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Russian Soft Power In Action: Sputnik V Spread In Latin America

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Russian Soft Power In Action: Sputnik V Spread In Latin America

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Written by Jhr Cronos exclusively for SouthFront

In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, the world was launched into accelerated development of a vaccine against the disease. After months of research, some vaccine candidates stood out, including Sputnik V developed by the Russian company Gamaleya.

But in reality, the Russian vaccine was largely criticized by the mass media. In Latin America, most of them only reproduced statements of the Western corporate media,  and were satisfied with that. What did they say? Well, it varied. First, they claimed that there were no real studies and papers. It was a lie, there were papers, they just didn’t  ask for them or did not read the reports. Maybe it’s because Western medical science goes through the England magazine The Lancet, and what is not published there, “doesn’t exist.” But this is real, and the Gamaleya company later sent its studies to the WHO and The Lancet, silencing that claim.

Then, the MSM claimed that the Russians are not to be trusted and their vaccine was not really good, it could not be ready so fast. Above all, the local media stated that those in Latin America who were interested in the vaccine, such as Venezuela, Nicaragua or Argentina, only got that vaccine for political reasons and their leaders would not actually do this. It turned out that their leaders did trust and use the vaccine (both Putin`s daughter and Maduro’s son received it), and that in Russia it was applied en masse among the population.

It was also said a lot: that the Russians accelerated the times to try to be first and compete the West. But the reality is that the developers of the Sputnik V vaccine had announced their schedule since August and September, sticking to it. Not so did the Western pharmaceutical companies, which did cut the time for vaccine development that they had announced… to reach dates close to those of the Sputnik V vaccine.

Finally, the regional media changed their discourse from defamation to disdain and irrelevance.

“We all want, seek and will use Pfizer’s, while the Russian vaccine is a matter for Venezuela and Argentina, who seek it out because of their politics.”

They have never addressed the question of why some regional governments chose Pfizer,which is more expensive, with some setbacks during the tests (like all the others), with a “cold chain” that forced to buy special equipment and design an unprecedented regional logistics to maintain those -70ºC needed. No regional media demanded to see the studies of Pfizer, contrary to Gamaleya which reached the government level, where the Russian vaccine was questioned because “they had not seen the studies”, but they had nothing from Pfizer either.

The general population, as usual, did not get to see any papers or study anywhere, only the “rocket phrases” that the press gave.

Russian Soft Power In Action: Sputnik V Spread In Latin America

Illustrative image

Who will receive the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in Latin America?

There are no  secrets, but  a lot of misinformation. Let’s start on the safe side.

Argentina receives it, and in order  to deliver it quickly, they sent a special plane to Russia.  The first batch consisted of 300 thousand vaccines (with 14 million at the beginning of 2021), which leaves the 10,000 that Pfizer sent to Chile as smallfry. Argentina had made a big bet on the Russian option, always defending that studies were reliable, and that they monitored the progress. They also had deals and negotiations with other companies, such as Pfizer and Astrazeneca. There was no deal with the first one, and what was declared by the Argentine government in this regard is very significant:

“In the negotiation, we were asked for a law to have some security. They asked us for a law that would give them security and that law was in Congress. Later it appeared in the negotiation, they always said that it was not the local people, but the US center that said it was not enough and that a new law had to be made [ …] In addition, they asked the contract to be signed by the president. That is to say, strictly speaking, these are unacceptable conditions”.

Such specific contracts… were they signed by the governments of Chile and Mexico?

It’s hard to imagine that Venezuela is so poor that could not allocate some funds for import of Sputnik V. More likely, the real reason of continuing negotiations is the desire to manage homeland production of the Russian vaccine that further will be distributed in Venezuela and the entire region. If this assumption is true, Venezuela will probably wait to local vaccine to be ready up to April. Meanwhile, they are likely to have sporadic amounts of Russian vaccine before their production is localized.

Vaccines today are in their mass production phase, but the vast majority of doses will go to their original nations and main partners. Almost all the nations of Latin America have turned to the WHO Covax system, which guarantees them access to vaccines at a good price and in a stable  supply… within a few months. This is an important factor: many countries do not want to wait, because politically it has a great cost to explain how the rich countries are vaccinated en masse while their countries still have to wait for several months. It has become a matter of prestige to show that they can be vaccinated at the same time as the great powers. For now, Pfizer sends symbolic amounts of the vaccine to countries like Chile and Costa Rica, about 10,000 each. Likewise, Russian production will go first to Russia itself, which greatly needs it, and then to its allies, including Venezuela. In a matter of weeks, production will multiply everywhere.

Russian Soft Power In Action: Sputnik V Spread In Latin America

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Other countries that have signed up for the Russian vaccine are Brazil and Mexico. But Mexico is already working with Pfizer vaccine, so it is not in much rush to receive the Russian one, and the date of its arrival is probably related to Pfizer’s ability to to meet the local demand. On the other hand, Peru has no time. Its deals with Pfizer failed (the current government blamed the previous one, and the previous one defends itself saying that “everything was ready to sign”). As they were interested only in that one, it`s not expected to receive vaccines until April, via Covax system. However, as they had made promises to the population, the government is trying to give new impetus to the negotiations for Sputnik V,which was requested directly by departmental governors from all over Peru from the very beginning, being ignored by the central government. There is also an option from Sinopharm, a Chinese company, which was tested in the country and is the most likely candidate for global spread in the short term. Before dealing with Brazil, we will mention Nicaragua and Cuba. The first, talked and promised too much, assuring months ago that production of the Gamaleya vaccine would take place in the country, and then saying, a few days ago, that they are waiting to see which one is the best. As for Cuba, a long-standing Russian ally, it develops its own vaccine and has relatively few cases, so if the virus does not  spread in the country, they will wait for their own, called Soberana.

Brazil, is an important and particular case for the Gamaleya’s vaccine. The country was mentioned on multiple occasions as one of the future producers of the vaccine, but the initiative has been boycotted at the highest level, personally by President Bolsonaro. The Brazilian president has always been a great critic of vaccines and the measures taken against the pandemic; he has especially rejected the Chinese ones, but also does not care about those from Russian, betting on the vaccine of Astrazeneca. As the latter has suffered delays, serious setbacks and doubts about its effectiveness, the Brazilian states have negotiated on their own with other companies, both from China and Russia. Specifically, the states of Parana and Bahia have reached deals to buy and produce Sputnik V, but on condition that the final deal depends on the approval and permission by  federal government agencies, controlled by Bolsonaro. As the approval does not come out, the entire vaccination process in Brazil is delayed. Although it is expected that  the issues will be settled by early February; but in such a case, Sputnik V vaccine will enter into direct competition, with those preferred by other states, such as Sao Paulo, which is trying to do the same deal with Coronavac, a Chinese vaccine, and with the federal government itself, which prefers Western options.

The Sputnik V vaccine has reached Latin America on a good basis. Now, its use and final market share will depend more than anything on whether Pfizer, on which most of the regional governments, that are politically allied with Washington, bet, can or cannot quickly and constantly meet the local demand. And it will not be easy for them to do so, as they must satisfy the US and European markets with hundreds of millions of doses, so in the short term, they will leave Latin America as before: they will lower their quotas, to keep the deal open. By April, when the Covax plan goes live, bottlenecks will be removed and the list of vaccines will have more titles .


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Counter colonials vs. Colonials.

Me&Myself None

Russia has a colonial past as well. How do you think that Russia acquired so much land?


A gift from god,blessing,call it what you may,zrealous satanic rants!

Jens Holm

I can only see Russia as one big expansion taking colonies all the way east including Alaska, all the way west of Berlin and Caucasus and parts of the Balkans too.

Internal killings en masse has been there too. Ukraine under and after WW1 is a very good example. No wonder so many became right wings and later on even nazis.

cechas vodobenikov

difference dimark—you lose all viking territory to Germany, Norway, Sweden even Ireland—Russia gains territory from uncivilized Ukrainians, Georgians—soon will annex Odense and create drug treatment program for you—sell u HIV vaccine for rubles—nobody wants kroner except greenlanders

Jens Holm

The semilarities are very small and the differences today are we are friends with Greenland, Island, Norway, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Ireland, Northern Germany and UK.

Many dont understad Denmark was taken by the Nazis but not Germany and by that was treated relative nice.

Denmark didnt loose those territories. Vikings was an unification of many small and partly isolated semilar tribes. t was a loose construction having several kind and queens where some dominated for some time and sometímes fighted each other hard.

When Normans took England it was after another invasion, which was defeated at Stamford bridge. Those were family and it was about which brother, sister or cousin which should take over and also French because a Knut the Great had married the English but Frech queen.

Vikings very much was family assusted by good transportation, weapons and trade.

It seemes You dont know how devastaing bad the Russian culture was and are and the reasons for the Tzars was removed. You cant even see the Bolsjevics was different people but same thing and by that collapsed too.

Your version about culture seemes not to be related to how the Russian farmers where and the systemtic plundering and stupidities made by the Tzars, the Upperclas, The church and next replaced with Bolsjevisme in its worst version for own purpose.

I just wrire, that the Russian empire was not better then the other ones and it ended for Russia in 1991 because it made more fiasco then succes.

Naming fx Ukrainians as having no culture is almost funny. Russia has its name from there by Kiev and its trading from the Baæltics to Konstantinopel.


You can’t,too weak in spirit and broken up,all that remains is your hate for better heteroxuals!

Me&Myself None

“Spread in Latin America”? There are 33 countries in Latin America, only Argentina and Venezuela, as far as know have ordered it. There is a possibility that Bolivia may, but not a guaranty, since they can get the Chinese’s one. Bolivia has not forgotten that Putin and Russia supported the right extremism coup perpetrators against Morales..

Black Waters

Jesus christ, again, another CIA bot blaming the CIA coups on Putin? Are you really that stupid that you think that people doesn’t know who was behind? CIA trolls/bots are getting more retarded by the days.


Never trust lgbtq sponsored affiliates of the goyms (period)
You just proven to be nothing but an insoilent cia bot/truth assasin(period)
You can’t contribute but in an ozi pub,problematic asswholes like you get turfed out,because generally real men don’t need proper converstations
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Jens Holm

The big mistake is You put in CIA in as You are indoctrinated to.

This is normal kapitalisme driven by private companies and its stockholders. You can be stocholder and take profit too – if You lazybum has money.

The system is we work hard makes money and gets rewarded by we can buy stuff and services. And we do.

The needs are very visible in many versions. One You never has heard aboút is human rights.

And Yes of course CIA is there too. We are many in many levels and not Your version of black and white. Most sober people even are friends with them. As I see them and add and subtract, I get a plus, which might be 70 to 30.


You represent beezub nuff fkn said,does the devil reveal itself fk no,so drrr!

cechas vodobenikov

Jenny 3rd world—danes use voodoo to inoculate vs covid….sputnik only vaccines without allergic reactions and unlike incompetent Pfizer, astra zenika it does not be stored below -10 C….so far 3 large shipments in Texas were discarded because they went bad due to improper storage…sutnik=freeze dried does not need refrigeration…poor dane amerikans need science lesson Tomsk State


They are indeed of low iq miseducated talentless,unskilled lards indeed,never proven anything to anyone either,that is why they are more pathedic than ever before in history,where once upon a time their lies were accepted,but not anymore,going down!

Black Waters

Also, soon or later the U.S gestapo will be responsable for what they did to South America, you won’t get away for too long with such an history of coups without paying a price, remember that, POS.

Jens Holm

our mouth is so big, so the rest of us cant see if theire is a head or a brain behind it. Your writing says: NO WAY.

It semes Russai are able to try to vaccinate Argentine with their second class stuf. Its probatly better then nothing.

Jaime Galarza

If your mouth is so big, then do us a favor: STFU.

Jens Holm

I dont write for You. Maybee I mainly write because of You and Monsanto is not here.


Speaking of monsatoaids,either way god will punish the whims than their foes!

cechas vodobenikov

jens writes? LSD neologisms is writing in your village? poor dane need Russian education to think and lego bicycle to travel to work. maybe u go to Serbia, Hungary, other advanced nation to buy motor vehicle—even USA can manufacture obsolete incompetent vehicles


You lied,3rd world biden scam fascist,what do you know,truth assasins!


You poor petty nwo assfloggeds are cornered and theres no way out this time,keep lieing!

Cronos Sin Apellidos

Bolivia already signed for Sputnik V, today.

chris chuba

The U.S and EU hoard vaccines, Russia provides vaccines to the neglected countries. The U.S. bombs, Russia demines. Never has a country done more good and gotten so little credit for it.

Here is a youtube video about Russia’s support for the U.S. during our Civil War and they spend most of the time talking about Poland ! LOL. As if the 2,000 Polish immigrants suffered more than the 3M black slaves in the South. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rs_NWzzIPRM

Me&Myself None

Provide to the neglected countries? As far as I heard from news programs within Argentina, Argentina bought the vaccines from Russia, and not a gift from Putin.

chris chuba

Even if they charge for it so what, the point is that the U.S. and EU is buying up every dose of Pfizer and leaving the rest of the world next to nothing. The U.S. and EU are even scrapping w/each other over supply.

Jens Holm

We are not buying up. We are ordering and pay for it stupy. Its alså western companies with western stockj´hoilders as wel as we have the money for it.

Why should those companies give the stuff to peope which deny to devellop themself, so they fx can produce money by education and hard work paid pr hour.

So far only a few million doses are made, so 7 billion cant get it right now. Soon there will be at least 4 more producers on the marked and it will speed up.

For Denmark the last ones most likeæly will be vaccinated in the beginning of avril.

You seemes to have no idea about this too. Its not like ordering a steak.


What makes you the better man does it,fk no,see russia sent the most humanitarian real aid to war devasted countrys on earth unlike you truth assasin nocandos who pretend to care about others,when you fkn never did,with your hate towards heterosexuals and they whom atleast had a real go to defend societys unlike certain

brainwashed goyms rants of never changed anything anyway,what really matters will ukraines leader allow investigations to start to get those vile creepy fascist scumbags whom stolen 13 billion from ukranians? Lets see shall we is he a man or a mouse?

You fellas approve homosexual slimes and those khazar gimp jews pretending to do russians any favours,think again! The real lawyers are far more intelligent (period)

Jens Holm

Hardly none, which can pay for it, has got it and none twice as needed. And excuse me Denmark fx has got 10.000 doses and we are 6,6 millions.

Soon some 4 ort 5 other companies in the world we go into programs too. That will speed things up.

Argentina is not neclected. They cant pay the price. People by own reasons in many parts of the world has no money.

Thats their own fault. We dont plunder people, which has nothing and fot chosen reasons as a kind of Suuni insist in living a higly unprodutive life and die before needed as well.

The rest is interesting but makes no sense today.

cechas vodobenikov

S Korea richer than fake old krone dane economy—they also buy sputnik. Iran Turkey possibly, also Venezuela….
dane use LSD, now deluded: USA flu d’etat in Odense


Soviets got rid of brits up north sea,after failed negotiations set up very clever traps,brits were shown mercy,nose outta joint vowed to try again next year,obviously didn’t ever since!

Tommy Jensen

Why does this guy always looks like someone who just woke up from a bed?

Jens Holm

Exiting to see how many Argentinians will be killed by Putin supporting the Rubel


Nope,but rather exciting to see how many insolent haters of lifes pro genocide wannabes,
end up suiciding because they are not mentally tough enough to deal with the truth,fk yeah!
Have no heart,you have no right of say,but rant about evil as you are broken in two,sexes!

cechas vodobenikov

South Korea also in contract for sputnik; they tried danish cheese—caused allergic reation

Proud Hindu

Lets hope those vaccines arent like russian weapons who dont work and sometimes harm the user


like the Indian howitzer that blew up during test?


Nose outta joint,too bad russia got the job done again,no infact hope is russian weapons and equipment get the job done,you can’t spin it satans way just for the fuk of it,cia/scammers!

Jens Holm

Sputnik is a vaccine against Islam. People buy more pots and pans and become Jews:)

Israel almost has vaccinated all Westbankers aqn dsome golden mosque will be a synagoge.


On the contary it helps unlike those money greedy nazi variants,that can only be good for islam,rest ssured you can’t mix lgbtq with muslin religion,regardless what you think (period)

Jens Holm

Sputnik is a vaccine against Islam. People buy more pots and pans and become Jews:).


I reiterate,
it helps unlike those money greedy nazi variants,that can only be good
for islam,rest ssured you can’t mix lgbtq with muslin
religion,regardless what you speculate,drrr

Hansi Hintern

In some South American countries many people are now going for CDS (chlorine dioxid solution), which is an effective treatment for many infections and similar illnesses, but almost completely concealed by the MSM. I myself did some experiments with CDS, and while not all issues were healed, it is definitely working, everything that you read or see in the MSM about CDS are blatant lies. A guy named Andreas Kalcker did a lof of research, and while it’s easy to use CDS orally, he also invented a method to make CDS a bit more alcaline and use it intravenously, more as kind of last resort, and this method cured a few fatally ill people.

Again, CDS won’t heal all illnesses, but it is an extremely powerful ‘drug’. Basically its effect is to bring ClO2 into the body, which will decompose into elementary O2 and Cl2, the O2 has an oxidating effect, it efficiently attacks the hulls of bacteria and virusses, but does little harm to humane cells. The decomposition process is stimulated by acid environments, hence the attempt mentioned above to make the solution more alcaline. The Cl2 also does have some effects, but mostly stays solved in the body fluids, and almost all humans have some enzymes, which will bind and finally divert it.

And please, do not fall for the ‘chlorine bleach’ propaganda, CDS is chemically something different, it has a minor bleaching effect, but is by far not as toxic as sodium hypochlorite. If you don’t believe me, research the data about toxicity. Doing this you’ll learn something about chemisty and f*cking lying bitch MSM.

Simplekindof Man

Pfizer vaccine uses mRNA technology which is more promising and intriguing to sientists,and in turn persuade the governments to use them.
I was told the astra zeneca would probably fail one week before it was officially announced and that would probably also apply to the Russian one(as to the level of immunity) although without specific data analysis nothing could be certain.

Cheryl Brandon


Jens Holm

When we do, You might die:)


Sputnik V is the ONLY vaccine I trust and will gladly accept.

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