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Russian Service Members Were Injured In Northern Lattakia Clashes – Reports

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A number of Russian service members were reportedly injured in the northern countryside of Syria’s Lattakia on August 6.

The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed that the Russian service members were injured when militants shelled the outskirts of the town of Kinsabba. According to the monitoring group, a Russian helicopter landed near the town to evacuate the wounded.

The al-Fateh al-Mubeen Operations Room claimed responsibility for the strikes on Kinsabba. The operation room, which includes Turkish-backed factions and al-Qaeda-affiliated groups, is led by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham.

Russian Service Members Were Injured In Northern Lattakia Clashes - Reports

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter, Via Google Maps – TerraMetrics

The Ministry of Defense of Russia is yet to comment on these claims. The ministry usually acknowledges any human losses in Syria within a few days.

Earlier in the morning, the Syrian Arab Army launched a limited attack from Kinsabba on the al-Hadadah hill. Intense clashes broke out in the region. Nine Syrian soldiers and five militants were reportedly killed.

If the reports of Russian casualties in northern Lattakia are true, Russian forces will likely respond within a few hours. Such an attack could even encourage the Syrian military and its allies to launch a new operation in Greater Idlib.


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Time to bring in the tos :)

Concrete Mike

10 4 dude, roast them terrorists good!


Copy that, fire in the hole!

Concrete Mike

Firing for effect!


Now get ready your terrorist ass to get bombed, run to your rat holes !!! Run and hide you terrorist fools !


Pleasing Erdogan is more important for Putin than helping Syrians

Zionism = EVIL

Putin’s coddling of the goat fucker Erdogan has really endangered Russian lives, the only language the Turkeys, Zionists and Americunts understand is strength and retaliation. Hezbollah is a classic example of putting the fear or God in its enemies.


Russia is global player playing many games simultaneously. Turkey (like it or not is important regional SUNNI player ) having clout, capable to enforce peace upon their own Sunni terrorist in Syria. If SAA can’t liberate Syria alone (and only idiots couldn’t understand that they can’t liberate Syria alone) than at certain point compromise is necessary to have UNITED Syria preserved. Turkey seam to be interested in united Syria and they have accepted fact that Assad is hear to stay. All other terrorists like HTS and other non Turk terrorists will be eliminated one way or another.

Russia is world power and not Assad’s or your mommy personal army, so they are not in Syria to liberate Syria on snap of Assad finger. Russia has her own problems and limitations, NOT helping their own population in Donbass and you expect them to get involved in major war in Syria to please you and people like you? You must be effing kidding!

Lone Ranger

Time to roll out the TOS-1 again. Roasted wahabinazis in the morning, hmm….

Zionism = EVIL

The fat faggot Pimpeo was openly boasting of killing 300 Russians in Syria and imposing a high cost. It is no secret that the Saudis, Zionists and Americunt rabid dying swine are offering $100,000 bounty to kill Russians. It is time for Russia to take off the gloves and return the favor as the Americunt swine are far more vulnerable and hated by all.

Lone Ranger

I agree. Russia should start exposing them publicly. Pimpeo should be sanctioned. Every CIA/mossadisis HQ inside Syria should be bombarded till it’s dust. Send the trolls home to Langley in bodybags, as a friendly warning.


This is the problem they are always reacting to terrorists attacks,they need to get proactive and go after those rodents.

Jim Allen

Well shit, maybe just my be you could give President Putin, a call on his private line. Express your deep displeasure with the manner in which he’s been handling the conflict in Syria. Explain what he’s doing wrong (in detail) in Syria, that all this other stuff he’s been wasting his time, on are insignificant, and unproductive towards the outcome of the defense of Syria. Where he, and Russia should focus all their attention, to the exclusion of all else. Until US Coalition, it’s pet “enemes,” and the Zionist Khazar pretenders have been neutralized. The threat of WWIII, and the arrogant sociopaths, and lunatics with nuke buttons, start launching more, and bigger nukes than the pond scum already are is meaningless drivel. That he shouldn’t be such a pussy. You’ll need to tell Putin exactly what he needs to do to correct his gross derilection of duty, and get this thing in Syria wrapped up. At once. Putin will know your reputation as a…..dedicated, and…..umm… effective, field officer….

Zionism = EVIL

The conduit of terrorism in Syria is Turkey and the CIA, like Pakistan was in the Afghanistan/Soviet era. The Russian made the same meek mistake back then and paid the ultimate cost of defeat and USSR breaking up. In Syria, the stakes are much higher as the Americunt arseholes are desperate and in decline and pushing Russia’s buttons and unless there is a cost, things will get worse. The Zionist cowardly cunts fear Hezbollah because of the perennial fear of retaliation. So far Russia has been very passive as the Zionist downed an IL-20 killing 15 airmen and Russia did fuckall, the fat pigs Pimpeo openly boasts of killing “300 Russians” and it is well known in the region that the CIA offers a $100,000 bounty to kill Russians or capturing them. So far the cunts have failed, but unless there is a cost the arseholes and their terrorists will get more emboldened, like they did in Afghanistan.

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