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Russia Showcases Operations Of Its Combat Drones In Syria. Time To Push Idlib?

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You can read this article in German. LINK

Russia released a video showing its Orion combat drone carrying out strikes on targets in Syria. This marked the very first time such footage was being released. It shows the drone’s operation, lock-on and launching of a payload on a militant target. The Orion is a long-flight duration attack-reconnaissance UAV, that can also carry out airstrikes. According to the report, this type of UAV has carried out 38 sorties, including 17 strike missions.

Meanwhile, a new electronic surveillance system has been spotted at the Russian-operated Hmeimim Air Base. The Avtobaza-M can determine the parameters of signals and types of radars, track air and seaborne objects by their electronic signature and support higher air defense command and control posts with data.

Despite the ISIS threat in central Syria, the focus of the key players is evidently shifting towards Idlib. The US and its ally-to-be Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) will begin active movements soon.

Russia reported that HTS is preparing to stage a chemical attack, similar to those that led to US missile strikes back in 2018 and earlier. More than once, the US-led coalition carried out strikes on Syrian government forces, in punishment of alleged chemical weapons usage.

This sense of urgency is also felt in the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). The government forces are opening a civilian corridor to evacuate civilians from Greater Idlib.

This is likely because an offensive is on the way, the SAA is preparing, likely together with Russia and some Iranian support to push on the biggest militant stronghold left in Syria. To prime the location, the SAA carried out heavy shelling, killing or injuring at least 5 militants in the process.

This is likely an ideal moment to push for Idlib, because Turkey is focused in Northeastern Syria, and so is the US. The SAA has deployed large amounts of forces in that region, which is out of the way.

It also moved its short-range defense systems to Iraq, which makes it an even more opportune moment for the SAA and Russia to push to push in another direction, and namely Idlib. The following days will show whether this evacuation of civilians is, indeed, a preparation for an offensive.

The ceasefire regime and the demilitarized zone are largely non-functional, despite Russia’s efforts to implement them. Turkey, the other co-signatory, is focused on fighting the Kurdish in the north. Even without that distraction, it seldom paid any attention to adhering to the rules set out in the deal.

The Syrian Arab Army, and its allies, likely need to push before HTS are completely rebranded as “moderate opposition” and their ties to al-Qaeda are forgotten. Additionally, this needs to be happen before ISIS pushes further out from central Syria.

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Time to clean up HTS from Idlib before US promotes them as “ freedom fighters “.
Take the civilians out, carpet bomb their positions using Tu22 M3, then let the Syrian, Hezzbolah Iranian and Russian forces clean up what is left of them.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right, let hyenas pick upa what is left, from Wahhabis.

AM Hants

Talking about Russia, showboating, there is an article over on Stalker Zone, with regards the new Russian missiles, that nobody noticed, till they turned up in active service. Just gotta love Russia, as NATO weeps on.


‘…That in total brought the size of the fleet’s salvo to more than 1,000 cruise missiles.

Thus, in the autumn of 2020, together with the “Iskander” land complexes, capable of carrying from 2 to 4 cruise missiles, the total Russian total salvo exceeded 2,350 missiles.

Formally, this is still less than that of the US, but, firstly, the latest Russian missiles are many times superior to the outdated American “Tomahawks”in real combat effectiveness, and secondly, we recall that in 2010, Russia had only 600 missiles in a salvo. So the progress in just 10 years is truly revolutionary. And who says we are going to stop here?…’



russia did learn


i hope russia will also learn from automated barrage systems and subterrain launch pods to make its deterrance power even more sustainable considering that subterrain missile pods of intercontinental missiles could be placed anywhere in huge russia

AM Hants

Do you know much about the Russian submarine fleet and what they can and cannot do? Then compare the various classes of submarines with the two classes that the US have. Russia, might have just a few less than the US, but, they are newer and far more powerful, plus being far younger than the US oldies, are far quieter. Then you have the special operation submarines can do a variety of tricks, including taking land samples from the bed of the Arctic Sea and not forget laying the Russian flag on the bed of the Russian Sea. The only nation that has provided ground samples to support their claim to the Arctic Shelf.

Why does Russia need a naval force, similar to the US, when her fighting is based on defence and not offence? Like the US, she is a nuclear triad nation, meaning she has land, air/space and sea nuclear capability, with more nuclear warheads than the US. However, unlike the US, she also is also a hypersonic triad nation, with the toys in active service.

Then, if you look at the Russian Army Forces and their toys, operated from land, well, again she has far more powerful tools than any NATO Member Nation.


Of course he knows.
Iranians have North Korean (copy of Yugoslav subs) midget subs
So they (Iranians) have made copy of that copy – Iranian version.
They have 3 Russian origin “Kilo” Project 636 Varshavyanka subs (older models) Not like these newer upgraded Russian version 636.3 Killo-class attack subs that can launch Kalibr cruise missiles from torpedo tubes ( tested in Syria )

Supreme Blyat

Don’t you think Russian nuclear subs are superior to underground bases?

AM Hants

Would depend what they unleash. Must admit, I found a video showing the Russian military goodies, seriously fascinating and that was without the submarines.

Russian Container Missile Complex CLUB-K… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81E41ZEKi0g

Little Grey Corvette in the Caspian, hitting targets in Syria…. Russian Caspian Sea fleet launches cruise missiles against ISIS sites in Syria… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPu_RL7Ncao

RUSSIAN KAZAN NUCLEAR SUBMARINE ARMED WITH HYPERSONIC ZIRCON MISSILE !… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0ozb-JPb9I. (from 2019)

Supreme Blyat

Russia always had its advantages over USA but not enough to win a nuclear war. Also the more advanced systems and the economy are not enough to sustain a war which involve 100k soldiers for many years. So Russia should work on economy or will be taken over by China without a bullet fired.

AM Hants

You are talking rubbish. Russia spends around the same as the UK on Defence, give or take a $billion and Russia’s defence budget is decreasing, whilst the UK is increasing.

The UK is an Island and funnily enough, when I last checked we had around 84% GDP Debt., meaning for every $100 the UK makes, $84 goes to paying the bills. UK national debt is around $2,381,799,768,186.

Russia GDP Debt runs around 19%, meaning for every $100 Russia earns, $19 goes to pay the bills. Russia GDP Debt is around $200,004,148,640.

Then you have the US, with national debt running at around (conservative figure as do believe it has increased a lot since the figure quoted from the World Debt Clock), $21,178,379,038,649. How much is Biden borrowing for his Welcome To The White House Festival? US GDP debt is running at 114%, meaning that for every $100 the US earns, she still needs another $14 to pay her bills.

As Russia is a dominant export nation, do believe they can afford their defence budget and Dr Putin (PhD in Economics) is doing a decent job looking after the economy. Considering the nation was bankrupt when he first took control.

By the way, Russia has 3,569,000 serving military personnel and can call upon 69,443,880. Compare with the UK, based on the fact they have similar defence budgets, has only around 78,000 acting serving military personnel, but, for some reason global firepower puts the figures at 195,000 and believe they can call up 30,250,114. The US, which spends around $732 billion on defence and increasing, has 1,400,000 active personnel and believe they can call on 146,361,205.

What were you saying about Russia not being able to afford defence or have the personnel to hand?

Supreme Blyat

Those long numbers are rubbish indeed.

AM Hants

Sorry, with regards the automated barrage systems and with you there, (I misread your comment). Especially as $oro$ and friends are trying to shut the nation off from so many Seas and Oceans. Wasn’t there talk of her operating and opening up more waterways, so they would all link together and provide access to marine access, should the globalists cause problems?


russia should also revolutionize its sea based forces


speed stealth armament and large numbers the size here of the system isnt important because its coastal defense for russias huge coast and russia should immediatly work on that and what russia does with the submarine plans isnt bad either

AM Hants

Do believe Russia has all bases covered. Quite impressive, she spends around the same on defence and is an 11 time zone nation, as the tiny UK, which is just an Island. Yet, Russia has the most powerful military in the world. Not the most expensive or largest, but, the most powerful.

Icarus Tanović

Gotta love you, man.

AM Hants

Thankyou, ha-ha.

Icarus Tanović


erwin vercauteren

i love the smell of spicy kebab in the morning

cechas vodobenikov

SF reports about drones from different nations informative

Icarus Tanović



I have heard the same story for years, I am too old to believe in fairy tales

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“The Syrian Arab Army, and its allies, likely need to push before HTS are completely rebranded as “moderate opposition” and their ties to al-Qaeda are forgotten.”

OMG, talk about a double standard, this article should win a prize for hypocrisy.
HTS was allied to Al Qaeda for a short while but they parted company a long time ago, now HTS and Al Qaeda are sworn enemies, but most of the moderate opposition forces [that Russia, Iran, and Turkey’s Astana agreements recognized], are all still linked to Al Qaeda even now.
So plain and simply put, Russia says HTS can’t be recognized as moderate opposition forces because they were once linked to Al Qaeda, and that’s despite the fact they’ve,
Split form Al Qaeda and now actively fight against them,
They’ve given up Jihad and also try to force other opposition groups to do the same,
They’re abiding by a ceasefire they weren’t even included in,
They trade with the Syrian government and do prisoner swaps and other deals,
And they’re seeking a political solution they can be included in.
But according to Russia none of those positives can compare to the fact they were once a part of Al Qaeda, that’s enough to exclude them from any type of political solution.
But many if not most of the moderate opposition groups that Russia included in the Astana agreements, have never ever split from Al Qaeda, and they still actively cooperate with them all the time.
So what gross hypocrisy from the Russians, especially when you realize the moderate opposition that Russia politically supports,
Have never split from Al Qaeda and still work with them even now,
They’ve never ever abided by the countless number of ceasefires and are still killing SAA soldiers right now,
The still refuse to give up Jihad in most cases,
They don’t do any deals or make any compromises with the Syrian Government and still call for Assad’s downfall,
And yet Russia accepts them as part of the political solution.
If you’ve got 2 dog turds in your backyard but can only get rid of 1 at a time what do you do, use the shovel to get rid of the freshest turd first, the one that’s still soft and smelly and covered with flies, or do you get rid of the older drier one that doesn’t smell as much and has no flies on it.
I know which one I’d be removing first, and it wouldn’t be the dried up HTS turd, it’d be the soft smelly one.
As for the US accepting HTS as moderate opposition forces, why shouldn’t they, after all the US [and the whole international community] accepted Russia/Iran/Turkeys Astana agreements that magically turned some of the Al Qaeda terrorists into ‘moderate opposition forces’.
And as I keep saying I think they made the wrong choice when sorting the moderates from the terrorists, HTS are acting more like moderate opposition forces than the moderate opposition forces are, and the moderate opposition forces are acting more like terrorists, but the Russians want to get rid of the dried up turd first, they mustn’t find the smell of the fresh turd as offensive as the look of the dried up turd.

Icarus Tanović

And Turkey is focused (entangled) in Iraq too.
Perfect timing.

Serg The Purge

Russia and Syria better hurry up and finish of Iblid. ’cause the US Deep State is coming in, coming in HOT 🔥 HOT 🔥.

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