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Russian Passports For ‘Kiev Regime Patriots’: Another Scandal In ‘Independent’ Orthodox Church Of Ukraine

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Recently, the head of the ‘independent’ Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), Epiphanius decided to promote the “archbishop” of Simferopol and Crimea Clement to “metropolitan”.

And immediately, interesting information regarding the cleric of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine’s – Archbishop Clement came to surface online.

Russian Passports For 'Kiev Regime Patriots': Another Scandal In 'Independent' Orthodox Church Of Ukraine

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The support of the patriotic autocephalous church of Ukraine turned out to have a Russian passport.

“Vladyka Clement was so led by the OCU diocese in Crimea that nothing was left of it,” says a message from the Pro-Filaret Facebook-community “For the Ukrainian Church”, which published the photos. “Kliment (aka Pavel Kushch) was one of the first on the Crimean Peninsula to run and took the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation from the hands of the occupation authorities. However, he did not refuse the passport of Ukraine. Clement became a citizen of Putin’s Russia on June 6, 2014, in the midst of Putin’s aggression. In the forefront.”

Supporters of the OCU competitors in the field of looting Ukraine – another pseudo-church organiation “Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate” also recalled a certain “safeguard” that allowed Kushch to move throughout Russia, stressing that “such freedom in Putin’s totalitarian country is difficult to imagine without FSB authorization.”

“The OCU is also that political, quasi-religious structure where many things are intertwined: political ambitions, money, lies, betrayal, the interests of Russia, Istanbul, but the main thing is lacking – faith and spirituality,” summed up the media loyal to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate.

Earlier “hierarch” Clement said that the problem of the existence of the OCU in Crimea is “under the personal control” of US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo.

Russian Passports For 'Kiev Regime Patriots': Another Scandal In 'Independent' Orthodox Church Of Ukraine

Ukrainian radicals light flares during a rally outside the Russian embassy in Kiev, Ukraine March 14, 2020. Reuters / Gleb Garanich

In response, Kliment Kushch believes that anyone who “tries to hype the issue” with his passport gets paid from the FSB – the Russian Security Service.

The head of the Crimean diocese of the OCU Kliment Kushch said that he needed a Russian passport in order to preserve his personal and church property in Crimea.

Kliment Kushch, commenting on the remark of Saken Aimurzaev about the photographs of his Russian passport, said that he was “a citizen of Ukraine with a Russian passport.”

“The scandal continues: does Clement have a passport or not. Yes, he has one. Yes, I have a passport, because if I did not have this passport, I would not have the right to serve in Crimea, I would have lost all property, not only church property, but also my personal property, which I have in Crimea,” he explained.

In addition, he noted that “those who believe that this passport is valid, legal, they fall under criminal responsibility already on the territory of Ukraine, since the law on the occupied territories determines that this passport is not a document that is recognized.”

Therefore, it seems that the fierce patriots of the current Kiev regime, that not only ‘fight the Russian aggression’ in theory and practice, as they claim, on the daily basis, are not shy to have citizenship of the ‘aggressor’. In this light, the official Kiev propaganda narrative claiming that it is needed to get rid of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church because it’s historically a part of the Moscow Patriarchate is just hilarious.


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This whitleblowing is so huge, it makes Assange and Snowden to pale.

Tommy Jensen

Get a life.

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Jihadi Colin

This machine translation is indecipherable.

cechas vodobenikov

ukropi desperation—like USA, their president is comic relief

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