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Russian Special Forces Conduct Another Successful Operation In Greater Idlib

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Russian Special Forces Conduct Another Successful Operation In Greater Idlib

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Units of the Russian Special Forces attacked early on September 4 several posts of the Suqour al-Sham Brigades near the town of Ejaz in southern Idlib.

In details, Russian fighters were able to sneak into three positions of the group, killing and injuring many militants who were stationed there.

The Suqour al-Sham Brigades acknowledged that two militants were killed and at least seven others were injured in the attack. The casualties were identified as Yahya Hamid Shehadeh and Abdullah Hassan Zinedine.

Russian Special Forces Conduct Another Successful Operation In Greater Idlib

Yahya Hamid Shehadeh on the left side and Abdullah Hassan Zinedine on the right.

Last week, at least sixteen militants of the Ahrar al-Sham Movement were killed in southern Idlib by the Russian Special Forces in a similar operation.

The Suqour al-Sham Brigades and the Ahrar al-Sham Movement are main members of the so-called National Front for Liberation (NFL). The group, which was founded with support from Turkey last year, is now one of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) allies.

The new operation may have been a response to the recent drone attack on the Russian Hmeimim airbase, that was a major violation of the new ceasefire agreement.

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These Russian special forces and Putin have balls of Russian steel. The special forces for obvious reasons, and Putin for daring to use them. Because if something goes wrong and some of them get killed there might be political fallout for Putin.


Well not really. Plenty of good russian soldiers (special forces or not) already died for Syrian (and Russian) freedom. Important is the russian mothers back home know what are their sons dying for.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually, for such a complex Americunt terrorist filled environment Russian military losses in Syria have been very low, the only major casualty was the downing of IL-15 by Zionist scum that killed 15 Russians. On the battlefield Spetsnaz have probably not even lost a handful on men and killed thousands of terrorists. The new revamped Russian military is very good. They use force multiplier effect in combination with air superiority SU-35, FGA (Fighter Ground Attack) with SU 24/25 and heavy precision bombing by SU-34. In the earlier days they used the heavier Tupolev Tu-22M long-range bombers from Iranian bases with free fall bombs, but found them to be not as effective. Now Russia has developed first rate precision bombing strike capability as the torn apart headchoppers armor and soft skinned vehicles clearly show in Idilb. Another great advantage Russia has in Syria is excellent ground HUMINT in combination with drones, sky planes like IL-20 and satellite ELINT. The Russian and Iranian model of warfare will prove very effective in all future conflicts as Hezbollah just showed.


Correct of course. But still they (unfortunately) did lose close to 100 soldiers, even if half of them were non ncombat loses.

Peter Jennings

Casualties? No. They are the lucky winners of the Karma Lottery and both receive 72 virgins each.

Well done boys. Incidently, there are plenty of virgins left.

Wolfgang Wolf

who wants to fuck virgins… they know nothing how to do it well))))

Hanny Benny

rest in pisse

fayez chergui

may they burn in hell

Zionism = EVIL

Russia and Iran are now totally simpatico and coordinating strategies. Iran is deploying major assets in Syria now after the dazzling and audacious strike by Hezbollah on the shitting IDF cowards who fled even leaving behind their soiled sheets.


The video of the abandoned base is absolutely embarrassing.

Zionism = EVIL

It is much more than embarrassing, it shows that the Zionist losers have a third world military and the living conditions are even worse, with filthy stained mattresses and cracked walls. This was real live coup by RT which will now be analyzed by all major military intelligence services. Even Zionist media is embarrassed. I have said all along, based on real intel, that the Zionist child killers are weaker than a spiders web and simply don’t have the motivation or the strategic mass to fight a long asymmetrical war against determined foes like Hezbollah. In all objective analysis, Hezbollah has no equals in the world in terms of skills, motivation, determination and ability to conduct very complex operations at a short notice for a non-state actor. As I predicted the Zionist cowards will not be taking on Hezbollah again anytime soon.

Wolfgang Wolf

break their air dominance and they are shitting their pants… somebody should deliver new air defenses to lebanon and yemen…


Exactly, Hezbollah have the motivation and resolve coupled with a righteous cause and what do the IDF have?, snowflakes on mandatory enlistment.


A few dead jihadis is nice but all the rest of the jihadis sleeping very uneasy is the big win.




Russia & SAA need to step up the game.


yep, more than training tho.


yep and then join in turkey and they will be rid of the kurds and the unhinged states of A (and once the kurds are out of the way, the support for the squatters will be reduced to freezing point (if you realise that the unhinged states of A’s interest in the kurds are solely on behalf of the squatters).


Spetsnaz training Syrian Special Forces in behind the lines infiltration. Very good.


Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah learn lessons from Syrian battlefield Modern warfare is more about precision, tenacity and measured effects, rather than grouping large masses or bombing for propaganda effect. Russians, Armenians, Hezbollah and Iranians in Syria also have learnt from each other and shared the division of labor on the ground and air, where Russia has perfected the art of precision bombing, while Iran and its allies providing the muscle on the ground. The Syrian anti-terror campaign has been a steep but successful learning curve for these allies.


The IDF wants no part of battle hardened Hezbollah troops. The IDF soy boy(and girls) army would run out of diapers the first day.

You can call me Al

2 points: 1. On Syrialivemap, it states “The National Liberation Front announces the death of a number of members of the Russian special forces on the Ijaz axis in the eastern countryside of Idlib after they tried to advance”.

2. Notice here they call it Ijaz, in the article above, they call it Ejaz and on the map, they call it Ajaz ….. are all vowels inter-fucking-changeable or what ??, tomorrow Ojaz and Ujaz.

It took me 10 minutes to find bloody Ejaz on the map.


Special forces don’t “try to advance”, that is regular army strategy. So the NLF announcement is false.


Yes, in Arabic short vowels (a, i, u) are not written so place names can be transliterated differently, depending on local pronunciation

Damien Hanley

brilliant work as per usual..only took 6 months for isis to be on the back foot from syria after the so called coalition was claiming to be fighting them for 2-3 years. .

Toronto Tonto

Are they done now , all hospitals and schools gone , civilian areas leveled . Putin and assad are just terrorists .


“Toronto Tonto”… more like Zio crio…

alejandro casalegno

In spanish………..”Tonto”……is “Dumb”


It means the same in pretty much every other language, but he is to tonto to figure that out


I think in Toronto it means dumb also.

Wolfgang Wolf

hey our ukrainian gay maidanist paid his telecom service) where have you been, idiot?

Dušan Mirić

For every Nazi they are “banditen”.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

This operation might be OK if you just wanted to punish the terrorists responsible for the drone attacks, but it doesn’t really help Assad get rid of the terrorists, only airstrikes and SAA advances do that, and the only way to stop the terrorists launching more drones at the Russians, is to get rid of the terrorists altogether. The SAA hasn’t stopped shelling the terrorists despite to fact they’d actually agreed to the ceasefire, they’ve even launched a few airstrikes too, but this is all we get from Putin, one lousy revenge attack by special forces, and that’s in response to one of the so called moderate opposition groups breaking the ceasefire and attacking the Russians, WTF, that alone justified a resumption of hostilities, and to the fullest degree. Assad needs to keep the refugees moving north, that should be the one and only objective now, not ceasefires and assassination missions, revenge attacks only extract revenge and cause anger, they don’t instill fear in the anti Assad population. Assad’s only a couple of weeks away from complete victory in Idlib now, but thanks to Erdogan’s plees Putin’s put a halt to it, right during the final phase, it reminds me of that old saying, “with friends like this who needs enemies”.

Tony B.

“all we get from Putin” – what kind of ignoramus are you? If not for Putin Syria today would be a part of Israhell, it’s people in the same condition of the Palestinians.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

If Assad had agreed to let the Saudi/Qatari gas and oil pipeline transit through his country to Europe, the Syrians would have become one of the wealthiest nations in the middle east, and Russia by comparison would have lost close to 30% of its TOTAL revenue stream to the Qatari’s and Saudis. So Syria would’ve been better off accepting the Saudi/Qatari/US/Israeli/EU proposal, because there would’ve been no Syrian uprising/civil war/foreign invasion at all, just Syrian streets paved with Saudi and Qatari gold. Assad refused and said he couldn’t agree to the proposal because it would do too much harm to his alliance partner Russia, Assad understands loyalty to an alliance partner, Putin doesn’t. I thank Putin for not putting boots on the ground way back in 2011/12, when the Jihadists started arriving, I thank Putin for letting Isis over run the country, I thank Putin for allowing the US to take a foothold thanks to Isis being in the country, I thank Putin for setting up the S-400’s and threatening to use them but never has, the US Israel and the Turks have all treated the Syrian skies like their own because of it, I thank Putin for his constant pandering to Erdogan who never adheres to any agreements he makes with Putin, and now we have another one, This time the supposed moderate opposition group the NFL, which Turkey supports, attacks the Russians and breaks the ceasefire, that should warrant a resumption of open hostilities, not just an assassination squad. I thank Putin for not much at all, the ledger of achievements compared to failures in Syria is sadly lacking in achievements and overflowing with failures.

The Farney Fontenoy

Nothing beats real combat experience, I really think the Russian top brass understand why Russia needs to be in Syria better than Putin does; the next great war is almost here & Russia SF need to be ready for the European ground offensive. Remember, Putin was willing to sacrifice Assad so long as Russian interests in Syria could be guaranteed, when the West & Gulf countries refused to give this, only then did Putin grudgingly agree to intervention.

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