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Russian Private Military Contractor Was Killed By Militant Shelling In Syria’s Northern Latakia: Media


Russian Private Military Contractor Was Killed By Militant Shelling In Syria's Northern Latakia: Media

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A Russian citizen, Aleksandr Dudchenko, has been killed by a mortar shelling in Syria’s northern Latakia, according to reports in Russian media outlets.

The incident allegedly took place near the town of Kinsaba, where Dudchenko came under fire from the Turkish-backed National Front for Liberation.

Media says that Dudchenko was a former servicemen of the Russian Airborne Troops (VDV). There is no official data how Dudchenko came to Syria and with what purpose. However, local sources say that he was among Russian private military contractors that operate in the country.



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  • Nick Sobkowiak

    Do they really need any more reasons to vaporize this scum??

  • potcracker2588

    well , it was russias agreement….even last week i quote putin
    “the agreement works, but turkey needs more time”

    there we go….give them till 2022……..

    sarcasm out………this agreement was BS from day 1….and if anybody trusts that turkish stinking scumbag…..lol……..
    I quote erdogan from last week too

    “there will be no peace in syria as long as the evil assad regime is in power which gasses its own people”

    nothing else to add…..and for all bs artists here, and erdogan believers………..go to vegas and roll the dice donkeys

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      Did you miss yesterday’s SF article,
      -“Turkey’s Forgiven Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on December 16 that his country “should consider” working with Syria’s President, Bashar al-Assad, if he wins a democratic and credible election.

      “If it is democratic and credible one then everybody should consider that [working with Assad] … At the end, Syrian people should decide who is going to rule the country after the elections,” Cavusoglu said on the sideline of the Doha Forum, according to the Turkish Anadolu Agency.

      Addressing the issue of the Syrian constitution, Cavusoglu stressed that only Syrians should draft the constitution of their country.

      Turkey has been working along with Russia and Iran to help the Damascus government and the Syrian opposition form a joint constitutional committee before the end of this year. The U.N. is sponsoring these efforts.”-
      The last elections were free and fair and Assad still won by a landslide, even if the rest of the rebel factions and their supporters are taken into consideration, Assad would still probably win by a majority even with them included in a new election.
      Don’t panic, the war in Syria is already over, it ended back in January this year but no one’s realized it yet. In June they poisoned Erdogan with a slow working poison called [death by a thousand delusional irrational demands] and all that’s left of him now are the last death throws of a dying madman.
      This post by Tommy Jensen says it all,

      -” Erdogan is about to make the same mistake as Saddam did. Asking US for permission to attack one of US friends and receive a positive answer……………………..LOL.
      Iran is way more intelligent and smarter than Turkish donkeys……………………….LOL.”-

      I don’t agree with the Turkish donkeys part, it’s just Erdogan and his supporters acting like dumb donkeys, I know lots of smart and very nice Turkish people, but I understand what he means.
      I don’t have to say another word except for, Erdogan will probably hang from a tree somewhere in Turkey by the time this is all finished, then people will know for sure Erdogan’s really gone and feel safe again.
      After Erdogan’s gone and Turkey has a much more reasonable leader, the US will also leave Syria without a problem. though they may still leave the French there, just to stop the Syrian YPG and the Turkish PKK doing anything silly. But the one thing they still need to do and haven’t yet is, work out a deal between Iran and Israel that will leave both parties happy, so far it’s Iran that’s winning all the prizes, but Israel needs a few now to make them happy too, that’s Putin and Trump’s job right now, and I’m pretty sure they’re both working really hard to make it happen, one way or the other [carrot or stick].
      In front of the scenes Trump’s always dominating and adversarial, but behind the scenes he always seems to be the person holding the dangling carrot on a stick, right in front of the cart attached to the hungry donkey. Cheers.

  • Turkish Greywolves

    This was done due the reason of a Turkish soldier being martyred near Tel-Rifat front clear reason.

    • Jimmy Jim

      Turkey has killed a lot Russians, including downing jets. The Russians are weak and it is time for Turkey to reclaim Crimea and all the lands around the Black Sea lost during the Czar era.

      • jorge

        It’s time to Lepanto, it’s time to return to Altai.

      • SG

        Russia didn’t retaliate militarily to such provocations because Turkey is a NATO member as such an incident has the potential to literally trigger a third world war thanks to NATO Article V. I do remember however that the incident doesn’t apply if a NATO power attacks another country and that non-NATO state reacts in self-defense, however even war between Russia and the Turks is not ideal for either side to participate in.

        And make no mistake about it, Russia is perfectly capable of defending its own territory; it is certainly capable of fending off a Turkish invasion. What should also be considered is the fact that Russia has a superior air force and is among a handful of countries with a sizeable fleet of bombers that are more than capable of laying much of Turkey’s political, military and civilian infrastructure to waste.

  • gustavo

    Russia point of view: “Turkey needs more time for the implementation of Russia-Turkey agreement.” This made me laugh a lot.

    • jorge

      The Russians are very worried with Gustavo laughings.

      Good Christmas to you.

  • Jimmy Jim

    The problem is that Putin is corrupt and weak and US knows it and will keep on killing Russians as they are considered inferior. A good article in Global Research sums up the Russian inferiority complex as Putin and his inept Foreign Minister keeps calling US and the west “partners” while Russia has been put in a dog house.

    The only language Washington understands is toughness. The US
    bullies and bludgeons other nations with impunity because most
    governments fail to challenge US hegemony.

    Appeasement is counterproductive and self-defeating. Refusing to tolerate hostile US actions is the only effective response.

    The US treats Russia, China, and all other sovereign independent countries as enemies or adversaries, not partners.

    Russia believing a partnership with Washington exists is pure
    fantasy. Republicans and Dems want the country transformed into a US
    vassal state by whatever it takes to achieve their aim, including
    possible nuclear war.

    • jorge

      Go elsewhere, this is not a place for you, I’m going to be kind not saying why.

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      The Russian inferiority complex is due more to Europe’s longstanding assertion that Russia isn’t a part of Europe at all, and instead belongs more rightly with the Asian group, Russia on the other hand as always felt it should be thought of as just another part of Europe, and they don’t understand why the Europeans feel so snobbish about a simple little geographical line. This is about the only compex I’ve noticed from the Russian people, The media demonization of Russia and more extensively Putin himself since 2003 has just exacerbated these feelings even more, making the Russian people feel even more isolated.
      As to the Russians believing there’s any sort of a partnership with the US, you’re correct, they don’t have one, and even they wouldn’t disagree with you, even though they always use the term “our US partners” as they’re being shafted to high heaven.
      But they do know there’s a relationship with Trump they can work to their advantage. They realize that all the same enemies that have been aligned against Putin since 2003, are all exactly the same enemies that began attacking Trump just after he ran for the US presidency, and have also been trying to bring him down ever since.
      Common enemies always make for unusual partnerships.
      A nuclear war between Russia and the US hey, Russia has more Nukes and better anti ballistic defense systems, far better, it would be a no win scenario for sure, but the Russians would still come off best, not the US.
      The Russians and Chinese just had a million man joint war game drill where the biggest part of the games was the simulated delivery of tactical nuclear artillery strikes, Long range tac/nuke missile strikes [not ICBM] and airstrikes using short range tac/nuke cruise missiles, and then working out the protocols that would be needed to implement their successful deployment and delivery, as well as the containment procedures needed to keep their troops safe whilst doing it. Both the Chinese and the Russians learnt a lot from that exercise, the first in world history, and everyone made a big deal about it being the biggest, that wasn’t the most important part, only a few media sources covered the nuclear aspect of the war games at all. I think there’s more chance that Russia would be the one starting the first tactical nuclear engagement between the 2 countries, since they’d have the advantage if they actually did.

      • SG

        Yet Trump is in bed with Goldman Sachs and the rest of their tribe, he was also born into that very same tribe that people have endlessly complained about for at least 2700 years or longer.

  • Marvin Joel Zavala López

    “There is no oficial data how dudchenko came to Syria and with what purpose”…
    Well he came to Syria to fight hand to hand with the SAA.

  • 1691

    RIP hero. You were on the right side. Thanks for helping Syria and the world! I hope you had sent plenty rats to the virgins.