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Russian Propaganda Infiltrated Anime (Video)

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Finally, there is a proof of mighty Russian propaganda, which is addressed by the mainstream media on a daily basis. It seems that the Kremlin’s propaganda infiltrated anime.

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As with most things anime I have no clue what the f*** I was just watching. Japan is truly the epicenter of 3/4er of all that is weird in this world. I do know that things get 10x more awesome if you add Russian military and soviet style choirs to them.

El Diablo

This is “Cells at work”. The childrens are the platelets :D Hi don’t watch that anime, so i don’t know what is the context :D

Anh Quốc

This is actually a chinese edited version and he turned it into this


disqus_KnzsxnTpjM I agree


This game is nothing that all media portrays it as is all false. The real game is the people are standing up to the NWO and are against war, Whites in perticular are against “Brother wars”. Get it right. Whites are the biggest doners. Whites Create 99%of technology and after 2016 most refuse to serve. We now want to serve ourselves, this is reality and pushing technology beyond the 95iq semite faster than the subhuman can process is the real target of the semite. and the semite knows, pushing technology just fast enough for Whites and to fast for the subhuman will be its end. Push A.I and automation as fast as posible. for only the the Chosen people will control it. More profits so to say. The one who Pushes it faster will be the winner.

John Whitehot

“for only the the Chosen people will control it”

there will be surprises.

Fred Summers

PARTIAL DISCLOSURE from Russia of foiled nuclear event at the Crimea Bridge! Russia have finally gone public about the infamous foiled attack on the Crimea Bridge aka the Kirch Strait incident by admiting the focus was the bridge. This is the first step towards at later full disclosure of the truth, which apparently will occur at an international Haig style Court next year. Link to Official PARTIAL disclosure:


Also, Russia are currently compiling evidence of all other provocations, including the recent undersea drone attack, to present at the Haig style court to be opened sometime next year. Look out for ‘Incitement to War’ charges against some western names. Apparently details of the cases will be released by mid 2019, before the Court is convened. Evidence will be presented to the Court, not the World media. Baring any further action which may derail this legal process we will know the truth by the end of 2019.

Also, The last foiled provocation reported by ‘Jonas’ – the undersea drone / remote control mine against the brand new corvette ‘Orekhovo-Zuevo’ – was timed to coincide with the anniversary of PEARL HARBOUR! – and involved much more than ‘just’ an attack on the ‘Orekhovo-Zuevo’.

Details to follow when available.

See the cover story of WW2 sea mine explosion for size of blast!

(Yet Another hit from Jonas – whos blog has no gone dark for some reason).

Brother Ma

Oh. No!! The big bad reds are back. Quick bring back our saviours gorbachov and yeltsin!

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