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Russian Nukes And Cuban Intelligence Threaten Venezuelan Democracy

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By May 3, another attempt of US-backed opposition leader Juan Guaido and his supporters to overthrow the government of Nicolás Maduro had failed.

So-called “Operación Libertad”, which started on April 30 as an attempt to seize power by force with help from some defectors from the Venezuelan military, turned into a tragicomedy. Riots staged by the opposition slowed up while the government successfully mobilized its supporters and held large-scale rallies demonstrating its power.

The fact that mainstream media coverage mostly ignored pro-Maduro rallies did not help Guaido to change the situation on the ground. Guaido’s key ally, Leopoldo Lopez, reportedly hid in a Spanish embassy in Caracas.

Rumors that top Venezuelan defense officials, like Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez, National Guard chief Ivan Hernandez Dala and Supreme Tribunal of Justice President Maikel Moreno, were in talks to recognize Guaido as the legitimate president were spread by National Security Adviser John Bolton and others and appeared to be yet another example of fake news.

Nonetheless, the Washington establishment found out who was guilty for this failure.

The media hysteria reached the level when speculations about tens of thousands of Cuban special agents, Russian mercenaries, Hezbollah, Iranian and Chinese agents were the only reason of the Maduro government survival under pressure from the “international community” and the “democratic opposition” were presented as rock-solid facts. Mysterious Russian nuclear missiles in Venezuela are also added to the list.

This hysteria is being used to increase pressure on Venezuela, threaten the country with a military invasion and justify moves to punish Venezuela’s local allies. On May 1, President Donald Trump said that the US would impose an “embargo, together with highest-level sanctions” on Cuba if it did not end its support for Maduro.

State Secretary Mike Pompeo also made a phone call to the Russian Foreign Minister stressing that “the intervention by Russia and Cuba is destabilising for Venezuela”. Pompeo urged Russia to cease support for Nicolas Maduro. In response, Lavrov denounced Washington’s “destructive influence” and revealed that Russia is working to set up a UN group that would oppose a US military intervention in Venezuela.

It appeared that strengthening voices calling for a US military action in the Latin American country has caused a rift within the Trump administration. According to sources contacted by the Washington Post, the Bolton camp was openly pushing for an escalation while President Trump and representatives of the military, including Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Paul J. Selva, seem to be against conducting a military operation.

This internal conflict will likely deepen further if the Washington establishment finds no real strategy that may allow Guaido to seize power without a direct military invasion by a foreign power. However, this scenario is unrealistic because the US-backed opposition demonstrably has little support from the population and the military that would allow for overthrowing the government.

The regime change in Venezuela and control over its oil reserves are among key current priorities of the Trump administration’s foreign policy in Latin America and Trump has shown that he’s ready for a wide range of actions to achieve these goals. However, he appeared to be not ready to jeopardy US soldiers lives and key security issues to conduct a direct military intervention.

At the same time, representatives of the Deep State, including John Bolton, are traditionally ready to do all what is needed to achieve own financial and political interests. These includes the readiness to put not only lives of US personnel, but also civilians and even entire nations on the line.

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You can call me Al
chris chuba

Those are Cuban soldiers :-)

You can call me Al

Shush, it’s a secret.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

What??? That is half of the Cuban population. How did they get there???


No these are Brazilian soldiers. LOL. Come on deceive yourself.


Russian and Chinese mental capacities and grasp of startegic matters in Venezuela heavily outweigh the clowns in Washington and their useless hot air.
US is afraid to bring carrier task forces close to Venezuela considering superior anti ship peer power that can be projected against them, instead they would rather have two carrier task forces in the Mediteranean in a meaningless display of 200,000 tons of diplomacy and meaningless rethoric.


Venezuela has 2 German Type 209 subs, they are quiet and lethal.
The US will not risk its carriers with subs on the prowl.


Russian subs patrol Caribbean as well.


Has he grown a small pair of balls since the Mueller report? I hope so. Bolton and Pompous have been running things recently.


Agreed! Presidents Bolton, Pompeo, Vice President Pence and a few others need to be neutered.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Neutered at the Vets without anaesthetic! Mad dogs won’t stay mad without balls!!!

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

A very small pair of balls, until he releases the unredacted Moolah report and has the DOJ charge ALL the Russian collusion HOAX conspirators in the Deep State.

Tommy Jensen

You are not getting anywhere with talk! Trump has to act if we are going to get our oil back from Iran and Venezuela to create jobs for Americans.
Russia and China dont like it? Then THEY have a problem, we dont………….……….LOL.


It seems the Trumpsters have been had…and at their own game. It’s funny as hell when a conman is conned. Of course Bolton is a small minded moron that believes he is a genius. Happily, he is also deluded. Pompass having the nerve to call Lavrov and bloviate is the biggest laugh I’ve had today. Imagine a moron playing chess with a master. As for the claims of Russian and Cuban troops (what about Hezbollah?!), it’s their out for not invading…it would set off a catastrophe!…but will let them sanction Cuba…oh, yeah…Nicaraugua too (we’ll find they have troops there as well). The nutcases in charge will have a heck of a time getting the military to commit suicide. Now, this doesn’t mean we won’t parade around and bluster, that’s to be expected (there may be A.C.s on the way there). The real threat to Venezuela is a guerrilla war, which we won’t be able to win, but can cause great pain and destruction. Look at what was done there in the last couple months… look at the past ‘drug war’ in Colombia. It’s now the strategy in Syria as well. It’s also the only tactic, short of actual invasion, that is left to them. I imagine Lavrov politely stuck the knife in just under the ribs when he informed Pompass of their plan to form a group to resist US moves. Let’s also not forget that the Europeans are not exactly thrilled with the notion of Cuban ex-pats suing Cuban companies and imposing heavy sanctions on those that trade with Cuba…and are threatening to retaliate. Trumps plans must include destroying the US and the world economy, as that is going to be the outcome of his presidency.


So that was the final phase and it fell flat. That was bad branding: Guaido can’t very well launch a second final phase. He has painted himself into a corner. Didn’t think it through. Sad!


not sad, in fact the venezuelan cock up is entirely in line with what moronistan (aka usa – home of deluded idiots) usually manage to to do – one failure after the other. what a pitiful bag of crapheads they are.


They were sure they would spend last Christmas in Tehran. They will be humiliated when Iran’s oil exports don’t fall to zero. This Guaido stunt is falling flat. They are butthurt.

Now Trump is turning away from Bolton on Venezuela, chatting with Putin. A little bit of hope, maybe.

Luke Hemmming

Guaido couldn’t organise a chook raffle let along a coup. Coup FAIL much! Go to veteranstoday.com for a couple of excellent articles on the US governments sanctions and how the MSM and western politicians are twisting the truth.

Rodney Loder

North Korea fires another missile into the sea the second since the Trump failed summit with the Chairman of the Workers Party Kim Jong-un.
This will worry Trump with regard to Venezuela, Trump believes the US has some king of prevailing military superiority, probably not so.

Xoli Xoli

Mr.Loder Bolton and Pompeo intelligence mislead the President to believe he has smart bombs which never appear in Syria as well.It is very risky what know if Russia were to unleash Supersonic,calibre and kinzal unstoppable missiles ond USA NATO ships.Because Trump threatened Putin get ready it comes smart and new.But two thirds of all messiles were take down by outdated Syrian messiles .

Tommy Jensen

We dont need to use our own soldiers. There is plenty of latins among our allies who are willing to die for America if we promise them they can get a green card.…………………..LOL.

Another question me and Bolton have been considering is why do we have all these nukes if we dont use them? Why?
Nobody would dare to fight against USA so we could just use a couple of ICBM´s like in Hiroshima to show everybody we mean business. Case over……………………….LOL.


doubt hiroshima was attacked with icbm:s, rather an airplane called enola gay!


comment image


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comment image

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

It is time the free nations of the world, now lead by RF, declare VZ off-limits to the US Evil Empire (USEE), or they will be next.
RF, China, Cuba, Iran, NK, Turkey, South Africa and all other free nations should declare that VZ will be protected with ALL available means from the destructive USEE.

Xoli Xoli

Dont worry Trump has also exposed the USA NATO media, journalists and own intelligence lies.Biggest obstacle is President wannabe Bolton and Pompeo.Trump call Syrian immediate withdrawal their redeployed troops.Trump wanted good relationships with Kim their block.Trump wanted to buy Venezuela oil their plan regime change and put sanction.Trump wants to ship humans aid to Yemen but their send instead weapons.Their force Trump to sign a decree to attack Qatar or arrest billionaires and confiscate their money.like their did in Saudi Arabia.

Xoli Xoli

Bolton and Pompeo intelligence and lies threatened Venezuela Democracy.

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