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Russian PMC Wagner Refused To Support Notorious African Dictator

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Russian PMC Wagner Refused To Support Notorious African Dictator

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Equatorial Guinea’s authorities have apparently believed all the rumors and reports about Russian mercenaries active in various locations around Africa and has decided it needed some PMCs for itself.

Reportedly, the country’s Vice President Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mange made a secret visit to Moscow. There, the VP, who is also the President’s son, tried to conclude agreements for PMCs’ help in ensuring security in the country. It turned out that cooperation would imply the possibility of participating in a military coup against his father, the current president.

However, his attempts were fruitless, and he went back home, having concluded nothing at all.

The authorities in Equatorial Guinea are quite a questionable bunch. Elderly President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo is under full Western sanctions. President and his son, vice president are known for making and increasing their fortunes through illicit means.

While the country’s population is starving and dying in the absence of even basic conditions, Teodoro Jr. boasts on social networks about making extremely expensive purchases such as Michael Jackson’s gloves and other paraphernalia. Two months ago, London froze his accounts and banned him from entering the country. His property was also sanctioned, including a $100 million worth mansion in Paris and a private jet worth $38 million.

Keeping this in mind, it is no surprise that the Russians denied the request. After all, an individual comes up asking for assistance in putting a country under control, and securing power. And that individual has clothes and accessories worth more than the actual GDP of the country he wants to lead.

The VP expected that the Russian PMCs would simply accept whatever contract they’re offered, and carry out their duties as instructed. Especially since, unlike the US (and keeping in mind the recent fiasco in Afghanistan), the Russians have proven themselves throughout Africa as quite capable. Especially if MSM is concerned, some of the authorities that the Russian PMCs consider legitimate and support are quite dubious and questionable.

As a result, Vice President Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mange considered the possibility that the Russians would gladly accept a payment, move into Equatorial Guinea and carry out a coup in his name and hand him the reins of the country. It didn’t turn out as expected.

The Equatorial Guinea official, evidently expected a different outcome and it turned out that the Russians refused to work with questionable individuals, and rather with the legitimate authorities, such as the plethora of examples in Africa alone. The responsibilities are usually strictly pre-agreed and include the protection of the  government structures that the Russians consider legitimate from terrorist groups, as well as training the local authorities in dealing with these same terrorists. It is a sort of seeking of balance, to support those are with the majority of the population and protect their interest.

As such, there is little surprise that the Russian PMCs rejected the Equatorial Guinean VP and he came back home with his tail between his legs.

In order to organize a military coup, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mange should likely turn to other PMC overlords, like Erik Prince, for example. Probably, his next flight will be to Virginia.


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Does Wagner actually exist? i have seen no evidence it does,is it like a Unicorn


Russian mercenary work for God, other countries mercenaries work for money 💲,

Simon Ndiritu

Some Africans leaders behave like abject fools. If someone has to enslave his people to buy Michael Jackson’s Gloves, then they can be shameless.

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