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JUNE 2023

Russian Special Forces Actively Participated In Second Liberation Of Palmyra From ISIS

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Russian Special Forces Actively Participated In Second Liberation Of Palmyra From ISIS


The Russian Special Operation Forces and the Russian Aerospace Forces have played a key role in the second liberation of Palmyra, according to Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi, the chief of the Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate.

“The Syrian army’s operation in Palmyra has been a remarkable success. It has been planned and carried out under the guidance of Russian military advisers,” Rudskoy said on Friday, adding that Russia’s Special Forces and Aerospace Forces were instrumental in battering ISIS in the area of Palmyra.

The operation actively involved Russian attack helicopters, including Ka-52 Alligators.

“The city has been completely liberated. Syrian government troops have taken the dominant terrain to the north and south of Palmyra and are advancing eastward,” Rudskoi added.

Syrian combat engineers trained by the Russians are now demining the ancient city.

According to Rudskoy, 1,000 ISIS members were killed and wounded, nineteen main battle tanks, 37 armored vehicles, 98 pickups armed with heavy weaponry,and over 100 cars were destroyed.

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Douglas Houck

ISIS simply can’t continue on with these types of loses. It is over. This is why Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has told his lieutenants to head for the hills into remotes areas. Will anyone go after them there or simply wait and see.?

Daniel Castro

Let them rot on these remote areas, specially on deserts, kill them if they go out in the open, death by starvation is a good end to those bastards.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Hezbollah and other civilian militias will pursue them into any hills, even into other countries discreetly if need be. You can be sure that Iranian intelligence and counterinsurgency specialist will also be in civilian clothing hunting them down as well. http://en.farsnews.com/Default.aspx


Please send these special forces to Deir Azzor , ASAP .


And to Raqqa!


Hard to believe that 1000 of them died just like that. They are probably planning for something else.


These casualty numbers are probably for the entire ISUS operation to take back Palmyra (and then lose it again). These numbers are hard for them to replace. This is why they have pulled back. Also other Daesh fronts are in trouble.

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