Russian S-300 SAM Missile at Military Parade in Iran (Video)


Russian S-300 SAM Missile at Military Parade in Iran (Video)

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Iran showed Russian S-300 air defense system during an annual National Army Day parade on April 17. The S-300 systems were paraded in Tehran in front of President Hassan Rouhani and military commanders.

According to photos published by media, trucks carried 3 elements of the complex:

  • a command post:
  • a truck for towed long-range target acquisition radar;
  • a mobile radio antenna used to extend communications range for other elements of the system;

Missiles or missile launchers were demonstrated.

We remember, on April 11, Iran’s Foreign Ministry reported that Russian S-300 surface-to-air missile system has arrived in Iran.



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  • Daniel Rich

    I hope Iran’s S-300 air defense system is a match for Saudi Arabia’s Eco-friendly version of a North Korean designed missile system, with the illustrious, NATO designated call sign, ‘Cul de Sac …’