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MAY 2021

Russian Soldiers Come Under Fire during Press Briefing from Aleppo (Video)

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Russian military servicemen have come under fire from the US-backed ‘opposition forces’ during the live press briefing from Aleppo city (5:30). The incident clearly shows the real level of implementation of the nationwide ceasefire by the US-backed side.

We recall US-backed militant groups have violate the ceasefire regime 23 times since its start on September 12 (find more here).

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  1. Both-parties-SUCK! says:

    America, know your enemy just like Abe Lincoln warned!

    The enemy is INTERNAL! The Central Bankers and their system and the Zionist-Khazarian Mafia controlling ALL aspects of you life.

    1. Tom Johnson says:

      Your my enemy – stupid idiot.

      1. opereta says:

        Screw you anti USA dog !! We will never accept to be governed from Tel Aviv !!

        1. Tom Johnson says:

          My boot on your neck is my rule over you, eat pig and die you POS genetic shitsack.

      2. Both-parties-SUCK! says:

        And you sir, are the enemy of the English language and a traitor to the US Constitution!

        Let’s eat grandma vs Let’s eat, grandma.

        Grammar and punctuation saves lives and a man’s dignity. Stop being a slave on the .gov plantation system!

  2. qveenz says:

    I like the “Tovarschi General…” (Commrade General…).

  3. Tom Johnson says:

    Hahahahahaha muppets

    1. Spunkyhunk says:

      Fucking neocon puppet.

      1. Tom Johnson says:

        You are a muppet, do you like the hand up ur’ass running your mouth?

  4. @southfronteng can we get an official transcript/translation of this – it is important and telling of the current snap-shot of affairs in mid-east relations. @fort_Russ_news

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