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MAY 2021

Russian Peacekeepers Receive More Equipment, As Traffic Through Lachin Corridor Runs Without Issue (Map)

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Russian Peacekeepers Receive More Equipment, As Traffic Through Lachin Corridor Runs Without Issue (Map)

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On November 18th, a video was shared showing Russian peacekeepers escorting an Azerbaijani army convoy through the Lachin corridor.

The video was shot by RT’s correspondent Murad Gazdiev.

KamAZ trucks with Azerbaijani servicemen are deploying to the city of Shusha, accompanied by Tigr armored vehicles.

The personnel of the peacekeeping forces inspect all motor transport that crosses the observation posts in order to detect arms or explosives. Military Police units, for their part, patrol the entire stretch road to Stepanakert through the Lachin corridor.

The opening of the road enabled to accomodate the transit of local residents by private motor vehicles as well as the transportation of aliments and various articles.

In the areas of the peacekeeping mission, 24-hour monitoring of the situation and control over the observance of the ceasefire regime is carried out by peacekeeping units at 23 observation posts: twelve in the southern zone of responsibility and eleven in the northern one.

Initially reports were that there would be 16 observation posts, and it is unknown if any of the extra ones are simply temporary.

Meanwhile, equipment and troop deliveries to Karabakh continue for the Russian peacekeepers.

The next Il-76 and An-124 aircraft of the military transport aviation of the Aerospace Forces of Russia with equipment and personnel of the 15th peacekeeping brigade, sent to Armenia to participate in the peacekeeping operation in Nagorno-Karabakh, loaded materiel, weapons and military equipment at the Ulyanovsk-Vostochny airfield and flew to the airfields of Yerevan city.

During the past 24 hours the Military Transport Aviation has carried out 20 flights. More than 30 motor and special vehicles (armored vehicles, expanded mobility trucks) as well as logistic materiel and equipment have been delivered to Armenia.

Azerbaijan and Armenia have exchanged 385 bodies of victims of the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh since November 13th.

This was announced at a briefing by the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

Russian Peacekeepers Receive More Equipment, As Traffic Through Lachin Corridor Runs Without Issue (Map)

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On November 19th, Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan, who still refuses to give up power, introduced the new head of the national security Service of Armenia Armen Abazyan.

“We must analyze what happened and come to the right conclusions,” Pashinyan said, introducing the new head of the national security service.

Pashinyan dismissed the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Armenia Ara Ayvazyan

The Head of the Military control service of the Ministry of defense of Armenia Movses Hakobyan submitted a letter of resignation.

Pashinyan also faced protesters in Yerevan, saying that the time for resignation is not now, and that there was no need for protests.

The national security service of Armenia identified 67 participants in the pogroms in the Parliament and the government, including participants in the beating of Parliament speaker Ararat Mirzoyan.

According to the press service of the national security service, 10 were arrested, 5 were detained, and other preventive measures were applied to 25 more.

Criminal cases were initiated against participants in the beating of the speaker of the Parliament, participants in pogroms in the Parliament, the government and government mansions.

In General, the identities of about 80 participants in the pogroms have been clarified, and their search is underway.

Criminal cases have been opened against those who participated in the beating of Parliament speaker Ararat Mirzoyan.

In support of Armenia, and against Turkey and Azerbaijan, the Dutch parliament approved sanctions.

The Artsakh Foreign Ministry thanked the Netherlands for the support.

“The NKR Foreign Ministry welcomes the adoption by the Dutch Parliament on November 17 of resolutions in which the parliament urges the government to pursue at the EU level to impose sanctions on the President and Vice President of Azerbaijan, President of Turkey and others responsible for the war crimes and violence committed in Artsakh. The Dutch parliament also called on the EU member states to stop supplying weapons to Turkey because of its complicity in the aggression against Artsakh.

We appreciate this bold step by the Dutch legislature, which demonstrates the commitment to the ideas of fundamental human rights and freedoms and justice, as well as the inadmissibility of crimes against humanity and their prevention and condemnation. We hope that this step of the Dutch parliament will be a precedent for making similar decisions in other countries as well”, the statement reads in part.

In response, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev said the following:

“The Dutch Parliament, unfortunately, decided to impose sanctions against Azerbaijan and Turkey. My assistant said that during the discussions, the Dutch foreign Minister came up with a more balanced approach. But the Parliament made such an unbalanced and unfair decision, and this, of course, will not contribute to closer relations between our countries”

The Azerbaijani Embassy in France has addressed to journalists with the request to stop using the Armenian names of the settlements in Nagorno-Karabakh, Azerbaijan proposing options to name them otherwise.

In general, the situation in Karabakh is stable, with chaos in Armenia still brewing, Pashinyan refusing to give up power and the Russian peacekeeper actually keeping the peace, especially in the Lachin corridor.


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