Angela Merkel and hot potatoes

The Russian State Duma expressed, that Russia does not have any intentions of pulling hot potatoes for others from the fire, a figure of speech issued in regard of remarks expressed by German chancellor Angela Merkel.

This article originally appeared at Kaliningrad-Domozil, translated by Frank Jakob exclusively for SouthFront

The German chancellor Angela Merkel issued a statement, saying that Germany was eager to maintain constructive relations to Russia, however, the time would not be right to lift the previously imposed sanctions.

The vice chairman of the party “United Russia” in the State Duma Franz Klinzewitsch called the German efforts a utopia.

“We wish for relations with Russia based on partnership, but we are already having a lot of international problems as it is.”, – said Merkel. According to her words, Russia assumes an important role regulating for example the conflict in Syria. But that alone would not be reason enough for Germany to lift the sanctions because of the existence of conflicting political reasons. At the same time Merkel admitted to the sanctions having a harmful effect on German companies.

“To wish for good partnership-like relations with Russia, something the German chancellor Angela Merkel constantly talks about and at the same time keeping up sanctions against our country, – that is a great utopia.”, – said Klinzewitsch in front of journalists. Russia will – according to his words- not concede to the West by for example using its influence in settling the Iranian nuclear issue, by helping mend the Syrian problems or by targeting international terrorism.

“He who thinks, that partnership-like relations could be viewed detached from sanctions is greatly mistaken. The West wants to cooperate with Russia on these topics because it is advantageous for them, but on other issues they refuse cooperation. We do not have any intentions of pulling hot potatoes for others from the fire. Politics is not a one-way street.”, concluded Klinzewitsch.

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