Russian Special Forces Play Crucial Role In Eliminating Terrorist Targets In Syria


Russian Special Forces troops in Syria. Source: Screenshot from the Russia One tv channel's video

Russian Special Forces troops in Syria. Source: Screenshot from the Russia One tv channel’s video

The Russian Aerospace Forces have eliminated over 3,000 militants, including 26 commanders, in Syria since the start of 2017, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on February 22.

Russian aircraft carried out 5,682 airstrikes on terrorist targets, destroying 40 training camps, 475 command posts, 45 ammunition plants and 3,119 militants.

Shoigu ehmpasized that Russian Special Forces troops on the ground played a key role in the fight against terrorists.

“The Special Operations Forces of the Special Purpose Military Units have demonstrated their high efficiency. They played a key role in the elimination of terrorists and destroying critical enemy targets and adjusting our aircraft strikes,” Shoigu said.

Russian Special Forces servicemen was spotted along with Hezbollah fighters in the area of Aleppo city (31.12.2016):

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A video appeared on Youtube on December 29 showing a military operation against jihadists near the Syrian city of Aleppo. The video shows Hezbollah fighters and alleged servicemen of the Russian Special Forces operating shoulder to shoulder.

One of the alleged Russian fighters was filmed with a Hezbollah patch. This allows to suggest that Russian Special Forces soldiers support Hezbollah fighters on a constant basis.

Screenshots from the video:


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  • Sephy

    These numbers seems to be false. If you sum all the numbers released by the MOD, then there would not have any terrorists left today.

    • John Whitehot

      wrong. The numbers are pretty coherent with the number of air missions and the involvement of some ground forces. The MoD released figures stating about 30000 destroyed jihadists since the start of intervention. The total number of terrorist, both isis and moderates is more than double that at any time – not considering that thousands of jihadists have entered and keep entering both via Turkey, Jordan and Irak.

      • Sephy

        I hope this is true. Thanks

  • gold37

    Update the photo’s as they are old…

  • 1691

    someone (behind the scene) has suffered great losses.:) Thank you Russia!