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JUNE 2021

Russian Reconnaissance UAV ‘Forpost’ Crashed In Northern Hama (Photos)

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A Russian reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Forpost, crashed in the northern countryside of the Syrian province of Hama, according to photos released by pro-militant media sources.

Pro-militant sources say that the UAV was shot down by the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement, one of the allies of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham in the ongoing clashes against the Syrian Army. However, this version still has to be confirmed.

The Forpost is a licensed copy of the Israeli IAI Searcher reconnaissance UAV. Russian forces use Forposts for reconnaissance missions in Syria.

Russian Reconnaissance UAV 'Forpost' Crashed In Northern Hama (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Russian Reconnaissance UAV 'Forpost' Crashed In Northern Hama (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

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Nice to see the Russian’s use Israeli licensed copied hardware.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Now it is outdate that Drones…Russia has developed the Orion drone

George King

There is no reason to risk any Russian military designs and equipment in Syria that would be hauled into Israel for inspection. I have been wondering if that is the same reason electronic warfare has been sparsely used as well. There have been enough demonstrations real time that it is effective but is being used for a rainy day. So far it has operated as advertised.

I have wondered about this around the Baltic and RF borders where most of NATO activity appears to get Russia to expose by use for study to counter.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They wanted to test the range of the khibilny in Syria the US does know it works but not the range. The Russians are more sophisticated than they expected since they didn’t need to use it.


@ George King :
Absolute truth ; The 13 drone attack was designed to push Russia into using its electronic warfare units , very wise not to use until really needed .
There are a couple of articles in “Wired” concerning drone communications and defense


Year, cos assisting the jewish terrorist state is a ‘good’ thing?


Well putin probably thinks so, otherwise he would have orderd other drones…

MD Ranix

clearly the terrorist group=yankee coalition
being given the means to attack boldly with big weaponry
in short this is a war between the bear and the yankees
and the self destruction/annihilation of zio satanic terrorists on earth

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There was intercepted radio chatter the day before of the Turks shipping manpads to the Dukhi according to ANNA Reporter Oleg and why the airstrikes were pulled back. The deception being carried out by the Turks in the West are atrocious , the US handed all there pro Jihadi Terrorist opp. a list of 19 tweets to issue about hospitals and children being killed 24 hrs before the assault occurred , yet before it even happened those tweets were out.

Hide Behind

The advancements within AI research in combination with aerospace and battery developements and super materials and electronic engine design are far above what we have seen on battlefields so far.
As to armed drones what we see in everyday use are no more than blunt instruments and least expensive to build, especially when modern production is The Norm of this type.
The more common surveillance and small arms equipped are for use( during civil unrest or national disasters) upon American populace not the Russian or Chinese.
Coming soon, if not already here, will be more or less permanent in flight drones.
DARPA has already flown and still is , surveillance aircraft that do not need regueling, solar, over conventional mini hybrids, for 60 Days.


No such thing as AI (semantics cannot arise from syntax). What you mean is faster, smaller computers with more storage- able to process data faster and use bigger databases to index such data.

America had drones that did not require refueling for longer than a year DECADES ago. Difference today is you can but better computers and communication systems in them.

Material science has actually progressed quite slowly compared to computer and nuke and communication tech.

But the tipping point is undoubtedly the advance in compter tech- mostly in the area of size, performance per watt and storage. Your $10 android phone embodies all these advances.

Hide Behind

Have been around computers since early 1960’s, and while it is true today’s devices have greater data speed and storage than even those monstrous in size reel driven machines I beg to differ on wether or not there is AI.
It is in how one defines AI. And I along with many far far more advanced than I, say it is ability to adapt to different environments.
The newest algorithisms still work upon choosing from multiple variables, and yes with far greater speed.
The old CREY punters still worked upon day a in and day a out, could not differentiate truth and fact from bad choices.
Whereas the newer programs can “experience” effects and correct itself.
MOST flatlanders do not know that flying into space beyond earth cannot be anywhere near programmed and then forgotten by single entry,; No it takes continuous calculations during flight, in order to launch, find correct landing and even during landing.
It is said that Russia has a set up that even after no human contact will automatically target and launch its ICBM and Intermediate range ones as well.
Hawkins once stated it, AI, was already here and all it needed was the switch to be flipped.
As to adaptive reasoning, once discarded computations are proven wrong they are no longer allowed to be rechecked or used in new solutions.
To me, opinions penny a gross, knowing and reckoning right from wrong is indeed a sign of intelligence.
IF Hawkings switch is available, the only thing stopping it from being flipped is Human fear.

John Whitehot

“It is in how one defines AI”

I was agreeing to an idea I read a while ago, where the definition should cover a software device that does not utilize premade scripts to respond to inputs, while instead being programmed at a higher level enough to be able to develop his own methods in ANY envirorment (which would lead to the same initial AI becoming much different if inserted in different environments, sort of parallel evolutions)

Guess it’s similar to what you say, but I wonder what are your thoughts about it.

Hide Behind

We seem to be running along parallel thought lines, in quantum physics there (is) are no such a thing,
Some fears of AI stem from philosophical questions, and the highest question is, Will AI have self awareness, and what will be its response upon that discovery.
Mankind had long thought only it out of all life forms possessed this awareness. But now animal studies are finding many a lower animal does.
Was it contact with man that brought it about?
Mankind search for AI has no intrinsic altruistic reason, and this is what and why many are afraid of it; the unknown.
That the human animal was most likely first animal to breach the I Am paradigm can according to some Philosophers , say the eating of the forbiden fruit in Eden garden is an explanation of when man found this idea of I AM.
Who knows , but one thing for sure, If we do not wipe out mankind soon, we will soon know of AI.


The arabic subtitles in the second picture says it was downed and that the UAV was used to fire missiles at civilians.


Russia does not use armed drone aircraft.


What NONSENSE. Russia develops and builds robotic war machines, ground and air. What you may have meant is that Russia rarely uses armed drones in the Syria conflict. This is for tactical reasons, with Russia correctly determining that traditional aircraft are more suitable.

John Whitehot

and you should see those Russian UFOs zapping insurgents and CIA agents all around Syria.

Cindy Myer

Why would the Russians use a drone to fire missiles at civilians? What possible military advantage would that have? Obviously the author of those subtitles is clearly making wrong assumptions here or trying to create some false news headline by implying Russia is firing weapons at civilians, kind of like what the US military is exceptionally good at doing. More than likely the drone was armed to be used against militants not civilians.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

What he forgot to do was look at the FSA logo and everyone should notice there are no bullet holes and manpads don’t have a great record at shooting down drones.Nothing like Islamist Extremists doing propaganda it gets bad as they are not that good at it, even the west can’t cover up their missteps.One other observation these types of Russian drones are not armed so this is just a fabricated lie by Islamist Extremists.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The second one also shows a Jihadist Logo Fake Stooge Army, they are well known for putting out fake information.

John Whitehot

“UAV was used to fire missiles at civilians”

which is impossible as Russian drones are not armed, so either they are lying or it was an american drone with Russian words painted on it, which seems very unlikely.


After Russia “ASSISTED” the failure of the recent billion dollar spy satellite launch by SpaceX, the USA is going to be going crazy to do everything they can to get Russia back.

This is where a ‘COLD WAR’ is really HOT in every covert way. Tit-for-tat – and Russia is expert at spanking America when America oversteps an agreed line.

The drone swarm that attempted to attack Russia facilities in Syria was an American operation in such a vein, and so is the downing of this drone.

The biggest issue for Russia in Syria is how the British and Americans will explore every avenue for having Russians murdered and their facilities successfully infiltrated and attacked. Russia has WON- but the West will be happy if it murders a handful of Russians in Syria each month. And no matter how careful Russia is, a force always has “ragged edges” that can be exploited. Like a lion picking off the weakest members of a herd.

Russia prefers NOT the petty approach, but the giant stings, like the SpaceX sabotage- in the hope that such punishments will back the West down from future acts. But the Deep State is far too demonic to “take a hint”.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US and UK are not that blatant to attack the base too many believe that the west is responsible for the current terrorist fest in the world, along with current attacks. Things are slowly not looking good for the west less people believe the narrative and more see their own Govts the real culprits in terrorism. The war for tit for tat is one no countries want to get involved in. The deescalation zones are coming to an end in mid February leaving things needing to be settled Russia doesn’t see any point in maintaining it with all the continued breaches, things will get heated as the defeat of HTS in the Aleppo/Idlib area is expected.

The Syrian Govt will continue to pressure the US and Turkey as illegal occupiers in Syria and Russia will add it’s voice as more will point out that the US since being there has hindered the progress on the war in terror and has prolonged and acerbated it by their actions. This will be a different year and an unexpected one at that.


To much junk in the picture..

Langaniso Mhlobo

If the de escalation zones agreement end then it shouldn’t be ‘re new.Until the whole world withness that the national army of legitimate government and refugees can move around in Syrian borders without block by illegal forces of USA and Turkey.

Before any peace talk or election USA and Turkey must leave sovereign country back to their unsovereign butcher countries.

Langaniso Mhlobo

No more agreements with illegal forces in sovereign Syrian soil because it is clear interference by outside desructive force’s in Syrian affairs.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Only isylum seeker USA and Turkey will be expelled. Because Syria can not accommodate global terrorist forces which can’t stay in their own countries and which are always on terrorist tourists trips illegally.

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