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JUNE 2023

Russian Security Forces Dismantle ISIS Cells Ferrying Militants To Syria, Ukraine (Video)

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Russian Security Forces Dismantle ISIS Cells Ferrying Militants To Syria, Ukraine (Video)

ROSTOV-ON-DON REGION, RUSSIA – JULY 15, 2019: Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officers detain two members of a cell of the Islamic State terrorist organization (banned in Russia). Video screen grab/ Russian Federal Security Service/TASS

Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) and Investigative Committee have dismantled an ISIS cell that sent militants to Syria and Ukraine, the TASS news agency reported on December 26.

“The Federal Security Service, in cooperation with the Investigative Committee and the Federal Service for Financial Monitoring, busted a terrorist cell in the Urals and the North Caucasus federal districts, whose ringleader and 18 members had been operating a network covering several regions to ensure resource support for the IS international terrorist organization,” the FSB told the Russian news agency.

According to the FSB and the Investigative Committee, the cell has been ferrying militants from Russia to Syria and Ukraine to fight against Russian troops, sponsor terrorism and defending terror attacks.

The cell’s chieftain and ten of its members were apprehended in a series of raids that took place in in Dagestan and Chechnya in the North Caucasus as well as in the Tyumen and the Khanty-Mansiysk Regions in the Urals.

During the raids, communication and payment devices as well as personal computers with photos and videos documenting the cell members participation in ISIS combat operations in Syria and among Nazi units of Kiev forces in Ukraine were confiscated by the FSB.

Two members of the terrorist cell were sentenced to extensive prison terms. Eight others who are currently fighting with ISIS in Syria have been put on an international wanted list.

ISIS cells are still active in several parts of Syria to this day. The Russian military has been operating against terrorists there for around seven years now. The terrorist group is also said to be linked to several Nazi and Jihadist units in Ukraine, where the Russian military is currently conducting a special operation.



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Johny cash

All these fucking years putin has been hollowing out everything now even the military cant even mass produce drones similar to dji. Why have such huge landmass wen ur so pathetic that u even sunk to the level of hollowing out ur own military. Nw many many soldiers dieing needlessly due to lack of equipment. Pos putin even admitted they cant produce drones at the amount they need. I see soldiers going on telegram aski g for donations to buy drones, ive never seen such thing in my life wxpecting soldiers to pay for equipment the army should provide. Whilst billions of dollars worth of yacts impounded across the west. Russias sole purpose is to buy yacts and football clubs for the oligarchs


You really need to do something about your spelling.


Not only is spelling, but to adjust his objectivity and discernment. He should stick to his song…. in heaven.

Florian Geyer

President Putin has restored the power and wealth of Russia since 2001

Russia now has the most deadly military capability in the world that NATO fears.

NATO’s fear of the Russia is why the collective West has resorted to Terrorism in vain attempts to plunder Russia and to use Biological warfare as the US did in North Korea.

Slava Rossiya

Isser Harel

Track them down and remove them permanently. FSB is doing excellent work. “Two thumbs up”- Roger Ebert


ISIS and National-Socialism ? What a load of crap. ISIS is an US-UK-israeli creation and exactly the opposite of social nationalism.

Last edited 5 months ago by F*ck NATO
Kev not Kiev

ISIS – Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Most of those senior ISIS thugs are IDF or Saudi trained and funded, and they’re Wahabbis or Zionists hell-bent on committing genocide against Christians, especially Christians located in the ‘greater Isreal’ ideological map of the Talmudic Kazarian Satanists. Thank you Russia, for defending Christanity.


These chechens/dagestanis need more training by russia..they look bad compared to fsb of other places


disagee. we should help them change for the better then they can help others that are like them was.


Also disagree : deads don’t talk.

Peter Jennings

Maybe a few contacts on the hard drives will be getting a christmas present from the Russian admin.

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