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Russian Refugee Center Rebuilding Infrastructure In 48 Syrian Settlements

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Russian Refugee Center Rebuilding Infrastructure In 48 Syrian Settlements

AP Photo/Bilal Hussein

Russia’s center for receiving, relocating and accommodating refugees in Syria has started rebuilding infrastructure in 48 settlements across the war-torn country, chief of the center Major General Alexei Tsygankov told media on July 20.

“As of today, the center is in charge of activities aimed at rebuilding the infrastructure and vital facilities in 48 populated localities,” Tsygankov said adding that the center works in close cooperation with the Damascus government.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced the establishment of the new Russian humanitarian body on July 18. It added that foreign and defense ministries of Russia have established a joint HQ at the National Defense Management Center in order to coordinate the center’s activities.

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s Slippy

Registered refugees from Syria:
Turkey 3,5million, Lebanon 1 million, Jordan 0,7 million , Iraq 0,25 million…..
Russia: 0

I am waiting for the rats to come out of their sewers and in unison praise the oh so humane Russian government.

Nasty Animal

All of those you mentioned are middle eastern countries that border Syria. And don’t talk shit about them not taking any, there have been many.

s Slippy

Europe has over 1 million Syrian refugees guess how many Russia has welcomed? anywhere between 5- 10 000 refugees….

“And don’t talk shit about them not taking any, there have been many.”

Do you people even bother speaking the truth anymore? Russia is on par with Israel and Saudi Arabia when it comes to welcoming refugees.

Daniel Castro

Yes, because Russia actually didn’t want Syria vanish, they helped syrians to stay in Syria, instead of destroying Syria and taking them for political reasons.


Did you buy the American story that Syria was an other “civil war”, rather than the truth that it was planned and implemented by the CIA. Did you miss the whole Bengazzi Affair, reveling how Hillary an Brennan smuggle arms from Lybia into Syria via Turkey and funded the Al Qa


Europe has not taken in a single refugee, Europe has taken in over a million of illegal immigrants. Immigrants who were not fleeing the war, as they were already safe in Syria’s neighboring countries, Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. These immigrants wanted to emigrate to Europe. And who can blame them? Free housing, free income, free healthcare? You’d be crazy to stay in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan when there’s the chance to get that deal. Even if you have to run the risk of drowning along the way.

This war will be over soon. No small thanks to Russia. And then the millions of Syrians in Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan will go home. But not the million in Europe. Just like Europe is still full of ‘refugees’ from the wars in the former Yugoslavia, and every other war which finished a long time ago.

If Europe took in refugees and settled them in the same way that Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon did, as in makeshift refugee camps, only the bare necessities, no access to the same public housing and benefits that European citizens enjoy, then there would have been zero ‘refugees’ in Europe. And NOBODY would be currently drowning trying to get into Europe.

Tudor Miron

I’m actually thankful to my government for protecting my country from illegal immigrants and I support my army helping restore peace in Syria. Europeans don’t seem to realize that influx of refugees was well planned and that was their government complience with US/Israel actions aimed to destroy ME and create that wave of immigration to Europe.
I expect you to show us some nice pictures of Syrian refugees staying in your own home otherwise all that you type here is horse sh$t.

John Whitehot

are you out of your fucking mind?

s Slippy



whats your point dipshit. Turkistan helped starting this war and is therefore responsible for the refugees. Russia helps ending the war so the refugees can return home


America: 0
Antarctica: 0
Australia: 0

Look to a map and you may understand the reason. But maybe not.


Well, a syrian student in Russia is not a refugee, and the students are only an example. By the way how many ukrainians are in Russia and how many of them are refugees? You are torturing your mind with a strange phalacy: you are trying to hide the florest (the russian support to the syrian people) with some little branches of a tree (only the syrian refugees among all the syrians in this moment in Russia.

David BlackBeard

Lifehack !!! You don’t need to wait for the rats come out of theorie sewers – you just need to use a mirror to see one .


You forgot to list the numbers of Syrian refugees that the main culprits who have caused this war, the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel have taken in. Turkey is also one of the main culprit, but they have a leader with shit for brains, so they did end up with millions of refugees.

If anything the Russians work smarter. The goal should not be to take in refugees and settle them in new countries, the goal should be to end this war SO THEY CAN GO HOME! In that sense, well done Russia.

Concrete Mike

Why would russia takr refugees when they are not complicit in creating them.

All the countries you listed except iraq, are terrorist supporting shit sandwiches.

Take you fake liberal interventionnism and shove it up your ass

Tudor Miron

s Slippy, who exactly you are calling rats, brave keyboard worrior?
I assume that you like refugees coming to Europe? That’s the result of distruction of Libia, Iraq and Syria that so called collective West conducted in the name of democracy and humanism.
Isn’t it better to restore normal life and let civilians to come back to their homes? Just compare what’s going on at this moment in Aleppo under control of Assad and in Raqqa which is under control of US led coalition.

Bill Wilson

Russia is rebuilding the infrastructure in Aleppo while the US is doing the same in Raqqa. Raqqa is being flooded with Syrian construction workers from Aleppo since they can’t find work there. They say the civilians are broke and Damascus can’t afford but a pittance in rebuilding aid. It appears that many in Raqqa managed to squirrel money away that wasn’t grabbed by ISIS so now are using those funds for rebuilding and restarting businesses. Unfortunately that presence of cash has also attracted the criminal element that hijack trucks carrying supplies and rob workers along with their employers. The locals say it’s a major problem that keeps the SDF security forces busy trying to eliminate it.

Pave Way IV

“…As of today, the center is in charge of activities aimed at rebuilding the infrastructure and vital facilities in 48 populated localities,” Tsygankov said…”

CENTCOM was furious when they discovered Russia’s efforts to rebuild Syrian infrastructure. They demanded that Russia hand over a target list of the 48 sites immediately. “We spent a lot of time and effort to destroy Syrian infrastructure to make sure all Syrian people suffer. Russia is purposely meddling in our punishment campaign. This is outrageous – how dare they? Add more sanctions, and cook up another batch of Novichok!”

Tudor Miron

Those pesky russkies… What also can I say?

A Bee

wonderful news that these innocent refugees will soon be able to return home and rebuild


bravo brave and humanists russian!!! :)

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