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Russian Sappers Start Mine Clearance Operation in Aleppo (Video)

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Russian sappers have started mine clearance operations in the liberated districts of eastern Aleppo.

Russian Sappers Start Mine Clearance Operation in Aleppo (Video)

Photo: YouTube / Ruptly TV

On Tuesday, mine clearance operations were started in the liberated districts of eastern Aleppo by a group of Russian sappers.

According to Commander of clearing detachment at International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces, Major Ivan Gromov, sappers found about 50 explosive devices during the first day of the operation.

“The clearing detachment of the International Mine Action Centre arrived in Aleppo yesterday. Today they started the full mine clearance operation of the city and the city’s neighbourhoods. Some 50 explosive items have been found today. Mostly, they are self-made explosive devices in the shape of cylinders with explosive agents and a small part of standard ammunition such as mortar shells and anti-tank mines of the Soviet manufacture like TM-62,” Gromov said on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the Zvezda TV-channel, reported that the Russian Defense Ministry announced that the Syrian Army has recaptured five more neighborhoods in Aleppo. Russian sappers have already started to inspect the liberated neighborhoods. According to the TV-channel, more than 70 mines and roadside bombs were demilitarized over the past day.

First of all, sappers check the most important social facilities. They have to work under fire.

Currently, Russian sappers are operating on a water pump station, which terrorists planned to blow up. During several years, the station was controlled by militants, who pumped water only to captured areas of the city. For the case of an assault, huge bombs were mounted on walls of the building. According to the plan of terrorists, these bombs were supposed to blow up the station, however militants could not activate the mines, as an offensive of the Syrian Army was swift.

“Bombs, controlled by wires, were discovered. Militants planned to explode components and aggregates, supplying water to the city. Now, sappers are already inspecting basements,” Gromov told to the 1 TV-channel.

Sappers also demine residential houses. Some homemade bombs and body-trap mines lie right on sidewalks. Sappers actively use special equipment, including the Korshun special device, which is capable to detect not only land mines, but also wires and consoles of radio-controlled bombs at a distance up to 50 meters. The nose of a Labrador, named Kefir, is not less precision instrument. It is not the first combat mission of the dog.

According to Russian sappers, who previously conducted mine clearance operations in Palmyra, it looks like the same instructors worked in the both cities. Russian military plans to research findings later in order to understand whether militants have known some new technologies.

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duke oflilywhite

looks like a russian version of The Hurt Locker

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