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Russian Patrol Blocked In Al-Hasakah, Media Accidentally There To Take Photos And Shoot Video

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Russian Patrol Blocked In Al-Hasakah, Media Accidentally There To Take Photos And Shoot Video

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In the northeast of the Syrian province of Al-Hasakah, in the area of the settlement of Ain Dewar, local residents again prevented the passage of a patrol of the Russian military police.

This could possibly be caused by an “American trail” or there could even be accusations “American servicemen disguised as local residents,” but the Americans themselves confirm that this is a US zone of influence and they support any efforts to block Russian initiatives.

There are numerous photographs of the citizens blocking the Russian patrol, as well as a video.

Later on, another video was shared showing how the patrol was blocked.

Correspondents of local media with expensive equipment, apparently, “quite by accident” were at the scene.

Previously, local journalists, including those working for MSM outlets, had already been present there, by pure accident, naturally, to cover the story about the Russian military in the area.

Just weeks earlier a US helicopter chased after a Russian patrol around the same area, and a Russian helicopter had to intercept it.

Almost exactly a month earlier, U.S. forces intercepted a unit of the Russian Military Police that was conducting a patrol in the northern al-Hasakah countryside in northeast Syria, according to the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

“A US military patrol took position on the M4 highway near the town of al-Qahtaniyah in the outskirt of al-Qamishli, to prevent Russian vehicles from crossing the highway,” the monitoring group said in a report.

Russian Patrol Blocked In Al-Hasakah, Media Accidentally There To Take Photos And Shoot Video

Click to see full-size image

Russian Patrol Blocked In Al-Hasakah, Media Accidentally There To Take Photos And Shoot Video

Click to see full-size image

Russian Patrol Blocked In Al-Hasakah, Media Accidentally There To Take Photos And Shoot Video

Click to see full-size image

Russian Patrol Blocked In Al-Hasakah, Media Accidentally There To Take Photos And Shoot Video

Click to see full-size image

Russian Patrol Blocked In Al-Hasakah, Media Accidentally There To Take Photos And Shoot Video

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Damn mefia accidentaly exists. And no taller building to jump from windows.


Crowd blowing didn’t work as well as it did on American troops. These Syrians are tough nut to crack, no wonder they have been in a war for almost a decade


I wonder how much the Americans paid those women and children. Curious how there were very few men.

This is all staged optics to make Russia look bad, fortunately they didn’t take the bait and simply waited them out.


Why so curios, is unemployment high in Russia?


In Russia it iwas 6.4% in August. That is lower than the US in September, 7.9%; doing better than us.


How can Washington afford to pay those protesters and Moscow don’t?


Thank you bacon, that gave me a great chuckle. :P

Hell, I have no idea about the payment plan for protestors. My best to you. :)

Jens Holm

Its very easy and very visiblle by GDP but GDP partly also is a tool telling high actvity, so You often has to subtract many things.

Facts are USA has a very high productivity by its system choosing many loosers ans well as many doing fine in a contrast.

So its a matter where the many goes. I am not for just giving people, which seemes raised for wellfare much. But I do support many of those people had to change their traditions and educate as those, which makes the highincome.

And thats one thing, which for the last 20 to 50 years is a problem. The big taxpayers ar not investing in getting more into higher income.

But as indicated just above I divide people into the ones which can, the ones which are raised to “welfare” and also the many incommers starting at zero and often with no education or a not usefull one.

I know this is not about Denmark, but we do invest a lot in the low educated sector and makes a lot of them joining the rest of us neing one of us i all lvels of education.

By that we avoid to have so many poor loosers and can effort to take better care of them and the ones, which really need help.

Russia and USA has the same kind of problems and Russi is extreme low in middleclass education. Russia will never grow unless a lot a year are edycated to handle a complicated land a world.

USA do have a system for that, but a lot of that is starved even there are money and teachers for it.


Sure Jens.


Jens, you do not know a thing about the US, just like I don´t know a thing about Denmark.

catalin zt

How could you afford your dirty,perversepervert anglo-saxon existance?


I pimp your mom to ex-convicts that like rough anal sex. How about you?

Jens Holm

Unimplyment rates like that dont say a thing witout a long list of explanation. So thats unimplyment among the ones, which are supposed to work.

A very good very visble one is women in almost whole countries have no paid job and do nothing, which easy by You give them an unimployment rate much better then Your numbers for Russia and USA.

So as a mimimum You should relate to if 50 or fx 80% of the working dorca normally work or normally count as zero.

If many gets higher educations they study/ are in school and start in paid jobs much later. So if You registrate them like that only only, they are minus.

So You have to go to their next step, which is, they after education, skills and hard work makes a lot more money or hour until their pension.

You also has to compensate for retiring age and living age. Its when You can retire and actually do. Many older ones work after their retiring age decided by the Govrment for pension.

In the other hand people here(Denmark) die at 80 years old. Bit for fx Russia people die about 75 years old.

So economy also say the many years studying and working with a high income in the wellfare level has to be suntracted, we also has to give the old ones food and like that 5 more years more then fx the Russians.

All has been seen more as a netto and comparable numbers.

A minimum should be a knk form You telling, what those unimployment rates cover.


blah, blah ,blah.

catalin zt

Who is curious,is paedophilia high in Murica?


Why, do you want to move there or asking for a friend?

Jens Holm

Its not. Its the same all over the world.

The difference is if its registrated or fx kept in the dark and often by fear and punishments.

…And it dont go away even We killed all of them. Our genes are not that accurate. Ot even can be added that those people makes much less cheildren, then the rest of us.
All over the world we have about 10% sexual minorities, where the main parts are homosexuaels of both gender.

Peter Jennings

Not a lot of men around as they are elsewhere stabbing Syrian’s in the back after decades of fair treatment. Kurdish women and US forces are there to ‘protect’ the future oil interests of both parties.

I hope the Kurds realise that not all US plans come to fruition. Their interests and allegiance lie within the ME and not with a bankrupt country thousands of miles away. With the isreali apartheid regime in there too, they are bound to be double crossed at some point, or maybe used as future expendable decoys for when the regime makes the push for their greater isreal.

Jens Holm

Your definion for who are Syrians is wrong., 25% od the are nor even in the country.

You even put in Israelien apart in it. Thats another selfcreated illusion creating Yoir own dark about this too.

Again Yiu You write “their”, but all You write is YOU YOU YOU and some artificial ownership with no respect for, what those people actually need for.

…And thats not Assads, Turks and for that matter Russians and Jihadists.

True some few Jews want a greater Israel, but it not even cover thos area.

And dont forget those many, which wasnt Israel into the sea….

Jens Holm

You wonder because You are stupid and dont know whats going on.

Lone Ranger

Local CIAisis and family members*

johnny rotten

They need to do theater because they have to hide that their presence is illegal, they know it but they hope that with some bogus appearance in the corporate media people will forget it, but they are useless and pathetic efforts, soon the fucking invaders will go away, on the their legs or horizontally.


tell thoses kurdish women to show up when assad’s army will roll out to take what belongs to them…thoses lands need to be back under government control …kurds are like low life leachers ready to suck now they’re sucking us balls once the us will leave they’ll be sucking russian balls just wait for it they’re like bitches who need protection….i have 0 respect for kurds bunch of treacherous backstabbers that need to be delt with asap…btw this is a pr show by emiratis saudis and the yankees nothing special


The Kurds rule that areas now, if they want to be under Assad then it’s their choice. But if they don’t, then you have no right to force them. If you use force, they will give you a nice kick back to Damascus.


If Americans and Russians go away it won’t be Damascus who will come after them but Turkey. If they prefer Ankara over Damascus is their choice but I sense they will regret it.


Let them decide.


No problem. Erdogan will be very happy to talk with them.


As much as I respect the TSK (not Erdogan), engaging the Kurds in Northern Syria would be a mistake. They need to create a buffer zone like they have now all across the border to protect Turkey from infiltrations (Like we did in Southern Lebanon for 18 years). Getting deeper into Syria would put Turkish soldiers in greater risk of IED’s, ATGM’s and small arms attacks. The only way to win this kind of war is to target the population and not just the terrorists, but that would put the TSK in a difficult situation, same as we have in Gaza.


The Turks will leave when the US is gone and the Syrians resume control of the entire country and restore the status quo controlling the Kurd problem so that they don’t bother the Turks. .

Peter Jennings

Ditto the Palestinians.


Very nice but look at a map …. how does Kurdistan exist as a country being landlocked and surrounded by the countries they taken land from?

Is the USA supposed to airlift everything they need to survive in perpetuity and keep an armed force in the ‘country’ to insure their security or do they live their lives in the stone age as subsistance farmers?

What happens to the Kurds if the wind changes next election cycle and the Kurds are left to swing in the wind surrounded by enemies?

The USA is currently pulling forces out of Iraq under pressure of the locals. They’re threatening to close the embassy in Baghdad. If the USA pulls out of the region how long do you think they’ll keep dumping money into Kurdistan?


Even without the U.S help, The Kurds are like 30-40M people. Western Iran has many Kurds and they can get access to the Persian Gulf. Once the Kurds rebel the mullahs regime and get seperated from Iran, they can get all the supplies they need from the sea. I only support Kurds independence in Iran, Iraq and Syria. In Turkey they have good lives and many of them are also anti-PKK and are loyal citizens.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Your lot can’t beat the Iranians, but like the coward you are, you hope the Kurds can beat the Iranians, Syrians, Turks and Russians!

Stay off the drugs you coward.


the Kurds won”t even rebel against the central state,the man is delving in utter delusions pursuing chimeras… the Barzani government is what matters most on Iran’s side and they actually do maximum business and trade with Tehran AND Turkey ! Besides the haven”t forgotten how Soleimani’s IRGC rushed to their help in June 2014 when ISIS was running totally rampant high on captagon and light machine-guns towards their capital while the US was simply watching from above.


“The Kurds are like 30-40M people. Western Iran has many Kurds and they can get access to the Persian Gulf. Once the Kurds rebel the mullahs regime and get seperated from Iran, they can get all the supplies they need from the sea.”

You didn’t look at a map did you? The Kurdish areas of Iran are nowhere near the Persian Gulf …. more like about 500 miles away from the Persian gulf.

Now imagine your mortal enemy who have been trying to destroy your country with sanctions and attacks for over 40 years that has killed hundreds of thousands of your people over the years has just mounted a revolution to cleave off 20% of your country and handed it over to the Kurds.

Then the newly minted Kurdish government trots over to Terhan and asks if it would be OK to use Iranian ports to keep this US project specifically designed as an attack on Shia muslims alive.

What do you think their response is going to be? I mean after they get up off the floor after pissing themselves laughing.

“In Turkey they have good lives and many of them are also anti-PKK and are loyal citizens.”

For Christs sake of course your going to get some happy Kurds out of a population of 40 million …. they aren’t going to be the ones pushing for a united Kurdistan are they?

Do all jews think alike?

Are there some jews who are anti-zionists and critical of israel?

Kurds, like Jews, are individuals so forgive me if I’m not impressed that some Kurds get along with Turks.


I have said it many times, Iran will eventually have a civil war. There are enough people today inside Iran that are fed up with the regime, just a matter of time. The Kurds are just part of it.


You’ve said a lot of things. Most of it untrue and nonsensical.


Ill wishers such as yourself have been waiting for that breakup for over 35 years and counting, and the CIA+Mossad have together spent billions upon billions and countless efforts into sowing discord and fanning destabilizing policies on various kind of pre-existing fractures, without ever being able to actually even remotely succeed in creating serious separatism anuwhere in the country man,wake up.

What you need to understand is that Iran,with or without the Mullahs in power, is a modern nation-state with solid institutions and a consistent state fabric that by constrast to neighboring nations still running on relics of tribalism, is quite intrinsically immune to such exterior machinations. The level of cultural and ethnical integration of its sub-populations is rock-solid like in any modern state outside of the ME. That is why these petty tactics have been tried over and over without ever coming close to fruition. The prime example is the Mossad-supported and notorious zionist collaborator : the infamous, that for reminders also fought for Saddam in his aggression against Iran in the 80s.

Now guess what : Less than 1% of ordinary Iranians support them,from left to right, religious,agnostics and ahteists alike, there is a rare consensus on these indignant traitors. That’s the one entity they hate more than the regime itself and they only survive through hefty donations given to former Republican Senators, their think-tanks and so-called “fondations”.

The truth is IZ, despite your most dearly coveted dreams of hell on Eaeth happening for Iranians as a people and nation IZ, there will never be “civil war”in Iran in the commonly known form. At most (and I hope for it), there will be a mostly unified uprising against a minority fringe rallying around the mullahs, just like it happened against the Shahs regime that fell like a house of cards in a matter of weeks while Iran as a country remained pretty much whole nationally with their pride unshaken, without ever getting close to breaking into their own museums and looting it for the highest foreign bidder or dismantming entire piece of tjeir own factories to send them to Erdogan à la Iraq or Syria, for instance.

Iranians may hate their regime and with reason,they will NEVER fall for such an obsessively coveted Zonist and Neocon dream. Trust me, Palestinians will separate form the rest of Israel through a third intifada centuries before Iran ever has a vaguebcrumbles on itself on sectarian,ethnic or civil divid.

Speaking the way you do here is quite telling of how little you know and comprehend of Internal Iranian dynamics and history alike,a bit of research would definitly not hurt mate.


Well gryzor, it’s not like I live in Iran and can see the people suffering on a daily basis. But there is no doubt the sanctions on Iran have taken their toll and even Garga can support that claim. Regular Iranians ask themselves what we Israelis ask too, is that the best leadership for us? is that what we want for our future?
Both people have had enough of dirty corrupted leaders, but unlike Iran here we will replace Bibi in a fair elections. I don’t see how it can happen in Iran, where protesters are being shot and killed. So Azeris, Kurds, Arabs and Persians might be Iranians, but deep inside each one of them is loyal to its own people.


There is opposition to the regime, and there is attachment to country and flag,just like everywhere else in the world IZ, and traditionally proud nationalistic Iranians are certainly no exception to that. Belive me, most of them prefer keeping on with a regime.they abhorr rather than a dislocation of their historical state.

And yes, to answer your question we are both comitted to having a fair leadership governing us in a noble way (if such a thing still exists today, I have my doubts). And yes, for Israeli jews,Israel offers plenty of democratic values,including the right to polotically oust and judge the likes of Bibi away from power and its a good thing.

But your advocacy of other countries breaking up in pieces has stricly nothing to do with that and is morally unacceptable. No matter what you think of a given regime, a nation is a nation, and a people is a people. You argue that various ethnies in Iran should and will rebel against the state and create heir own quasi-state because they’re shot and killed regularly, I see.

Well,how about we go all the way of that argument and also apply it to a people called the Palestinians whom your jewish democracy also deprive of the very right to exist as a people , and instead harming, humiliating,shooting,disposessing,displacing,imprisonning and bombing on a weekly basis ?Shouldn’t they be allowed to leitimately live outside of ypur grasp without waiting for your vision of a due process ?

Plus,contrary to Iranian ethnic groups, Israel has only been there for a few decades after coming guns blasing and blowing up people’s homes and perpetrating ethnic cleansing to settle and build a modern-day country. Some.sort of minitature,lighter version of what the Yankees did to native indians when conquering the West (minus the outright genocide, on this one they beat you big time).

It’s all the more reason to push for its breakup to separate incompatible people hating each other day and night with one dominating the fight big time.

See how that razor of yours actually cuts both ways ? always be careful when contemplating other nations’ demise IZ,it is a dangerous wish that often comes hitting back like a boomerang. Iran certainly has its fractures ,but Israelis also have plenty of pretty apparent one waiting for ignition. If you aren’t and keep on acting with Chutzpah like they don’t exist.


The issue is not Israel, but I will try to explain why the comparison between the two states is wrong. Israelis as a people are united, only in the last 2 years we’ve had big demonstrations against Bibi and we will overthrow him eventually. In Iran, some minorities have been opressed for a long time, and they hate the regime so much that they don’t want to be part of it. You can say those are Iranians who’ve had enough of their own state, which is not the same for us Israelis as no one kills innocent Israelis who protest.

Also, the Palestinians are not Israelis so it’s not a domestic issue like in Iran, it’s a territorial dispute between two different people and as I have said many times a peace deal is the only way. What kind of a peace deal you can have between Iranians? the only way is to replace the regime which they hate. That is not up to me to decide, but you will see in the end that the power of freedom will bring many Iranians to the streets again especially the Kurds and Azeris and it may start a civil war.

I am not saying we don’t have problems here between us, but we are one people and we know that if we don’t stay united our enemies will eat us, so I don’t see Israel breaking up. What about Iran? do the Kurds feel like Iranians more than Kurds? Do Azeris prefer Iran over Azerbaijan? Do Arabs in the south east and south west prefer Arabic or Farsi? on top of that many Iranians want a secular state and not a religious one. How long do you think it can last?


“Also, the Palestinians are not Israelis so it’s not a domestic issue like in Iran, it’s a territorial dispute between two different people”

With the notable exception that in this “dispute”,one is a fully-fledged country with viable contiguous land, one of the region’s most powerful militaries supported by the world’s currently standing superpower,that uses that strenght to enforce a constantly expanding encroachment over the other’s land, routinely blowing up or bulldozing their homes, killing members of their community on a quasi-weekly basis,enforcing collective punishment by blockading other parts, controlling their every movement within the little landlocked and disseminated territory they have, stranding their workforce and elders in need of healthcare for hours daily at checkpoints littering their every contact points from one strip to another, controlling their water and electricity and engaging in regular blackmail over it, not recognizing their internationnally-drawn borders, violating peace accords they once swore to uphold and that the other people does uphold, and so on. That is not called a “dispute between people” by any means,it is “absolute hegemony of a country against a stateless people of whom they occupy 80% of the land with an overweight military”.

All the realities listed above technically make the Palstinian issue an absolutely domestic one,since it happens to be taking place all over Israeli-occupied lands with Israeli illegally living in Palestinian homes.

You want to speak for Israelis ? most Israeli arabs outside of Tel Aviv feel like terribly discriminated second-rate citizens not enjoying the full spectrum of the rights granted to their jewish counterpearts.It has been plaguing Israeli society from within for decades and the phenomenon has only grown in scope with the likes of Bibi and his extreme-right coalition of murderous sociopaths,on this we’ll agree they are a league of their own.

And anywaylet’s face it, by your definition we could totally classify the Kurdish issue as a struggle between all the other neighboring people and countries, versus well, themselves. It’s only a question of perspective at the end of the day. Political bias determines how you view it.

“Do Azeris prefer Iran over Azerbaijan? Do Arabs in the south east and south west prefer Arabic or Farsi? on top of that many Iranians want a secular state and not a religious one. ”

The vast majority of these people consider themselves Iranians first and fight for a united secular Iran,and are as united with their “native Iranian’ brethren in that goal,just line they were in 79 when they took down the US puppet Pahlavi. The separatist element is a remote-controlled fringe of their populations , and has never been nor will ever become anything more seriois than that.

Ethnic integration of these people within the Iranian nation-state dates back many generations ,and one glaring proof of it is that Khamenei himself is of Turkish descent ! and he openly admits it on air, there’s no such taboo.

Bottom line :There is uprising and there is separatism. Two entirely different things responding to completely different parameters. Opportunistic sedition is one thing, whereas genuine ,mass ethnical and cultural adherence to an independent state is quite anothrer, and do not even belong to the same discussion. And thr fact the the Iranian theocracy is equally hated by all ethnies opposed to clerical rules only conforts hem into keeping in unison with one another.

Jens Holm

If Iran would have a civil war it will not be even near, what Your kind of unrealistic map says.

A civil war will be between sekular and non sekular ones, where Kurds are smal and nothing. It cpuld be between rowners and farmers or wealthy against poor.

Kurds are not in that at all even You overwhelm the semi kurds along the Iraqi border.

Its more like Denmark takes over Enlish, when Boris Johson has collapased it:). And next we will come in Our ships take Your oil and put a fence around You, so we know where You are.


Not a single Kurd legislator voted against the unanimous resolution calling on the US to get out of Iraq. Once the US is gone. The SDF leadership needs to be arrested for sedition along with quite a few of the Kurd politicians. And the SDF disbanded.


Dream on asshole.

Jens Holm

Thats totally science fiction. Those 40 mio Kurds or more or less kurds are not united at all. Most Kurds in Turkey are well integrated with the Turks too.

Jens Holm

You are an ignorant an come with old stuff as a liar too.

Most Kurds has asked for more local independensy +

Many socalled landlocked countries do exíst, which normal people can see on maps from the world(if they are allowe, where You are).

And those in Syria are SDF and here Kurds are about 40%. but half of the population is not there because Assads could not protect them – and not from the Turks and Jihadists as well.

You also ignore USA with Nto actually had left Iraq and even was demanded to. BUT they were asked back.

This is not even about Kurds or not and for that matter Israel as well. You are worse then blind, when You is able to ignore who is realy who and the most stupid ones …


“Many socalled landlocked countries do exíst, which normal people can see on maps from the world(if they are allowe, where You are).”

Yes they do. And they have good relations with their neighbors which allows them to have air corridors and landlines to ports.

Kurdistan is to be cleft by force from iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.

At least one of those countries will have to allow the Kurds transit over their territory …. which one do you think will allow them after the USA takes their land and gives it to the Kurds?

You see the problem now?

Was the creation of Israel and 70 years of war that created not enough of a problem for you …. now you gotta displace millions more and give the land they’ve occupied for millenia to the Kurds?

Jens Holm

Kurds dont have bad relations to others and they have changed too.

You are the ones using them as excuses for even the weathere – not them.

You are the ones having them landlocked now if You are a Turk or Assad supporting that.

SDF kurds has asked for local independency and not even a country. The proposed structure is just as in my countrey. We do have local parlaments which take in half of the tax and spend them better then Copenhagen, because the locals know the local things to be solved much etter and for that matter their needs.

…And because its THEIR OWN MONEY, they also spend it much better. We also are number 1 in low corruption, BECAUSE control i easier. Furthermore we do have sime corruption, but when its only in one County of many, the rest can continue as usual.

Another thing is important too. Because the Goverment dont have to reach the corners apart from big thing(fx high hospitals and motorways), it can focus much better on the 50% being its job.

Its 2 thigs. One is dividing the trust for each other much more to many deciders, which You are raised for AND by that not only more freedom and initiative BUT also responsability.

..And we can remove those regionals as well as the top every fourth year, if they are not good. And we do. That includes the employed ones fpor the local governess. So the politicians and the employed cant hide they are no good as well as less is stolen form the rest of us.

I think You should read the PYD proposel for program. Its about ancient farming by ineffective farming by tribes should be replaced by better systems with some mechanisme, better irrigation, fertiliser and better crops.

Thats a counterattack creating jobs and a normal thing too. Syria has made so many unimplyed by abandonned villages and farms – Those are urbanized – and there are not created any new jobs for them, so those many hardly has food for the dayli bread and anythings, which need even few liras.

A second thing in their program is education of any kind and in sober versions. All the crap from old days created by religion as well as Assads has to be taken away. People has protested by that, becaue they think they loose. But unfortunatly they dont know anything about it.

In that women are just as clever as men if they get the same conditions. They can see it by TV from where I live. Our Premieremister as well as half of the top of the police are women. In the hospital and healthsector more then half and doctors tpp are women.

By that they fx has shown we are among the lowest in Corona, we has A ++ in economy, Our uimplyment rate is very low even 80 % of the ones, which can work do it here – and compared to Syria its – or was – almost 50% for the registrated ones. Registrated ones are men. Vomen are not registrated. They are home making soup and children.

So their wishes are needed reforms in the lowest most poor levels for Syria as a try for own increased production and fx much mpre food, which even by normal transportation and cooling can be sold in smaller quantities to the neigbors around Syria, which import a lot offood.

Kurds has been in the area they are now as a minimun 4000 years and I only see very few of them suporting any bigger country. They want equal rights and there are several good solutions, which they systmatic are denied.

I will remind You that all of Your morons was Osmans as well as only a few of You with Lawrence liberated You from the Turks/Osmans. So there was no Syria before 1946. There was a landscape named Syria. It hardly included Aleppo and Raqqa provinces. It included Jordan, the Westbank and a corner of the Bekaa valley and was landlocked.

Kurds, Turkmen and the rest in north was with the other halfpart of those old Provinces. They never asked to be with You. It was France and partly Turkey, which devided the new border. But there was no Syrians deciding this. It was the Frech protectorate, which also created Lebanon.

Even 20% in Turkey are Kurds(and we could add the killed armenians and others) it based on Turkish nationalisme of the worst kind.

The same for the artificial country named Syrias. How can it be named “Arabic” even 30% are not arabs. We see the same for Iraq. About 9 mio of 30 are not arabs. Thats 30% and exact the same whatever a saddm or whatever in Bagdad is running it.

I see no problems for me about Israel at all apart from paying food by UN since I much later started as taxpayer. USA pays for Israel.

Israel to me is a brittish systematic try to devellop half of Palestine into a semi European country to protect their oil line to Kirkuk and well as Suez.

And the result today is a well develloped area based on modern innovation and industrialisation, but also a qugmire, which I have no repsonsability for at ell.

I look at the rest of Arabistan. Its one big none devellopment zone. You are poor and has dispkaced Yourself to some very deep dark states. I see You in the Osmans has moved millions around so why dont accept facts even they to me is some strange mistake.

I have no solution and hardly feel a thing when they are killing each other there and even use ballons.

I take it again. Kurds has lived there the last 4000 years and its their land with the others living there, and they have papers and tribenames as well as local names for it too. They never has chosen some arabic morons on camels or dromedars should move their dirty asses that much north from Damskus or whatever. NEVER.

How slow learners are You. So far it has taken Turks about 100 years stil not to accept 20 mio Kurds are their own very much too – just as themselves.


“Kurds dont have bad relations to others and they have changed too.”

What kind of fantasy world do you live in?

So you believe that the kurds along with the USA and israel can take territory away from Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey and built their own state that is propped up by AND in support of the USA …. the country that is the mortal enemy of Iran …. the country that supported a terrorist war in Syria and is currently occupying that country, is sanctioning them and withholding their oil from them …. the country that invaded iraq twice and killed millions of Iraqi’s and drove millions more into dire poverty …. and Turkey a country that considers the Kurds terrorists?

And all these countries are are going to be just fine with that. Is that about right?

You think iran is going to be fine with US military bases built on Kurdish territory that used to be iranian?

You think these countries are just going to roll over and give up on the oil and mineral rights and the taxes they receive from these territories?

I wish I could live in your world where all races, religions and colours live in peace and harmony, going to the mall and watching Disney movies and drinking coke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VM2eLhvsSM

Jens Holm

I have never written Kurds should take any territory from any.

I have told You how the borders are made and they were made by diving the old provinces named Aleppo and Raqqa. As a proposal for a soultion, we could give it back to the ones, which actually lives there and as Emirat seize they are more, what MiddleEast Arabistan can handle then fx Syria, Turkey and Iraq.

I am sure Aleppo procince has no Kurdish majority and Raqqa procvince might be a little over 50% Kurds(many kurrds in the Turkish part).

Secondly I have proposed the power from the centers such as Ankara, Damaskus, Bagdad and for that matter in those areas should be about only big things. Thats not a country but delegating the power out to more brains and deciders.

The last thing in this kid of resume is all are equal and the area hs to be more and more sekular. In danish it says, that religion and all its shit should be a private matter and not fighting in the streets about it.
That oart also says You done raise girls for sale and You by the constitution let them choose whoi they marryy with or they will or not.

They have to work like the men and by that the men shall not pay to the women with divorse – apart from to the children, whoever gets them.

I will remind You that Kurds for USA(and GB and France) was second choise and they have different agendas and Kurds in Syria did not uorise against Assads. They didnt take their teritory from Assads but ISIS which they figted hard as milisia and not as soldiers. At least 15.000 of their milisia soldiers has died for that.

They also didnt steel any oil. The real thieves are Assads and the Baathist party, which give the millions og non members NOTHING. So ISIS stole stole from the Baathist and if anything anybody should see that SDF represent the Syrian population more then eny Baahthist ever has done.

And I take it again. Kurds seemes to be up against Turks, Assadsm Bagdads and Teheran, so is it strange they as normal onces look for anybody else.

Your silly version is they 5 times a day should obey morons like You, which dont understand they need much more then respectm whic bthey also dont get.
They wont put their behinds for free use by You or anybody else.

I see whats accompliched by Your kind. If anything it minus all over, with somany millions living poor and kept in selfcreated dark.

I see things well. To You killing Kurds and shiits by Saddam is ok. War against Iran is OK. War gainst Kuwiat is ok.

I can add the many unssuccesfull wars against Israel. How many have been killed because of that and how many tanks amnd airplanes has been lost.

You are just as we killed rats in the old days. You eat cement with the bread and dint understand, why so many dies.

I dont see a singke sign for how any of You even try to avoid othrs come in. You even keep millions of Young men unimployed, so the in desperation becomes paid mercenairis.

Jens Holm

And one more thing. We do have about 200.000 stories from people having left muslim countries and prefare to live among Christians and Ind´fidels.

They do tell their stories and we see how low they are in most matters and its done by You and themselves.

Statistics also say that half of the refugees in the world are muslims even only one of 7 is a muslim.

And we do have the same TV and internet channels as You and can take all and not being jailed for it as well. We also has Our own journalist there as addictions to Yours, which often are much more infected then Yours.

And when You say we are some soft part of the world, You are right. Therefore what happening is extra hard. And we do have worked hard to avoid something like that and the chock is, You dont.

There is not a single sign for You not even try to make the needed peaces, where changes with very needed sonsensusses are needed very hard.

Instead You serve sicallled honor and respeckt for You only and nort for Your many naigbors, which You name anything to make them angry, so You again can make revenge in socalled hopnor and respect and sometimes down to for a goats tit is not working well.


What on earth does all ANY of this have to do with the creation of Kurdistan?

This has nothing to do with refugees … although if the USA tries to go through with it it’ll create a shitload more refugees.

The only use the USA really has for Kurds is to keep the feared “Shia crescent” from existing. It’s the old ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend” routine. If they weren’t occupying a strategically important piece of real estate Americans wouldn’t know the difference between a Kurd and an Elbonian. They would believe Kurd were just weird cheese foreigners ate.

“There is not a single sign for You not even try to make the needed peaces, where changes with very needed sonsensusses are needed very hard.’

You think carving up Iraq, Syria, Iran and Turkey and giving parts to the Kurds will bring peace to the middle east??

Is that something like when Donald rumsfeld claimed the iraq war would be over in a year, result in a stable USA loving democracy and cost $50 Billion USD?

Kurdistan won’t bring peace …. it’ll bring generations of war.

Jens Holm

There is no creation of any Kurdistan Dummy. You as enemy to them insinuate things about them, which hardly exist.

I am not carving up. Its You which insist in Neocolonialistic borders mainly made by UK and France for oil from Kirkuk and partly by Turks and USA as well.

Britts and The French has made the quagmire for Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, The westbank, and Gaza as well.

Lebanon partly WAS doing fine. Jordan is doing fine, but I will not name the Westbanks as well as Gaza as fine even Israel is doing fine.

So I write about You insist in keeping cpuntries, which never should have been made – BECAUSE – You primitivists cant handle big countries.

Its very easy to understand. Emirates, Sultanates and that seize can bee kept well according to Islam, where the Leader or the very few Leaders as ministers can see all corners and take well care of them.

I see konglomerates with no glue – not countries. And I do propose smaller units to unite people instead of big ones, which we see has no succes.

And correct. USA is not for Kurds. Number one was to remove Assads, change the Regime to the better by fx the FSA or as number 3 strangulate Assads until it was reduced or collapsed away. I can only see USA had a succes doing as they have done.

But I also see there is no solution and You as many others are not able to see other possibilities then going back to the good old days. WHEN WAS THAT???? Before Assad took over? When Assads tool over ??? Gamel Addel Nasser ? Ot when the Bagdad Kalifat ruled until the Mongols made Bagdad and Eufrat and Tigris to a desert there?

You are not learned to learn. MOst people here not even know their own hostory. Its censured away by Your rulers and You are kept stupid. Vomen are kept even more stupid.

This is not about religion at all and which kind of dark, You prefare to live in. Its about corrupt systems of the worst kind, which all think they should be the Leaders of the ME. And You choose that old song and everlasting mijaw.

I take it again. Whats Your succesrate. Is it 550.000 dead ones. 100.000 having no arme or worse. Is it 25% of the popualtion is not in the cuountry and You assuming, that we are the ones knowing nothing. Behave…

The second thing I proposed is not even mentioned by You. Thats because You are forbidden and not allowed worse then Haram by Your masters.

You only speak as a parrot having copied Assad are nice persons and JIhadisme is bad. Kurds are nothing and has to remain like that, so we can blame them just as we have done with the Jews the last 2000 years.

There is nothing outisde the whole narrowminded Syrian or Turkish or Iranian or Iraqian world. The rest of the world are 100% wrong in everything and we shal not even be able to make pllasticbittle by our own oil.

You try to relate to Islam and fx Shiits. Hardly no incomming muslim comming here has ever written a single word from Islam, because they cant.

So You dispute in the dark in short popup versions manipulated by old men and women.


Dansih muslims can rear the holy Koran here in danish, because they learn to read, write and understand danish. We have translated – as well as it goes – in a traditional and a moderrn version,

Thats has changed a lot in most of the little muslim homes here.

And I dont care a shit about what Rumsfeld and other do. Its about what You dont do for Your countryand all You very dirty old garabage as well as You eat and create new dirt every day.

You is not there in what You write. Thats not allowed. What You write here is what You have learned from Yourt TV. Try to ask Your TV a question. It will not laugh. It will not get angry.

And I wrote local influece does it for us. It could be because we are more clever then You:(


“I am not carving up. Its You which insist in Neocolonialistic borders mainly made by UK and France for oil from Kirkuk and partly by Turks and USA as well.”

Kurdistan has never existed as a state either before or after colonization.

Kurds have been an ethnic majority in a region of the Middle east but never formed a majority that could control a nation in the Middle east. It’s like being Flemish and living in Europe … there are Flemish people but there has never been a Flemish state and if they tried to separate the land would have to come from somewhere which would make either the French, Dutch, Belgians …. or more likely all of the above very upset.

Contrary to your disparaging remarks I am an open minded person however I’m also a realist.

The Kurds sound like nice people who deserve a state of their own …. perhaps in Denmark?

Maybe you’d like to give up your property to get the ball rolling?

People who have occupied land for thousands of years don’t just peacefully give up sovereignty because the USA / Israel thinks someone better deserving who can help them destabilize an enemy wants their land. They tend to get upset and fight back when that happens.

Jens Holm

Syria as it is today was made in 1945. Before that You have to go back to the Khalifat which was defeated and destroyed by Mongols as Bagdad Khalifat in about 1258.

WW1 took Osmans which took Aleppo and Damaskus provinces in 1516. So if You go from there, there was not even a Syria there for 504 years. And where are the Raqqa province in that???

If I look back again I see Syria was memeber of the Bagdad Khalifat having Damaskus as a very important player. Actually the Khalifat started in Bagdad. Mongols destoyed that.

And of course Kyrds made no state. A state us complewtly irrelavant in that terrain. Its about isolated mountain vallyes as well as the dryest land nobody else could or would let grow. Instead they made very strong tribes where they were very well descriebed by tatoes.

The change for Kurds came by modern times just as for the rest of the world even it was slow in the most isolated areas. Roads, bridges, trains, electricity, cars, TV, medical care …

By those tools the Kurds and other semilar tribes got united and all over the world and by that they also saw themselves more like being one or actualy several groups.

You forget that. Kurds being 40 millions fx has Barzanis in east, YPGs(with PKK) in west and the many well integrated Kurds in Turkey. In Turkey Turks by AKP cant even accept 7 million voters has seat in their Micky Mouse parlament even those kurds are the most traditional ones.

During time even big states can be made or be removed. USA do exist. Preussen is gone and small states like Denmark and many smaller then us can exist in 1000 years or more.

You use Your histile patent like not exist even You has been Ottomans in 504 years as well as many states are landlocked and are doing fine as well as not fine but are their own.

And I take it again. Kurds has not asked for a state. They have asked for more selfrule for local matters by building local structures, which can accomplish the devellopments, which are not done in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. I dont know the Iranian Kurs well. I just know only very few support PKK(and YPG).

The problems in Turkey are based on Turkish Nationalisme based on their own version of the French constitution. In Turkey it has done a lot of good things compared with, what the Ottomans did. It gives a lot of power to the President – if needed – and same stanmdards for all – mpre or less all. Its very good.

But as develliped it also has its limitations not respecting minorities. Well not greek and armenians, because they are killed – and even the Jews has left. So they have a big problem. Its no AKP thing but also a Kemal one.

In the pther hand it was kind of needed to reagin as Turks. But Turkey has been a fact in almpst 100 years and also a much mpre advanced country, so it make sense more power comes to the locals for real. The 3 biggest towns in Turkey are runned by opposition, but Erdo manege to keep them with hardly any inflence.

So a step for all in Turkey and not only the Turks are modern structures to handle advanced things.

and we see Kurds being here are not many and they do a little better then most – a little. You seemes to ignore our largest group actualy are Turks, where we have expelled their spyes and the ones taking Our citicens or Turks living here as hostages against their own old opposition family in Turkey. Even very old turks which arrived here in 1970 are controlled all over for any opposition.

A good thing for Denmark is, they have closed the Gülen schools. By that the turkisk boys and girls has to choose ours and integrate better.

But for the Turks living here and even moved close to those school it a punch in the stomack for they cant teach their children standard Turkish well as well as rudimentory culture.

Finally I do recall the many in the Osmans which for many good sometimes cheep reasons are moved around as objekts.

In Syria some of the Afrins were deported to there because there already was kurds. Turkmen in 3 settlemenets are imported from Kasakstan. Shammars from Saudi arabia being semi ISÍS all the way from Raqqa and along Eufrat form there and most of Khabour and Tigris. Druse versus Maronites. Massacres against the Alavites. Kurds killing non muslims so the leftovers has emmigrated.

It seemes You dont know much about things there.

Jens Holm

Flandern was a cutry with the duch. When Spain thought the had rights to Netherland the main part of the Flanders left for they were no catolics.

Those many 1000s made Amsterdam.

And the border between Belgium an Holland is a warline (just as in WW2) by the river Shelde, where the dutch with the Flandern non catholics could defend.

By that many was killed by warfare and religious execustion mainly by spain which from there also . So the infrastructure for Flandern almost was destroyed.

You might know better that the Soanish armada should take troops from there to invade england.

I would say it today would make some sense Flanern again joined holland and became the real Netherland. Nethetland means low lands.

People at that time hardly had any “state feeling”. Most of them were almost owned by Feudals and followed them, Those Feudals had properties across the lines, which are now. I only remeber a “Brabrant” was important in those days.

Socalled Nations followed silly flags as people in ME do know.

…Its the short version.

And it was the other way around too. In eastern Europe it didnt matter for the upperclass if the villages or part of them were polish, roumelians, germans, jiddish or russians or bellarussians – as long as they did the job, so they as masters could stay most of the year in London or Paris.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Palestine will kick your lot out and back to Florida.


Just the Ottomans are cure for them

Jens Holm

Assdas has had decades to show what they are worth for those Kurds and most of the Country.

Its minus all over.

So they certainly just as me show the realistic respect, which is minus. You have no right to let them not decide themself. So buzzz of.

You must be from a country, which reward thieves.


Of course its locals…Of course locals usually know the exact place and time of military transports, patrols in advance – so they could call the media to take pictures.. Its not like United snakes of amerika would pay few hungry Syrians, find out about Russian military transport rout and pay some presstitutes and bus for those “locals” to get in place.. Nooooo… They wouldn doo thaaat of cooourse…

Jens Holm

Babling nonsense …


Do you speak English trololo?

Jens Holm

..Another babling nonse from You or Your cat.


yeah local kurds doing the deed of the disunited states of A and the jews in palestine. they will soon be put in their right place – as tenants in the borderland under syria, turkey and iran. no hope in hell for the deluded and ungrateful kurds.

Jens Holm

Most people in SDF as well as the rest has no reason to be greatful for being plundered by Assads drowned in corruption and unproductivity.

It would be much better if there was no Damaskus structure for plundering, for that is, what it is.


“Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).”

Did you know that his guy who is running this is AGAINST Assad?
It’s a “one-man show”, run by a criminal who hates his president.

Peter Jennings

He has to stay in cold old Blighty unless he has a break in isreal, paid for by Brit security services whilst he is of use. That would piss anyone off. Still, the gov’t wedge must be nice and he is most probably drawing from social security too.

Happy days.

Jens Holm

Thos must be a friend of Yourscomment image

Jens Holm

He is not. He has several 100 local helpers and his news are more reliable then most.

Ypu write crap vertical against facts making sober information into garbage.

And he is only a criminal for Assads and their devastating private ownership and non devellopment for Syria as well as the Syrians.

It seemes all information about him and hos activity is censured away from You or You are hostile to wellfare for all Syrians by voting about things.

Rafik Chauhan

Those are hypocrite Kurds . look like Kurd men sold thier women to US army to do thier dirty work. SDF and kurds has to be brought down of thier Attitude towards thier syria country. most of the kurds are traiotor for thier land.

Jens Holm

Do You have a kiosk there for it, since You know so much about it – or are You just a filthy evil liar knowinbg only what Your cendured TV told You?

I see no selling. Kirds are very much agaisnt it an has made safe houses against little men like You hardly washing Your mouth every friday.

Where I live, we dont sell women. We have seen they are just like us in most matters and even are doing fine as Premiere MInisters and Chiefs for the police.

Your mistake is to make Your women even more stupid then Yourself and raise them for sale. Kurds as many other parts of the world dont do that.

Vomen do most military jobs just as well as men. Your surprice should not be any surprice. Here Our women makes about 22.000 dollar pr capita, which is what the Sudis does. Our men makes about 35.000.

So if You want any improvement a start would be to learn men to behave thinking with the brain upstairs, so women can be all over and do all jobs, they are qualified for – which is most of them.

Now up with Your umbrella. Women in USA handle drones bu joistick there very well.


I love it when a stupid plan fails.

AM Hants

Remind me, but, are the US illegally in Syria? So why are they calling the shots when Russia is legally there?

Ralph London

About cv & rise in deaths, have you seen this?:


AM Hants

Tell you what disturbs me is the Bio-Tech department they have set up. Costing £billions, headed by a spy, whose father used to be in Maggie’s cabinet and who else is part of the team? Or more importantly who do they work for?


Villagers didn’t just receive American Bubblegum for their mislead effort…

Jens Holm

Its more they dont prefare Assads and Russians even they probatly dont like Americans too.

cechas vodobenikov

treacherous Kurds paid by CIA

Jens Holm

Its not by CIA but the official state by Trump and the War Commity.

catalin zt

The murican paedophiles gave them few petro dollars and promised they will not screw their children anymore if they will jump on ruskyes ! And they did! Simply :)


That´s good! As every half of a lot of souls, they want to be as amerycans as Custer! Bye bye idiots.

Róbert Pagáčik

Videos show not as much confrontational image… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gY2uMO5Yd8

Rodney Loder

Traitors should be shot without question or begging forgiveness, all Kurds are traitors in view.

Svincius Savickas

America, you are the ultimate Evil

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