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Russian Peacekeepers Clear Out Mines, As Azerbaijan’s President Visits “Liberated Aghdam District”

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Russian Peacekeepers Clear Out Mines, As Azerbaijan's President Visits "Liberated Aghdam District"

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In Armenia, on November 24th, ex-Constitutional Court judge Kim Balayan said that Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan had violated the Constitution by signing the Karabakh War peace deal with Azerbaijan.

According to him, Article 116 of the Constitution clearly establishes which issues should be regulated by international agreements. Pashinyan could have signed an agreement on a humanitarian truce, but the statement on November 9 is fundamentally different.

Balayan’s claims were also addressed to Prosecutor General Artur Davtyan and the head of the Special Investigation Service Sasun Khachatryan, who have not yet initiated a criminal case on the fact of overthrowing the constitutional order.

Balayan decided to hold a hunger strike with until his demands are met. Otherwise, he will “join the 5,000 soldiers who gave their lives.”

Relatives of the missing and captured people met with Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

“I want to apologize to all of you for the fact that so far our state agencies have not been able to answer your questions,” the Prime Minister said, noting that there were objective and subjective reasons for this.

According to the Prime Minister, such meetings will continue, and he will meet with all relatives.

Nikol Pashinyan still refuses to resign, and protests are on-going in Armenia.

When it comes to the Russian peacekeeping contingent, it launched an operation South of Stepanakert.

Russian military personnel continue to carry out tasks in the regions of Nagorno-Karabakh, where fierce fighting has recently taken place. Arrived specialists of engineering and sapper divisions began work in the dangerous zone of the stopped military operations.

On November 23rd, the center for humanitarian demining from the center (interdepartmental, humanitarian response) conducted an engineering survey of the area on the southern outskirts of Stepanakert.

In total, 1 hectare of territory was surveyed, 7 artillery shells, 2 RPG shots and one powder charge were found.

So far, 23 observation posts have been set up in the Sothern and Northern zones of responsibility of Karabakh.

Since November 14th, over 11,000 Armenian refugees have returned, between November 21-22nd alone, 2,334 refugees returned from Armenia.

The An-124, Il-76 and Tu-154 aircraft of the Military Transport Aviation of the Aerospace Forces of Russia from the Chkalovsky airfield near Moscow delivered specialists, equipment and hardware, as well as service dogs of the International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Ministry of Defense to perform tasks in the zone of the peacekeeping operation in Nagorno-Karabakh.

More than 100 servicemen of the centre, 13 pieces of military and special equipment, including multifunctional robotic demining complexes Uran 6, armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles were delivered to the airfields of the Yerevan city.

The demining operations are on-going, one of the stages of work on the survey of the area for the presence of explosive objects is the study of the positions on which stationary posts will be built to serve the Russian peacekeepers. The servicemen participating in demining are equipped in modern protective suits of a sapper and are armed with modern means of searching for explosive objects – mine detectors IMP-S2 and searchers INVU-3M.

Separately, a video was released showing the last battle of Shusha, when Azerbaijan entirely turned the tide of the war.

HINT: The video is 18+ and as an age-restricted video cannot be embedded, it can be freely seen on YouTube.

Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev continues celebrating his victory in the conflict.

Russian Peacekeepers Clear Out Mines, As Azerbaijan's President Visits "Liberated Aghdam District"

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He visited the region of Aghdam, which was surrendered to Azerbaijan on November 20th, and Azeri soldiers entered the area.


“Look at the enemy’s line of defense. The enemy had several lines of defense all the way to the city of Aghdam, look at that.

Now we are driving into the liberated lands. The destination is the city of Aghdam. We have liberated the city of Aghdam and the occupied lands of Aghdam district without firing a single shot. We have defeated the enemy on the battlefield and forced them to withdraw from Aghdam district.

Look, here is another line of defense. On the right are the houses of Azerbaijani citizens destroyed by the enemy. Let the whole world see what the savage enemy has done to our villages, what savages we were facing, what savages we have defeated. The whole world should see this.

There is not a single safe building here. Everything is destroyed. They have destroyed our houses and villages, they exploited our lands. The enemy will be held accountable for all the war crimes. We will also invite journalists to Aghdam, including foreign journalists and representatives of the diplomatic corps. Let them come and see.”

Aliyev continues presenting it as a great victory, even though Azerbaijan simply got what it was supposed to get under the previous Minsk agreements, and little more.


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Who is the woman, wife, daughter, secretary, bodyguard?


Mehriban Aliyeva of house Pashayevs, first of her name, wife of the president, First Lady of her country, Vice President of Azerbaijan, ambassador of UNESCO


Louis X + quatorze


Lots of respects


and mother of dragons lol


Pashinyan needs to be replaced and the ceasefire agreement brought into compliance with the Madrid Principals.


no after Armenian loosing Nagorno as Russia watched carelessly its tipple loose to return to Russia and live as poor as used the Armenian living when they were full allies of Russia, join NATO and let the western investment come and let Russia be allies with kyrgyzstan pakistan tataristan azeristtan fkistan when they lost Ukraine and Georgia and now Belarus and Armenia


It did not watch carelessly it is actually complicit in the defeat of the christian Armenian nation. We don’t know much yet but it may well be that Russia has planned everything from the get go with “partners” Turkey and Azerbaijan. After playing an overt role in defeating the Serbs in the Balkans and destroying Yugoslavia, it now has an expertise how to remove the orthodox people from their ancestral lands for the benefit of Muslims, Catholics etc. invaders. It tries to present itself as a saviour even though Nagorno-Karabakh became totally nonviable entity by the so called peace agreement facilitated by Russia. We can clearly see the real role of Russia just by observing the triumphant behaviour of the Muslims and devastation of the orthodox Armenians. Right after the bombing of Serbia Putin plotted with B. Clinton removal of S. Milosevic. Many years after the war (2006) Putin (with Deripaska’s money) pushed for the independence of Montenegro further splitting Serbian nation and thereby fully encircling Serbia by the NATO countries. I’m pretty sure that despite future appearances Russia has forever lost Armenian people. It will inevitably happen with the Serbs as the new generation is starting to learn about shameful Russian role of supporting their enemies in one of the darkest moments of their history.


yeah the west, because we have seen the invincible us army siding with Armenia, right?


Your English is so poor that I don’t know what you’re saying.


it doesn’t need a brainer to understand

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