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Russian Special Forces Eliminate Turkish-Backed Commander In Greater Idlib: Reports

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The Russian Special Forces have eliminated a Turkish-backed field commander in a successful raid behind enemy lines in northwestern Hama.

According to the available information, a unit of the Russian Special Forces, equipped with night-vision goggles and silenced rifles, infiltrated militants’ defense near the town of Alhakorh in the early hours of August 28. Additionally, they stormed a key position of so-called Jaysh al-Nasir.

Sources affiliated with Jaysh al-Nasir acknowledged that field commander Mohamad Turki along with his two bodyguards – identified as Jihad Nasar and Brazi Hwuran – were killed.

Russian Special Forces Eliminate Turkish-Backed Commander In Greater Idlib: Reports

From left to right: Mohamad Turki, Jihad Nasar and Brazi Hwuran.

Jaysh al-Nasir is a key member of the so-called National Front for Liberation (NFL), which was formed last year with direct support from Turkey.

The NFL is now supporting Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and other al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist groups in Greater Idlib. This made the coalition a target for the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Russian forces.

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Always great to hear that some rats died.


Good job!

Niko Belić

tango down.

Putin Apologist

While Erdogan was in Russia drooling over the prospects of Turkey purchasing the Russian made Su-57 Russian Special Forces “eliminated a Turkish-backed field commander in a successful raid behind enemy lines in northwestern Hama.”



Don’t you just love the intricacies of international politics?

Hist 83

Good work, always makes my day to know more CIA trained savages died.

Tudor Miron

Good job. “Работайте братья!”(С)


Brilliant Job :)


Good work Russia.


Live by the sword, die by the sword.

J Ramirez

RIP, Rest in Piss ;}

Gary Sellars

One more takfiri bastard wakes up in a lake of fire and suddenly realises he chose the wrong team to bat for…. The Horned One doesn’t show much gratitude to his minions who fail their duties :-D

cechas vodobenikov

partly Russian forces r appreciated in Syria is because many r Sunni Muslims from the caucuses or Tartarstan–they do not rape and pillage like US barbarians. Removal of 1 extremist does not matter. when they can no longer recruit mercenaries from Sudan, Muslims from China, Uzbekistan, etc, then the US/Turk/Saudi funded mercenaries will retreat to their respective nations

Crackpot Scrubber

Welcome to Hell boys.. Hope you enjoy your fate of sodomizing each other’s virgin arse cracks for rest of eternity (dirty threesome) … whoops Allah didn’t make the fine print clear about what type of virgins were awaiting you?Choose well the rest of you Jihadi’s out there… think long and hard.. if I were you lads I would be going back home to a peaceful life… This dirty game is being shut down and your western/ Israeli handlers will also be meeting you down there shortly…


The Big dead Yanki Rat McCain with 2 of his little rats Turki (Executed by Russian Spetsnaz for crimes against Humanity) & UK wannabe little rat al baghdadi aka simon elliot (Maybe dead or soon will be) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a81a181633aceef4a580e298aa12fd3e479b5b64f02c257236923797b4a1b3c9.png


good job spetnatz!! https://media1.giphy.com/media/5xtDarsju9D1IUKFfDW/giphy.gif

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