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JUNE 2021

Russian Official: Saudi Arabia Pressures Syrian Opposition To Drop “Assad Must Go” Mantra

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Russian Official: Saudi Arabia Pressures Syrian Opposition To Drop "Assad Must Go" Mantra

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On December 23, the Russian presidential envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentyev told the Russian new agency RIA Novosti that Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir pressured the Syrian opposition to give up on its demands that Assad must leave power during the last Syrian opposition talks in the Saudi capital, Riyadh on November 22.

“They [Saudi Arabia] sincerely tried to return the opposition to its since, and to convince it that it is not necessary to include such abusive language against the current authorities in the final statement … They [Saudi Arabia] could not achieve it,” Lavrentyev told RIA Novosti.

Lavrentyev also revealed that Saudi Arabia and many other countries that opposed the Damascus since 2011, are now reconsidering their positions on the Syrian crisis.

Regarding the current strict position of the Syrian opposition, the Russian presidential envoy for Syria said that he warned that such behavior will have negative consequences. Lavrentyev also said that many radical figures of the Syrian opposition were expelled because of their extreme views.

“We have warned that this behavior may have negative consequences, we admit it, but we cannot do anything about it – there are [opposition] figures with bad temper and attempts were made to purge the [Syrian opposition] ranks of them, the radicals … but as soon as they disappeared, others replaced them,” said Lavrentyev.

Ahead of the Syrian opposition talks in Riyad, Saudi Arabia had kicked several prominent figures of the Syrian opposition out of the Syrian opposition body. One of the top figures expelled by Saudi Arabia was Riyad Farid Hijab, a former Prime Minister of Syria who defected in 2012.

The Saudi decision to expel Hijab and other Syrian opposition figures was seen by observers as the clearest example of how Saudi Arabia is shifting its policy towards Syria.

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MD Ranix

never trust zio wahabbis


Some wankers,as SA,will requaring some conditions…haha!

Rex drabble

I think Saudi HAS seen the light and realise that RUSSIA is the go to country after they totally wasted the US/ISIS aggressors.Saudi is going to walk away from the US now that Russia has shown them they dont muck around when they decide to act.Even more important though is that Russia can be trusted


Unfortunately Saudi , built on the belief of Wahhabi Islam , can not be trusted .

Langaniso Mhlobo

Russia has undoubtedly very formidable military force but Putin and lavrov are very slow yes yes boys of Trump.


I read a lot of spectacular bullshit this days, and from angles that shouldn’t be an surprise yet it is, shame on us, not them, and why is it an bad deal to arrange trade with than the respective country currency, or others, to metal.
The dance is because of, and the cause is the Dollar, witch have managed to cave the entire ground of beneath their own feets with paper, taken from thin air, what do you expect, then the economic out looks for regions as Europa is not even an pipe dream anymore, drowned them self if political correctness, wars, moronic sanctions, even more propaganda war, conducted by stupid people, to an extent where they have crashed their own economy’s, with “refugees” huh, and the death rattling begun even before the invasion army flooded our lands, by means I dont care what is, its done by design, period, kick them down, and the thing dies out, but no, but the Austerity, if you still dont get it you are dead, deaf and blind.
Period, and all the blame can be placed in one butt hole, the FeD of the Imperial Banana Republic UssA.

Its simple common sense in practice, and Saudi-Arabia, have an future, an stable income, and more sustainable path, witch eventually benefit you all, the glory days of lazy living Saudis are history, wake up, its going to be an bumpy ride, but never the less, an more sane and sustainable one.
Blessed be the peace makers.

I wounder, how derailed is the Wankees, it looks like some whom is standing in an sea of petrol and brags about how man matchsticks He have, with an economic policy only comparable by design and philosophy, of an cancer cell, expand to kingdom comes.
And if not, wack anything in their path, the fight is not about the dollar, but to cut the dead meat of it, end the FeD, etc, and like the EUro, paper tigers, backed with debt to their eyeballs, sustained only be various skims to flog their own people with, feudal, an little freakish kingdom run by appointed ones, yeah, democracy, anyone, another pill sir.
If this institutes, private corps, private owned banks, sucking out tax money, in trillions, isnt cut down, they, few, will bring us all down, like Italy, where I simply expect, like the last times,historically, and eventually, an Woman will be your rescue, what lacks, is men with balls, to fight for your own ind. and people.

The issue finally isnt about the BRICSA, but eh morons in the west, and why then should the other ones care, do it their way, and we do it our way, and the threats coming from the pirates on Potomac, is about protecting the status quo, to benefit the Corps, whom controls the policy’s, and the Military, yeah, what could possibly go wrong.


Keep it Real

Dont make any deal with people from another country against your own people. They all must go Assad will stay!


It’s not a good thing to be a saudi ally (puppet). The so-called “syrian opposition” is learning it just like the Muslim Brotherhood learned it in Egypt when Saudi Arabia called the FM “terrorists” and asked Al Sissi to kill them.

So, if Arabs are in big trouble it’s precisely because they are led by braindead saudis. If Sunnis are in big trouble is precisely because they are led by brain dead saudis.

Jaime Galarza

I don’t think the Russians are so naive to believe al-Jubeir. If the Saudis really wanted its foot soldiers to change their minds regarding Assad, they would just tell them so, or else. The Saudis are not the kind to go around begging. You can just look at MBS and his approach to extract money from his own ilk to get an idea.

Hide Behind

US NATO has lost not one iota of prestige by its actions in Syria, the idea of prestige is old European intellectualism bull crap, and has no place in real politic of world today.
Assad will go, his power base is tenuous at best; while in the retaking of cities and towns has given a euphoric uplifting to a population after years of kissing US funded terrorist boots, the reality is that Assad has many political enemies, and all those tribal militias now finding no common enemy, still have grievances again st Damascus government of old and are expecting rewards for their efforts.
On its own Syria cannot afford to maintain its present military, let alone begin to rebuild.
The main part of rebuilding will not stem from controllers in Damascus but by local and regional factions.
There will be years of untold poverty by vast majority of population, and make no doubts about it, the standards of living outside of old Syria’s major cities was backwards at best to Euro comparisons.
Corupption was and still is rampant and old buyer beware and gouge your neighors the law of commerce.
The rebuilding of an efficient tax policy in order to fund the bureaucracy will fall upon the masses of already impoverished peoples.
And as for criminal enterprise just wait for the dregs who left Syria to return. Already within each Euro nation they invaded they have set up vast criminal networks while bidding behind smoke of cultural differences.
Assad and his not so loyal cronies have many future battles, not against ISIS types but between themselves.

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