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Russian Navy To Receive 9 Hydrographic Ships By 2021

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Russian Navy To Receive 9 Hydrographic Ships By 2021

IMAGE: rg.ru

The command of the Russian Navy will continue active work on the development and deployment of more hydrographic ships in 2019, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on January 2nd.

By 2021, the Russian Navy is to receive nine new ships in total:

  • Two small project 19910 vessels: according to reports from 2017 these are supposed to be delivered in 2019, and would be enhanced with increased sailing autonomy and would be an enhanced ice type.
  • Two Project 23040G large hydrographic boats: on November 22nd, 2018 the Georgiy Zima, a large hydrographic boat began its sea trials. It was built to fill the ranks of the Baltic Fleet. The Alexander Evlanov, a ship of the same class was also undergoing sea trials at the same time, it is also designated for the Baltic Fleet. Nizhegorodsky Teplokhod shipyard is working on these boats.
  • Two newest Project 19920 large hydrographic boats: the first such boat was delivered to the Black Sea Fleet in January 2017. BGK-2150 large hydrographic survey boat has a displacement of 320 tons, a length of 36.44 meters, a width of 7.8 meters, a draught of 1.98 meters, a speed of 11.5 knots and a cruising capacity of 10 days. Its crew totals 12. They are proven to be effective, and the Northern and Pacific Fleets are to receive one vessel each.
  • Three Project 23370G large hydrographic boats: the construction of these vessels was announced in July 2018. Project 23370G hydrographic boats are intended for buoy-laying and hydrographic works, setting up and maintenance of floating warning buoys, delivering maintenance personnel, repair crews, food, fuel and other cargoes to onshore navigation equipment facilities, including those located on unequipped coasts. They are being built at the KAMPO enterprise. These boats are the first ever catamaran-class vessels built for the Russian Navy.

In autumn 2019, the Russian Navy is also planned to receive a Project 22350 frigate Admiral Kasatonov.

“The second warship of this series, the Admiral Kasatonov, was due to have been delivered this year but considering that the ceremony of hoisting the flag aboard the [Admiral] Gorshkov has been postponed, we simply won’t be physically able to prepare the next ship. The delay with the delivery of the lead ship always automatically shifts the delivery of the second ship by about eight months. So, it turns out that we are now planning this for October-November 2019,” Head of the United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexei Rakhmanov said in July.

The ship of the same class, the Admiral Gorshkov guided missile frigate in October 2018 successfully passed a training mission in the Barents Sea. This confirmed its full operability.

Furthermore, on December 25th, TASS cited an anonymous source in the Russian defense industry who claimed that trials on the Poseidon underwater drone had begun.

“In the sea area protected from a potential enemy’s reconnaissance means, the underwater trials of the nuclear propulsion unit of the Poseidon drone are underway,” the source said. The reactor is installed in the hull of the operating drone but the tests are being held as part of experimental design work rather than full-fledged sea trials at this stage.

According to the source, the Poseidon drone is to be delivered within the framework of the 2018-2027 state armament program.

In addition to that, on November 30th, TASS cited another anonymous defense industry source, who claimed that Russia will build two more Project 955A Borei-A serial-produced nuclear-powered strategic submarines at the Sevmash Shipyard making their total number rise to ten.

“The state armament program for 2018-2027 includes the construction of two more Project 955A Borei submarines that have not yet received their names. The construction will begin at the Sevmash in 2024,” the source said, adding that “the first submarine should be delivered to the Fleet in 2026 and the second in 2027.”

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Good news for the Russian Navy, another Gorshkov class frigates ready to be delivered, Poseidon trials are underway, and Borei SSBN number increased from 8 to 10.
Russia is capitalizing on proven platforms and ready to expand production, the Gorshkov class might undergo some enlargement displacing a greater tonnage to accommodate a larger armament selection and capacity.

Ricky Miller

Russia is clearly arming up in many categories. 2019 is shaping up to be a huge year for the Russian Navy. Seven missile Corvettes will be commissioned, one super frigate, and as this article centers on, many support, patrol and anti-sabotage boats. Two nuclear submarines will commission, one Yasen-M and one Borei-A. Two 636.3 diesel electric boats will commission, two refurbished Antey’s with upgraded missile armaments to the 949AM standard will return and three nuclear submarines will launch and begin trials, one Yasen-m, one Borei-A and the special purpose posedion launching gigantic sub “Belgorod.'” In mid 2021, possibly facing off against a new American administration or a more homicidal Trump sequel, the Russians will have full missile armories, significant numbers of new weapons platforms and a swagger backed up by a half dozen new SARMAT missiles operationally deployed. Perhaps we’ll have war then, or maybe a large comprehensive deal? But one thing is certain: atritudes are going to change, if begrudgingly.

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