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Ukraine and the United States Afraid of Russian Ships in the Black Sea

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Ukraine and the US have found the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in the Black Sea. Wow! Now, they should discover that the sea is wet.

Ukraine and the United States Afraid of Russian Ships in the Black Sea

The “Ladniy” patrol ship

This article originally appeared at Politrussia, translated by John exclusively for SouthFront

About the time that Ukraine and the United States held their joint naval exercises Sea Breeze-2015, they discovered the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation near the territoral waters of Ukraine. This was reported on Wednesday by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.

The discovery in the Black Sea of the patrol ship “Ladniy” and small anti-submarine ship “Suzdalets” which, according to the agency, was not the first day they showed “undisguised interest in the activities” conducted by the participants in the international exercises.

“Given the fact that this takes place under conditions of undeclared aggresssion of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, as weel as to prevent the crossing of the offshore section of the state border in the Sea, forces of the Ukrainian Navy came on duty. The objectives were identified in the by the sky naval aviation” – quoted by RIA “Novosti” Post Ministry.

In addition, coastal defense units monitored the ships reconnaissance and artillery support systems.

According to the Ukrainian Navy, the Russian Black Sea Fleet patrol ship “Ladniy” was spotted for the second time within three times, appearing next to the territorial waters of Ukraine. According to them the ship was already present near the offshore section of the Ukrainian border on June 4. In this regard, the Navy Command AFU has expressed its concern that “near the Ukrainian banks and ships of participating countries runs a 35 year old, “Ladniy””.

Please recall that in late August, a source in the Russian Navy said, that the ships of the Black Sea Fleet will monitor the actions of participants of the joint exercises Sea Breeze in the Black Sea. “For the American destroyer “Donald Cook” will monitor the patrol ship “well””he said. In addition this operation enabled reconnaissance aircrafts of the Black Sea Fleet with the means of electronic intelligence, he said.

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