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MARCH 2021

Russian Specialists Arrive In Bergamo, As U.S. Groups File $20 Trillion Lawsuit Against China


Russian Specialists Arrive In Bergamo, As U.S. Groups File $20 Trillion Lawsuit Against China

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On March 26th, Russian military specialists, and a mobile biological laboratory arrived in the Italian city of Bergamo to begin work in countering the spread of COVID-19 alongside Italian authorities.

“A convoy of special equipment with Russian Defense Ministry specialists arrived to the Orio al Serio airport in Italy, which will serve as a base for a joint Russian-Italian anti-coronavirus headquarters,” an unnamed TASS source said.

The Russian convoy covered over 600 km to from the Italian Armed Forces air base in Pratica di Mare (30 km to the southwest of Rome, Italy) to Bergamo. The column included 22 Russian special-purpose vehicles and buses with military specialists.

“The convoy, which arrived to Bergamo, included a mobile complex for analysis and diagnostics, efficient mobile disinfection equipment with a stock of disinfectants, as well as special equipment to care for novel coronavirus infection in serious condition,” the ministry source said. “The Russian equipment was accompanied by Italian carabinieri throughout the trip.”

On March 25th, the US registered 13,355 new cases of coronavirus, and 247 deaths, surpassing the 1,000 count.

Italy, in comparison registered 5,210 new cases and 683 deaths.

Currently, the US sits at 3rd place of most total infections, approximately 6,000 cases behind Italy, and is likely to surpass it by the end of the day on March 26th.

Russian Specialists Arrive In Bergamo, As U.S. Groups File $20 Trillion Lawsuit Against China

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Meanwhile, as governors of most states call for extended measures to fight the spread of COVID-19, the Trump administration, and specifically US President Donald Trump hope to have everybody back to work by Easter Sunday – April 12th.

He even went so far as to say that suicides would “increase by the thousands” if the economy remained closed.

“You’re going to have suicides by the thousands” Trump said at a Fox News town hall. “People get tremendous anxiety and depression, and you have suicides over things like this when you have terrible economies. You have death. Probably and — I mean, definitely — would be in far greater numbers than the numbers that we’re talking about with regard to the virus.”

In Florida, a class-action lawsuit was filed, with the aim to “make China pay for what they’ve done” in its handling of the coronavirus crisis, saying the country acted “negligently in their handling of the COVID-19 outbreak.”

A personal injury law firm based in Boca Raton, Fla., is bringing the suit against China and various Chinese government agencies on behalf of “individuals and business owners in the United States and State of Florida, for damages suffered as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.”

“This is an undertaking against a world superpower who has the ability to pay for what they’ve done,” Jeremy Alters, the chief strategist and non-attorney spokesperson for the Berman Law Group, the class-action firm backing the suit said.

“They have the money to pay for what they’ve done, and we should all together make China pay for what they’ve done,” he said.

Berman Complaint Against China by Fox News on Scribd

The original complaint has just a handful of named plaintiffs but the lawyers familiar with the case at Berman Law Group say they plan to file an amended complaint at some point with significantly more plaintiffs, including individuals who have gotten sick because of the coronavirus.

The lawsuit does not name a specific dollar amount being sought from China, asking for “compensatory and other damages to Plaintiffs and the Class Members, for their economic and non-economic damages … to the full extent permitted by the law.”

Alters, however, made clear that though lawyers for Berman would be seeking potentially “tens of trillions” from China.

“We want the court to make them pay for what they’ve done,” Alters said. “They have unleashed … a massive pandemic on the world. It appears they knew about it long before they gave information about it to the rest of the world. We want our courts to say, ‘China, you are going to be held accountable here in our courts because you have harmed hundreds of millions of Americans.’”

The D.C.-based far-right organization Freedom Watch filed a $20 trillion suit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas accusing the Chinese of creating the coronavirus as a bioweapon.

The Flora class-action law suit, also contains a mention of the manmade virus conspiracy theory. Responding to a question about it, Alters said the presence of a high-security bio-agent lab in Wuhan “cannot be ignored.”

“[The Wuhan Institute of Virology] handles the most dangerous viruses,” he said. “It resides in the epicenter of the outbreak in Wuhan. In that lab they cultivate viruses from exotic animals. The wet markets were supposed to be shut down years ago and the Chinese government turned a blind eye to the ongoing operations. This is not coincidental. They also knew of the active and routine trade of these exotic animals which harbor these viruses. The Chinese government has allowed the sale, exchange and consumption of these animals by putting their head in the sand knowing of the dangers this presented locally and internationally.”

As it has become more than apparent, any issue in the US, which provides ample evidence of the ineffectiveness of their healthcare system, and the fragility of the corporations is immediately turned into a problem, introduced from the outside that somebody else needs to pay for.

The Trump administration is attempting to rebrand COVID-19 as the “Wuhan Virus” in a G7 joint statement.

The US State Department attempted to push the phrasing, but it was blocked.

In a solo news conference after the meeting, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo referred to the “Wuhan virus,” saying it was “the most pressing agenda item.”

He said all the foreign ministers had “committed to fighting (it) with transparency, as is necessary all around the world.”

“Every one of the nations that was at that meeting this morning was deeply aware of the disinformation campaign that the Chinese Communist Party is engaged in to try and deflect from what has really taken place here,” Pompeo said.

French Foreign Minister Yves Le Drian said in a statement that he had “underscored the need to combat any attempt to exploit the crisis for political purposes and expressed the view that the unity of all in order to effectively combat the pandemic must now take precedence over any other considerations.”

German officials said they were more concerned about what would come from a virtual summit of the Group of 20 nations leaders that is supposed to be held on March 26th at the request of Saudi Arabia.




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