Russian Special Operations Forces Crushing Terrorists In Syria (8-Minutes Long Video)


A 8-minutes long video provides a look at operations of the Russian Special Operations Forces in Syria.

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  • Денис Черкасов

    According to stripes russian SOF are directly supporting Hezbollah.

    • Attrition47


    • Deo Cass

      If true, so? Hezbollah are in Syria upon request of the sole legitimate and democratically elected government. But it’s not true. Hezbollah is a formidable force on its own. It does not need support from anyone except from Allah. Hezbollah, without anyone’s help defeated the mighty Zionist Israeli army and air force on its own though grossly outnumbered and must fewer military assets.

      • Master Mind

        Lebanon war shows that the wannabe emperor that is Israel has no clothes

        • Dagwood Bumstead

          Yeah, but that’s in the past. In war one can’t rest on their laurels. Just hope that the Israeli army didn’t learn from that – That’s not a bet I’d take. Hopefully Hezbollah has improved too, which I’m sure they have.

  • Deo Cass

    Who cares. This front is irrelevant and of no real vital importance for Syria’s existence. The vital and existential threat for Syria is the US/ISIS/SDF stealing Syrian sovereign land and natural resources from the Syrian people on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates in the Deir Ezzur governorate where 80% of Syria’s oil and gas reserves are. Where is Russian support here. Where are the crushing defeats of Syria’s enemies. In truth I’m getting wary of Russia, really. For me there is no doubt that Russia made a pact with the devil itself, the US to hand over all of Syria’s lands and natural resources on the Eastern banks of the Euphrates river in return for some favours (maybe concerning Crimea?)

    • Ronald

      While possession is 9/10ths of the law , regarding the oil fields , the important factor , is moving it to market . That Kurdish commander who claimed the oil fields , also claimed they would take and hold Al Bukamal , the ISIS controlled border crossing . This crossing is the gas and oil “valve” , from there it can be sent to Iraq and sold . So if the oil fields are SDF captured , the PMU’s and SAA can still close the oil valve by taking Al Bukamal .
      There is no doubt Russia had to respond to its officers being sent up for capture , kidnapping , and God knows what horrors .
      Very proud of their response , 850 jihadists in one day , now that is ” Lightning ” .

    • Peter Howes

      A Shrill disinforming people about the arc of resistence that is gathering world wide against the last remnants of Western colonialisam. This struggle is a slow strategic process as the Beast of History weakens and a new multi-polar world economic/social order emerges. That is why the orange idiot provokes Peoples Korea for its empire is kaput and running out of time. The main fraction of imperial lunatics want war now before fiscal collapse eviserates the US military capacity. Its as simple as that. This is a long war on many fronts embracing many nations in a world transition.

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Cheers Russian SOS for supporting Hezbollah. We need them well covered as , they hunt down all terrorists! Stay strong and keep fighting; Keep kicking their areses!

  • Hrky75

    Russian take on Syrian war is cool, planned and professional. They learned a lot in past 2 years and some even from their own mistakes. And they did the teaching too – Syrians who volunteer to fight for their country prove to be the best and toughest soldiers in the Arab world (as some IDF generals warned back in 2011) US way of conducting war is gung-ho, jingoistic exceptionalist and rather emotional. It’s all about body counts and fascinating air-strikes with a lot of explosions – and absolutely no strategy. Russians are making the rules and US is forced to react. I’m looking forward to seeing the Russians pull another rabbit out of their hat on the east bank of the Euphrates and fuck over the Yanks and their YPD byatches in the race for the oil fields and Iraqi border – again.

  • Prince Teutonic

    They just nabbed some loosers thrown into the battle without proper support and leadership… Tigers would have done equally good if not better…

  • MD Ranix

    kudos to russia and her coalition…. imagine syria without russians, hezbollahs and iranians … God is the best of all planners

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    Well done Russian and Hezbollah defenders of all Monotheist!
    Christians and Shia’s and Sunni’s and Alawite’s and Zoroastrians all owe you men big time!

  • Justin

    (I am from Australia) Id like to make an announcement to the world! The USA is NOT the “Good guys”! They are and have always been the bad guys!
    Learn your history and get that red white and blue dildo out of your ass!
    Russia’s foreign policy is EXACTLY how the US should be!
    I said RUSSIA, not the Soviet Union! Do not get them confused!
    Russian’s are not Soviets just like German’s aunt Nazi’s or Japanese are imperialists!
    Oh and another thing…. When will America make a movie, tv show or a documentary on Russian’s winning WW2?
    Why do they keep lying about it!
    They entered both wars so late! Yet they want to claim the victory when all they did was claim the prize!
    American’s….. WILFULLY fucking ignorant!!!