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MAY 2021

Russian Private Military Contractors Took Control Of Libya’s Largest Oil Field

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Washington is concerned by the growing Russian influence in Libya as Turkish-led forces are preparing to storm the port city of Sirte, controlled by the Libyan National Army.

On June 26, the US embassy in Libya released a statement claiming that it condemns a “foreign-backed campaign to undermine Libya’s energy sector and prevent the resumption of oil production.”

The statement said that the US shares the “deep concern” of the National Oil Corporation affiliated with the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord about “the shameful interference” of foreign private military contractors against “NOC facilities and personnel at the al-Sharara oil field, which constitutes a direct assault against Libya’s sovereignty and prosperity.”

According to the NOC, on June 25 a convoy of vehicles of Russian private military contractors and other foreign personnel entered the Al-Sharara oilfield and met with representatives of the Petroleum Facilities Guard, a local armed organization allied with the Libyan National Army (LNA) led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. The NOC’s chairman Mustafa Sanalla claimed that foreign forces work to “prevent the resumption of oil production” there.

Al-Sharara is the largest Libyan oil field with total proven reserves of 3 billion barrels and an average output of 300,000 barrels per day. It indeed briefly resumed its work in early June when Syrian militants and forces of the Government of National Accord supported by the Turkish military reached the western countryside of the LNA stronghold of Sirte.

However, then, the production there was once again stopped as the LNA stabilized the frontline and demonstrated that it’s still the main power in the east and south of the country.

Earlier, Field Marshal Haftar ordered to block the export of Libyan oil saying that the GNA uses oil revenues to pay Turkey for mercenaries and weapons. The LNA also controls Sirte, the main Libyan port facility for oil exports. So, even in the case of the resumption of the oil output at the frozen oil fields, it’s still able to keep most of its export ban.

The LNA’s prolonged effort against the usage of the country’s natural resources to fund the Turkish intervention of Libya signals that its leadership is still committed to its project of uniting the country and restoring its sovereignty.

LNA forces are preparing to defend Sirte from the large attack for which Turkish-led forces are currently preparing.

Recently, GNA forces and Syrian militant groups deployed west of Sirte received a large batch of weapons and equipment from Turkey. According to photos appearing online, these weapons even included Chinese-made MANPADs of the QW-1 series.

Photos of these MANPADs appeared amid the wave of reports that the LNA Air Force received new combat jets from Russia. While the usage of these mysterious warplanes is still yet to be documented, MANPADs in the hands of Turkish-backed fighters are a confirmed fact.

The Turkish naval group deployed near Libyan shores in the Mediterranean conducts regular readiness drills. In its own turn, the LNA has reportedly prepared Gaddafi-era Scud tactical ballistic missiles for the upcoming battle. Trucks with ballistic missiles moving in the countryside of the city were spotted on June 27.

Pro-GNA sources also claimed that the LNA was deploying additional troops and 2 Pantsir-S air defense systems to Sirte on June 28 and June 29. Without direct military support from abroad the LNA has no resources to overcome the current status quo and deliver a devastating blow to GNA forces assisted by the Turkish military.

However, without larger Turkish involvement in the conflict, GNA forces and Syrian militant groups also lack the needed resources to capture Sirte in the near future.

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  1. AM Hants says:

    So, does the article say that the LNA have hired Russian mercenaries to get the oilfields back into production?

    Nice one, when you remember what NATO Forces did to Libya.

    1. BMWA1 says:

      I blame Animal Assad. Evil gas Monster of Syria.

      1. El Mashi says:

        The opinion of a traitor is meaningless.

      2. Dicksonrp says:

        Says the zio terrorist jew jew scumm..

      3. PZIVJ says:

        I take it this is sarcasm.
        Are you posting like Tommy Jensen now?

        1. BMWA1 says:

          standing in for our Danish Comedian but Not as good…. Same happened w/ Charlie Chan.

      4. Porc Halal says:

        Now hold on a sec… in the meantime, it has been proven that this mantra, intensely promoted by the evil Islamist-Western alliance, is a blatant lie and that in fact the islamist terrorists supported by the NATO military alliance and other islamist countries were the real criminals who used chemical weapons against the Syrians.

      5. JIMI JAMES says:

        Blame isis then,for not voting him as their saviour.

    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      NATO forgot the mantra, ‘What goes round, comes round’.

      NATO nations theft of other peoples wealth to promote the export version of ‘US Democratic Values is gradually being more generally understood by it’s masses.

      NATO’s sclerotic propaganda of ‘Do as we say and not as we do’, is no longer generally accepted as having any value.

      1. AM Hants says:

        Once upon a very long time ago I respected NATO. Now, just think ‘poor loves, MK Ultra, only you don’ t know it’.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          There always has been alliances all over the world.

        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          NATO has always been a tool of their respective governments, and our governments since 1991 have all been totally suborned by a clique with a ‘common purpose’.

          NATO’s actions since 1991 have openly and clearly demonstrated the demonic intentions of their governments toward nations whose resources are coveted by NATO nations.

          NATO has become the enforcer of de facto Protection Racketeers with a decidedly Zionist slant, in my opinion.

          1. Cromwell says:

            Nato is no more than a foreign Legion for the US Reich,if you look at recent history Hitler had one or his Reich.https://historylearning.com/world-war-two/nazi-foreign-legions/

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            I agree. NATO are the ‘Waffen SS’ of the US empire, BUT without the supreme courage and military skills of the German ‘Foreign Legions’ VOLUNTEER recruited from many current NATO nation’s.

          3. AM Hants says:

            Cannot wait for them to return to a bi-polar partnership or be completely disbanded.

      2. vivekananda says:

        So, when ruskies teel, it is O.K. Fuck your mother, moron!

        1. John Wallace says:

          Your sister is a better fuk than your mother but she does give better head and likes it up the arse.

      3. Jens Holm says:

        It was no wealt before someone could use the oil nd other devellopmenets for something.

        Before the oil in Iraq and the irrigation by the Brits it hardly could feed 5 milliuons.

        And thats how it is for the world. We now do feed 7 billions. That was not possible 100 years ago and not even 50 yars ago.

        We dont steal. We buy and upgrade things by school, education, skills and hard work. Thats where the money and wellfare is made and not by some passive arab drinking tea with proud hands out doing nothing apart from more children to feed.

        If Your world is like You write, then mine is something like that.

        The alternative is not even visible in a microskope. Those only sitting on the oil of no value for them could produce things and sell them to us and enjoy hard work instead of defatisme. .

    3. The Objective says:

      Russia is doing the same. Russia is attempting to exploit or even exploit Libya, not help towards uniting it. the only country Russia is helping to reunite is Syria.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        People here dont get that. If people are kept away its almost always because somewhere else is ready for the profit as winners of the powerplay.

      2. Cromwell says:

        It was not Russia that destroyed Libya it was Nato.

      3. cechas vodobenikov says:

        durak–Russia possesses more gas and oil, both accessed and verified than all nations—the presence of Russians in Libya deters fascist Turks/anglos from stealing Libyan oil

        1. The Objective says:

          Turkey isn’t there to steal oil but to help a troubled Muslim brethren. It is Russia that is trying to plunder the country. Imperialists are never satisfied with the oils they have.
          The oil is necessary to develop and arm Libya to be strong and we’ll defended from both internal and external aggression.
          Most Libyans view Russia as an invader. The grand mufti of Libya just made a call to arms for every able Muslim in Libya and beyond to stand up and fight the Russian invaders and their backers. This is a very important development cos it’s similar to the call by Iraqi scholars in 2014 that resulted in the formation of the PMU. I expect tens or hundreds of thousands to answer this call due the mufti’s grand spiritual position in Libya.
          If Russia believed it is helping Libya, why does it use mercenaries instead of the official Russian military?

          1. JIMI JAMES says:

            Begone nwo/hillary shill,ye doomed,lotta ye pathedic cia excuse artists(period) https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/de457ab395cd014f77e74cf97db912a29b20b082ad4993b294d8c0977706cc06.jpg

          2. The Objective says:

            To get such strong, but baseless reactions from you means I said a lot of truth about your king of peace, Russia.

          3. FANFARONE says:

            Turkey intervened in an ongoing civil war fought by two authorities both with their mandate expired. They trained and transported to LIbya 10k islamist fighters many of them ex ISIS or ex AQ. Erdogun and his ikhwan associates will be held responsible for facilitating the presence of those fundamentalists and terrorist south of our European borders. You will not get away with that dear.


          4. The Objective says:

            Expired mandates, but the borders don’t expire. The GNA doesn’t seem to capture the whole of Libya. They just want to return to the original boundaries of countol before negotiating a new settlement.
            Haftar is the criminal whichever way you look at it.

      4. kenpachi says:

        somebody has to make something of the hot spots or it ends up in the wrong hands

        1. The Objective says:

          Where were they when NATO was ravaging Libya?
          They are not preventing Libya falling in the wrong hands. They only sense an opportunity to exploit a weak country.

          1. kenpachi says:

            many miles away with other fronts to fight on already. they are only so powerful unfortunately

  2. ©igare☘☘e?Sm⚽️k?ng?Man️? says:

    The Kurds are turning Constantinople into a living hell.

    A wave of attacks on Turkish cities and towns is taking place, as recorded by both the Turkish police and the secret services following the attacks across the country.

    The Turkish press is keeping everything secret, and nothing is being made public.

    A map showing the sabotage activities of Kurdish guerrilla groups in Turkey over the past two months shows Constantinople has 60 cases of attacks and at least 34 factories have burned down.
    Sabotage actions increased by 65%.

    Turkey is plunged into chaos day by day, especially after the new invasion of Syria and northern Iraq, as Erdogan has launched an open war against the Kurds, while the PKK is escalating its attacks across Turkey.

    The Kurds are responding to the killings carried out by pro-Turkish jihadists in northern Syria and Iraq, while new reports suggest Ankara fears a massive wave of attacks on military units, naval bases and airports, as well as factories in the Turkish defense industry.

    Kurdish organizations have long called on all their members living inside the Turkish state to wreak havoc inside Turkey, saying “the time has come for all those belonging to the Turkish fascist state to be targeted.”

    Also in Syria we have displacements, crop looting and water and electricity outages.
    We are talking about a new modern Turkish genocide plan against the Kurds.

    Turkey must be brought before an international tribunal,while the international community must intervene to create a Kurdish state, as it did in the case of Kosovo, where NATO created an entire state of Albanian Kosovars to the detriment of Serbia.

    Sooner or later, something similar will happen to the current Turkish state, a descendant of the harsh Ottoman Empire that caused so much suffering in our region.

    But dictatorial regimes, like those of Sultan Erdogan, have almost always had a very tragic end, as history has shown, after the so-called “internal anomaly” or civil war, which was recently reported by an American institute.


    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Turkey needs to burn for the looting and destruction she bought to Syria.

  3. King Cliff says:

    If the Russian are supporting the LNA and i dont see why they wouldn’t if the LNA offer them good market share and any deal that is they best interest.if this is so then o don’t see why the russian wouldn’t back an egypt offensive and use its veto power to block any sanctions. I could see a few plane flying to scout and gattering information on the GNa and i could also see Russian special heading to Egypt to help plan the offensive. If i was the Russian would I take such initiative and the answer is yes,one is to limit the influence of Turkey which a treat in the black sea,two is to protect market share, and three is to get access to logistic locations and four of didnt start the war in Libya and its time place back order.

    1. The Objective says:

      And you know how Russia stands to loss in terms of economic ties with Turkey? And how it’ll lose upon alienating Iran? Honestly, I think Haftar will lose the war

      1. mmmmx says:

        How? Turkey will stop accepting Russian tourists, stop selling its tomatoes or give back $20 bln credit for nuclear plant?

        1. The Objective says:

          A lot more than that. Do some googling

          1. mmmmx says:

            yea, a lot more ways how Turkey earn money from Russia. the improtance of Turkey itself for Russian economy is close to zero

          2. cechas vodobenikov says:

            precisely—Turkey requires Russian gas, technology and the 4-5 billion USD tourism from Russia each year…many Russians tourist in Egypt, Goa, Bilbao—if Turkey loses tourism they wither

          3. The Objective says:

            Are you deliberately denying the existence of a Turkey-Russia economic ties worth tens of billions or do you truely believe there isn’t such huge economic ties?




            Compare this to how much Russia can make from both Libya and Syria in the near future. Both countries are war-torn, with collapsed economies.

          4. Traiano Welcome says:

            You are speculating and fantasizing.

            Russia has never had a history of war for profit, certainly not on the scale practiced by the so called ‘West’. So your speculation is unfounded.

            Their interest in Libya and Syria is in geopolitical defense. Libya and Syria offer the chance to break NATO encirclement. That is a legitimate reason to get involved in these countries.

            However, it is a known fact and a pattern of history that the USA, UK, EU engage in wars for profit. It is a fact that this is the reason these countries are in the Syria and Libya.

          5. The Objective says:

            “Their interest in Libya and Syria is in geopolitical defense. Libya and Syria offer the chance to break NATO encirclement”

            Did you know that Russia refused to veto at the UN the NATO nofly zone that led to the toppling of Qaddafi? A simple veto by Russia would have been the easiest attempt at preventing a NATO takeover of Libya, yet Russia abstained. Had Russia vetoed that resolution, Qaddafi would probably be alive today.

    2. Traiano Welcome says:

      Russia has rarely if ever engaged in warfare for profit motive, a look at history tells us this.

      Russian involvement in Syria and Libya specifically for defense as bases in these regions offer them a chance to break NATO encirclement.

  4. vivekananda says:

    Russia, the thief. :)

    1. John Wallace says:


    2. Cromwell says:

      LOL!!! its not theft if you take it from a thief.

  5. John Wallace says:

    the US embassy in Libya released a statement claiming that it condemns a “foreign-backed campaign to undermine {Libya’s} cross that out and insert Syria’s energy sector and prevent the Syrian people from their oil production.” How can they say that about Libyan oil when they are preventing Assad control of his oil fields. They can’t lie straight in bed and how do they say such things without rolling on the floor laughing at the irony of their duplicity .

    1. Porc Halal says:


    2. FlorianGeyer says:

      US embassies generally have no concept of ‘shame’.

  6. The Objective says:

    Does anyone still doubt that SouthFront is a Russian propaganda outlet probably funded by the Kremlin? Their report is supposed to be objective, not try to mislead any of us. This article is portraying Russia as the good guy helping stabilize and reunite Libya, yet Russia uses mercenaries instead of its official military, because it knows that Russia’s presence in Libya is illegal. I wonder what happened to the daily hype on SouthFront that Russia is in Syria on Assad’s invitation. Now who invited Russia in Libya?
    Both Turkey and Iran have the same view on how the Libyan war should be solved despite disagreeing over Syria – a disagreement I consider temporary. Russia must not forget that Iran is its best partner in the Middle East. If it losses Iran and Turkey, it’ll have little influence in the region and must submit to the US/Israel. Assad doesn’t have the foot soldier to alter any meaningful part of the Middle East. Iran and Turkey have, and it appears they are soon gonna have to ally to survive Israel and the West.
    We’ll see how things end up after the looming GNA offensive on Sirte.
    But don’t forget, SouthFront is a Russian propaganda outlet probably funded by the Kremlin. I am beginning to reason with YouTube and Facebook for sensoring SouthFront. Seems SouthFront deserves it. What we want is objective reporting. Call “eploitation” “exploitation”and stop giving it a whitewashing name as western propaganda does. Otherwise you are no different.

    1. John Wallace says:

      Got as far as you crying about Russia using mercs instead of official military. Are you so stupid you don’t get it. America uses mercs to watch over Syrian oil fields to prevent the legitimate Syrian government from accessing them yet you seem to think that is OK but it is not OK in reverse, if that is in fact the case , Typical exceptional American attitude. Rules apply to everyone else EXCEPT us. Like your nom de plume . The Objective , typical American reverse bullshit. Anything but. Oh before you get excited about your upvote , Mustafa will upvote anyone that says anything positive about Turkey and downvotes anything which maybe critical of Turkey . Want to talk of brainwashing propaganda , read your MSM but sorry I forgot , Americans are too smart to be led by the nose like Goebbels did.

      1. The Objective says:

        For starters I am not American. Secondly, I don’t support America in the least way possible.
        The point I was trying to make is, both America and Russia export similar imperialistic policies. Hence, they deserve the same rebuke from objective anti-imperialists like you and I.
        In Syria, America does not hide it’s imperialistic face. It uses mainly the official US military though Trump claimed to have withdrawn some in the past. But Russia acts like a bringer of peace, and a protector of some weaker countries against imperialism (Syria). But its actions in Libya is quite the opposite. Russia hides its Imperial face by using non official armies to further the goal of securing Libya’s oil. By international standards, Turkey is the good guy in Libya. Russia is a good guy in Syria.

        1. cechas vodobenikov says:

          more stupidity and lies—USA employs huge numbers of private militaries in the ME, Africa, Asia—u fascist anglos are all the same

          1. The Objective says:

            Yeah, I know the US employs mercenaries in many countries including Syria. My point is, at least the Americans officially admitted to occupying a part of Syria. Are you disputing the fact that the US sent its official military to occupy parts of Syria?
            Russia on the other hand uses mercineries to occupy parts of Libya.
            These are both occupations, but one makes no secret of it, while the other tries to hide behind a veil of deniability.

          2. Traiano Welcome says:

            Your argument is pathetically weak. You award the US morality points for ‘admitting’ that they are occupying part of Syria, but you say nothing of their moral bankruptcy in a) Thieving the oil of Syria b) War crimes by burning Syrian wheat fields c) Supporting terrorists and insurgencies to destabilise Suyria d) Starving the Syrian people through sanctions.

            Your argument is absurd because it assigns morality to a criminal act by the US simply because they admit it. As if admission of a crime somehow reduces the moral failure of actually committing the crime.

            This argument is simply rubbish.

            Furthermore: The US ‘admitted’ nothing. They were EXPOSED. The world called them out on their criminality years before they came around to actually mentioning it. Stop parroting the brainwashing propaganda you get off CNN.

          3. The Objective says:

            In many cases, one who admits to doing wrong is certainly better the one who denies that wrong. By America admitting to or being exposed as an invading force in Syria it lost the support of a majority of people in the world.
            Russia on the other hand still wants the support of you and I by attempting to conceal it’s engagement in Syria.
            I didn’t say admitting to a crime is a moral justification. The US is by all means an evil empire. Russia is no better.

          4. Traiano Welcome says:

            Your “in many cases” fluff aside, the premise of your argument is false which invalidates the rest of the straw man you raise. Again:

            The USA ‘admitted’ nothing. The USA was exposed after years of lying and concealment.

            Admission after being incapable of concealing the scale of your own evil is no moral victory whatsoever.

          5. The Objective says:

            I never said admitting to a wrong gives any moral victory. I just said admitting you are a criminal is better than denying it especially if you are still in the very criminal act. Because this makes even the fool recognize you as the criminal and avoid you.
            Criminals who aren’t considered criminals do the most damage cos they last longer.
            Just like we exposed America’s illegal invasion and occupation of syriay, so should we expose Russia’s illegal invasion and occupation of Libya. That’s exactly what I am trying to do.

          6. JIMI JAMES says:

            You have nothing on russia (period)hato sprog,begone incest!
            Use their tools against the vermins,thats how you fk hato/cia/nwo/eu-epp (period)
            Golds coming back,stop the swiss theiving,talk about cowards of the worse kind!

          7. The Objective says:

            I can’t make any sense of what you write. Could you make your point a bit clearer.

        2. Traiano Welcome says:

          So how do you feel about American’s use of Blackwater to occupy the oil fields of Iraq? How about the US occupation of Syrian oil fields?
          The US and Britain has. a long tradition of using mercenaries to occupy the oil fields of the Middle East, going back 100+ years.
          Not surprising Russia has learned this is a viable tactic based on America’s behaviour in Syria.

          1. The Objective says:

            The US is condemned worldwide for its Syria policy, including the occupation. But does that give Russia a moral ticket to do the same?

          2. Traiano Welcome says:

            So you admit that the US position in Syria and Libya is immoral?
            Yes, Russia has a ticket to use military force in Libya, including mercenaries, for these reasons:

            1. The entire country is under contention and no identifiable legitimate government can be identified. The GNA is certainly a product of American and European imperialism, so they have no legitimacy.

            2. Since the US, Europe and other parties already have involvement, including mercenaries in Libya, none of the other parties in Libya hold the moral high ground. IF your standard for holding the moral high ground means “not using mercenaries”.

            3. Since the Western Powers, Turkey and other Arab states have proven what a failure they are at bringing stability to Libya, there is a clear need for another party to come in and try to bring some degree of stability to the region. Russia has proven it’s ability to do this in Syria.

            Your problem is that you hold double standards. You apply a moral standard to Russia which you do not apply to the other parties in Libya.
            Also, you fail to recognise that Libya has a moral vacuum. A moral vacuum that Russia should have a chance to fill, given that others have tried and failed.

            The use of mercenaries is neither here nor there – they are a means to an end and ALL parties make use of mercenaries in Libya – don’t be a hypocrite!

          3. The Objective says:

            Assad is the legitimate president of Syria, agreed. His government is the legitimate government of Syria, agreed. Now the question is, who gave Assad that legitimacy? Was it Russia? The US? China? Or who exactly?
            The UN of course.
            Coming back to Libya, which side does the UN accept as the legitimate government of Libya? Does Haftar have a parament representative at the UN like the GNA has Taher M. El-Sonni?
            The GNA is and was made legitimate by the UN not the US, and Russia is part of the UN. Why didn’t Russia contest it’s legitimacy then, considering Russia is a veto-wielding permanent member of the UN?
            Has Turkey proven a failure to stabilize Libya? Not at all. Turkey was only recently invited by the UN-recognized government of Libya to help. The Libyan government was besieged and on the defensive. In fact, most considered it’s days were numbered when Haftar’s forces reached the gates of Tripoli. Then Turkey tipped the scales in favour of the Libyan government, broke the siege, and now Haftar is in retreat, just within months! That is the same thing Russia did in Syria in September 2015.
            You are wrong t think that the West supports the GNA. Only three countries truly do: Turkey, Qatar, and Italy. Had the West supported the GNA, Haftar would be done away with in a matter of months.
            Anytime the West is silent or condemns without taking action, it’s actually in support.

          4. Traiano Welcome says:

            Before we go on to any of your other points, let’s address this one:

            “Assad is the legitimate president of Syria, agreed. His government is
            the legitimate government of Syria, agreed. Now the question is, who
            gave Assad that legitimacy? Was it Russia? The US? China? Or who
            The UN of course.”

            This doesn’t even make any sense. On what planet did you get the idea that the UN has the power to grant legitimacy to rulers of sovereign states? Where did you learn that the UN put Hafez and Bashar Al Assad in power?

            This statement alone tells me you know nothing about what you’re talking about. The rest of your points are in the same vein and do not warrant addressing. You need to go back to primary school, that’s what. I don’t get paid for educating people like you.

          5. The Objective says:

            You either didn’t understand my comment or you are attempting to misinterprete my point. The UN giving Assad legitimacy doesn’t translate to putting him in power or making him president. A UN legitimacy simply means the UN recogzies a government as the representative of a country. It doesn’t matter how that government came to power. So don’t misinterprete my comment to mean the UN must put someone in power before legitimising them.

            Before you condemn my knowledge of foreign affairs, do clarify what criteria is used for legitimising the leadership of a country internationally.

            Secondly, please do explain the reason for the UN and why both Russia and Syria are members. Or maybe we should do away with the UN since it has no right to recognize or reject the government of a country.
            For your information, the UN comprises of most if not all countries of the world. It isn’t a perfect and just organisation, but at least it is better than not having one.

          6. JIMI JAMES says:

            You better ask trump that question,maybe you incest trolls have nothing but really overall regardless of speculation russia has far higher moral standards,so you kweers,take my advice incest,save that garbage talk for ye kweer bars,gimp!

          7. The Objective says:

            I’m neither an American nor a supporter of America. My observations are purely objective

        3. JIMI JAMES says:

          Russia supports not they whom tried to murder assad ,yet whom murdered gaddaffi,either way russia are diligent after ww2 where they finally ridded their

          khazar/nazi truoblemakers,yet ever since they in the know usa is the major evil!
          Google usa colour revolutions,now like i said begone incest mussolini light!

          1. The Objective says:

            I know that the US is an evil empire, but that doesn’t make Russia the good guy. The Soviet Union led by Russia also invaded countries.

          2. The Objective says:

            Russia also voted for the UN resolution that killed Qaddafi

    2. Cromwell says:

      there is that word again,probably lol!!

    3. cechas vodobenikov says:

      u fascist—u genocidal cowards bombed Libya mercilessly and destroyed a great nation—-if the LNA, supported by UAE, France, Egypt wishes to enlist the assistance of Russia—excellent…u and turkey r only there to destabilize and steal oil—-more envy and insecurity—your lies disgust—Iran has a far different approach than Turkey

      1. The Objective says:

        No envy here. I just wanted to remind everyone that when Russia does something wrong, SouthFront does not reply it.
        We, the fans of SouthFront are supposed to be a community of objectivists (like a true Human Rights community). We should condemn plunder, destabilisation, unjust wars, and imperialism in all forms and by any country.
        When I heard about SouthFront being sensored and even banned by YouTube and Facebook, I was angered by it. But after observing SouthFront’s reporting, can’t say I entirely blame YouTube and Facebook.

    4. Traiano Welcome says:

      ‘Propaganda’ – A term used by liars to describe facts they cannot deal with.

      1. The Objective says:

        What facts do you mean? That Russia uses mercs in Libya illegally? What justification did you make for Russia’s presence in Syria? What justification did you use to condemn America’s presence in Syria? Now use the same logic on Russia’s presence on Libyan soil and see if it applies. Then you’ll know if my use of the word “propaganda” is true or not.

        1. Traiano Welcome says:

          > What facts do you mean?

          The fact that Russia is in Libya whether you like it or not. You can spin dreams around whether Southfront is making them out to be ‘The Good Guy’ by I think it’s your biases filtering the facts in the article. Based on that it’s obvious that what really bothers you is that Russians are in Libya … and for you that automatically makes them ‘the bad guy’.

          > That Russia uses mercs in Libya illegally?

          How is this illegal? According to whose laws? Especially since the US,UK, EU and their allies all use mercs. Even the UN uses mercs (euphimistically called ‘peace keeping forces)!

          > What justification did you make for Russia’s presence in Syria?

          FULLY JUSTIFIED. Requested to be there by the only legitimate government of Syria. Demonstrated benefit to the Syrian people during the course of the war.

          > What justification did you use to condemn America’s presence in Syria?

          a) Theft of cvilian resources (oil and gold) – a ‘war crime’ if you follow the Geneva conventions
          b) Destruction of Syrian farmlands leading to harm of the civilian population – a ‘war crime’ if you believe in the Geneva conventions.
          c) The lack of any invitation by a legitimate government, unlike Russia.
          … I could go on.

          > Now use the same logic on Russia’s presence on Libyan soil and see if it

          Your logic is defective, I would rather use my own.

          > Then you’ll know if my use of the word “propaganda” is true or

          As stated earlier, your screed fails the propaganda test.

          1. The Objective says:

            Interesting, but you forgot to apply point “c” to Russia in Libya in your answer to the third question.

            Can you tell me why countries use mercenaries?

            Does one crime justify another?

            If I may ask, do you believe in moral rights and wrongs? How’d you define each?

            Finally, can you explain how Russia is making the world more peaceful, cos that’s what I used to believe about Russia. But with the current Libyan adventure, the “peace-maker mask” seems to have slipped off.

    5. JIMI JAMES says:

      Begone incest,your value here’s nothing compared to the vast amount of intellects whom all excell you deprivation,infact you are about as predicatable yet pathedic as it gets these days,
      assflogged! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ae57909205e5aac3dd1f7fe16bc0b76ecf8026f2a019ecf68a8f473cd2025c5.gif

      1. The Objective says:

        Your constant insults only discredit your argument in the eyes of any neutral reader.

  7. Jens Holm says:

    If true it must be a compensation for their operation weapon and food for no oil in Syria:)

  8. verner says:

    better russia managing the libyan oil fields than the criminally corrupt yankee-twats and once haftar is out of the way turkey and russia can kiss and make up, having a) prevented the palestinian jews access to the seabed all the way to Italy and b) opened a possible way for Libya to be a united country on the way back to the kind of prosperity it once had. it will be a couple of years but that is what will happen and russia and turkey are equally determined that te jews ain’t going to sell the gas they have stolen from the palestinians via pipeline to europe. rest assured and if turkey, in good order and relying on the corrupt and criminal jews in palestine annexes cyprus, it’s all right. greece will be a walk in the park for turkey.

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