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Russian Sappers Discover US-made Weapons in Terrorists’ Headquarters in Aleppo (Video)

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A stockpile of arms, produced in Bulgaria, Germany and the US, has been discovered by Russian sappers in one of the terrorists’ headquarters during demining of the Syrian city of Aleppo.

Russian Sappers Discover US-made Weapons in Terrorists' Headquarters in Aleppo (Video)

Photo: YouTube / Ruptly TV

During demining of the Syrian city of Aleppo, Russian sappers have discovered a stockpile of arms, produced in Bulgaria, Germany and the US, in one of the terrorists’ headquarters, commander the Russia’s bomb disposal squad, Maj. Ivan Gromov, told the Rossiya-24 TV-channel.

“There were various ammunitions: from cartridges for a heavy machine gun to rocket projectiles for the Grad system. [We discovered] 122-millimeter mines, rounds for grenade launchers, hand grenades, shells for howitzers,” Gromov said. “The munitions we found were German, American, Bulgarian… The amount they had was somewhat disconcerting.”

The Russian Defense Ministry released a video of the ongoing demining operation, which shows crates full of various munitions; some of them marked “Produced in Yugoslavia by Ordnance Corps United States Army.”

Earlier, spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova turned her attention to reports of media about a storehouse of weapons, produced in Bulgaria, which was discovered in Aleppo. Ammunition for the Grad systems, anti-tank guns and shells for anti-tank rocket launchers, produced by Bulgaria on Soviet licenses, which duration of validity has long expired, were stored there.

As the Russian Centre for reconciliation of opposing sides in Syria reported on Wednesday, since December 5, Russian sappers have demined 996 hectares of the urban territory of Aleppo. They cleared from explosive devices about 350 kilometers of roads and 2,149 buildings, including 44 schools, 38 mosques, ten medical facilities and two kindergartens. The bomb disposal squad discovered and defused some 14,700 dangerous items, including 6,700 improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

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John Whitehot

idk, the black markings on the shells could well be indicating western origins, they seem legit. But that label “produced in Yugoslavia by US ordnance corps” sounds very suspicious. Yugoslavia? wtf?


Cold War stuff.

Pave Way IV

The U.S. Army Ordinance Corps is in charge of all army munitions. They are also in charge of buying (or arranging manufacturing contracts) for all ammunition for foreign military assistance programs. Since a lot of foreign military aid goes to non-NATO countries with non-NATO weapons, they have to contract foreign arms manufacturers like Bulgaria and Yugoslavia to produce the ammunition and ordinance.

The red, white and blue shield sticker that says “From USA for Mutual Defense” means the munitions were given (for free) to someone as military aid under the U.S.’s 1949 Mutual Defense Assistance Act. All the aid provided under that program is suppose to have this sticker. The law was passed in 1949, but the program continued for decades. Not sure if they use it today.

This ammo was manufactured in Yugoslavia years ago under a U.S. Army Ordinance Corps contract for the Mutual Defense Assistance program and delivered (likely) to some other east European country to collect dust for a few decades. It isn’t suppose to be sold or transferred anywhere, but some Bulgarian or Ukrainian arms dealer figured out the CIA or Saudis/Qataris/UAE were stupid enough to illegally buy the free ammo, so they sold it to them. They probably tried to scratch off the shield sticker (unsuccessfully) because nobody is suppose to sell this stuff to anybody. That’s why they put the sticker on it.

John Whitehot

thanks for the accurate reply


thanks for the seldom but informative reply… Learned another thing today :)


that does not prove anything… what does that Russian troops do in Allepo?
These are not Terrorists, the Syrian Army are the Terrorists and the Russian Soldiers are.

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