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Russian Soldier Killed In Roadside Bomb Explosion In Syria’s Homs

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Russian Soldier Killed In Roadside Bomb Explosion In Syria's Homs

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On September 9, a Russian serviceman was killed in a roadside bomb explosion in the Syria’s Homs governorate. The explosion hit a convoy of the the Russian military police when it was checking the route for a humanitarian convoy.

“The Russian military police were reconnoitering a path of a humanitarian convoy in Syria’s Homs province on September 9 when there was a roadside bomb explosion,” the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported.

The soldier who was in the armored vehicle was seriously injured. He later died from his injuries, despite the immediate medical assistance.

The exact place of the attack has not been unveiled.

This is not the first deadly attack on Russian military convoys in Syria in recent months.

On June 9, another explosion targeted the Russian military convoy in Hasakah. A Russian serviceman was killed and three others were wounded in a landmine blast. The incident took place near the Turkish-occupied village of al-Assadiyah.

Prior to that, an armored vehicle of the Russian military police was targeted in Idlib from the territory under the pro-Turkish militants’ control.


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turkish backed scum…level ankara!

Assad Defeated Zionists

Putin is such a wuss. I bet he won’t do a thing as usual. Every place under Wahhabi terrorist occupation should be scorched.

The Objective

the thing is, Russia’s military can’t achieve everything. Turkey should Turn Syria into Russia’s Afghanistan V 2.0. If Pakistan could do it with the Taliban, Turkey should be able to do it with the Syrian rebels.

Last edited 12 days ago by The Objective

Not if the threat of Turkey being attacked was on the cards,the gloves need to come off.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

More like Mossadisis.
Turks are in North Idlib.


He may resting in s*** now


russia plays softball with its enemies and it is internally totally broken beyond repair so i hope russia does something in return to this because the turks are only going to be bolder


Hahaha. This Iranian has been lobbying for Russia and Turkey to fight for years now without anyone success.

By the way… That attack happened in Homs it was ISIS IED.. Get your geolocation right


nato is russias existencial enemy its just a fact either way russia has to show strength and the will to end what it began

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat

the whole issue between russia and ottomans is basically started because the ottoman ideology in itself is an existencial threat this issue is older than you know the turks are already trying to cause war on russias frontiers be it in ukraine georgia armenia or any other place they are after the end of russian culture entirely similar like daesh aka isis they would want to trash or convert all russian christian sanctities these neo ottomanists are a perfect tool for nato to create chaos so yes russia has to take existencial threats very serious specially when they dare to spill blood of their people


the idea that its existencial on the russian side still beside all problems of russia makes me want obviously that russia wins because they wont wipe out the west unlike of what the west would do its just that i like people and i dont want them to die if it can end a different way

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat

this enmity between russia and turkey is based on an ideology funded by the turkish government and its what we see festering in idlib province alot of uygurs uzbeks turkmens azeris turks and other radicals fooled by this ideology of neo ottomanism basically occupied a piece of syria and turkey has brought a huge mess upon itself by behaving in such a fashion

Last edited 12 days ago by farbat
The Objective

The enmity is between Russia and ISLAM not Russia and Turkey. Ge this straight.

Chris Gr

Turks and Iranians are doing exactly the same thing but both have been supported in the Cold War to kick Soviet Union out.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Finally someone with a brain.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Russia aint broken contrary to your mind.
Russia keeps bombing the terrorists 24/7 for the past two months straight, killing thousends of terrorists.
How is that weak you noob?

The Objective

What has Russia got to show for the bombings? Hardly is anyone killed and most of HTS’s weapons would be underground by now. On the other hand, they can raise the stakes for Russia by training rebels on IED and Taliban-like attacks.

Chris Gr

Russia has killed tens of thousands of rebels. That’s a fact.


It was an ISIS IED on the HOMS highway..

Last edited 12 days ago by Anders
Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Mossadisis, no questions about it.
If I would be one of them I would start packing and run from Syria.
Russia will make pay them hell very soon.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

RIP Hero.
Thank you for your service.
You brought the final sacrifice.
You were protecting a Humanitarian convoy so others can live.
Never to be forgotten.

Corrupt shithole of Ukropisstan

Never forget never forgive.
All CIAisis and Mossadisis intel HQs in Syria will be targeted within 24hours.
You heard it here first.
Run terrorists run…
You cant hide…
Mother Russia is coming.

The Objective

Russia is weak and corrupt. It’ll soon go bankrupt and pull out

rider kick

America is a garbage country

Donald Moore

My thoughts and prayers goes out to the soldier and his family who died doing good in Syria!


All part of the price of fighting a war with one arm tied behind your back.


I am pretty certain that this is “Tigr” which is complete piece of crap. I am not sure if BTR 82 can handle better IED blast. The Russian military should seriously consider armored vehicles that protect from IED.


If the IED is big enough there is no defence.

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