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Russian Spetsnaz officially confirmed in Syria

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Russian Spetsnaz officially confirmed in Syria

Original published by TASS; translation by J.Hawk

Russian special operations troops are operating on Syria’s territory–they are responsible for guiding aircraft to their targets, according to Colonel General Aleksandr Dvornikov, the commander of Russian Group of Forces in Syria.

“I will not deny that our special operations units are operating on Syria’s territory. They are performing final reconnaissance of targets to be struck by Russian aircraft, are guiding aircraft to their targets in remote regions, perform other special missions,” he said in an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Dvornikov also noted that special operations units from the US and other coalition members are also operating in Syria.

Syrian forces also receive assistance from Russian military advisers. “These officers help their Syrian colleagues in planning and conduct of anti-terrorist military operations and in mastering Russian military equipment,” Dvornikov added.

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The SAS and Mi6 agents operating in Syria and on the Norwegian border running spies and saboteurs into Russia and Syrian must be arrested and executed.
Mi6 and SAS are terrorist organisations, with the blood of millions on their multi-racial-hands.

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