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MAY 2021

Russian Navy Launches Live-Fire Exercises Off Syrian Coast Amid Expected US Strikes

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Russian Navy Launches Live-Fire Exercises Off Syrian Coast Amid Expected US Strikes

Russian navy ships fire off missiles at a parade. Stringer/REUTERS

Russia has scheduled a missile-firing exercise in the eastern Mediterranean as US President Donald Trump have threatened Syia and Russian forces deployed in the country with “smart” missiles.

The Russian military exercises, including missile-firing, will be held from April 11 to April 26 around Nicosia in the eastern Mediterranean.

A similar warning was earlier issued by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), which had recommended all aircraft to supervise over their flights in the eastern Mediterranean region within the next 72 hours. The warning appeared due to possible airstrikes on Syria involving cruise missiles or air-to-surface missiles.

Meanwhile, the US Navy P-8A Poseidon maritime patrol plane, known as a “submarine killer”, was observed by the flying to south of Cyprus, having likely departed from Naval Air Station Sigonella in Italy, and headed eastward toward Syria.

According to the satellite images, eleven Russian battleships have already left the port of Tartus for the exercise.

The Russian military exercises off Syria’s coast is another signal showing the developing escalation scennario in the region. Some media activists already described the exercises as an answer to President Trump’s threats.

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  1. Russie Unie says:

    Come on Donnie ! I’ll promise you’ll end like a Peking duck ! DEATH TO THE USA AND ISRAEL !!!

  2. jerry hamilton says:

    This could be a very real psychological threat to sailors in America’s navy.

    1. Redadmiral says:

      The Yanki navy has increased its supply of diapers ten-fold………Lol

      1. You can call me Al says:

        Do the new transgender navy have specially designed nappies ? – how does it work as a tranny ?.

    2. Starlight says:

      No- this LITERALLY proves Russia will do nothing in an actual conflict between the combined forces of the West (now far more than just Britain, France and the USA) and Syria. Russia is on the verge of deserting Syria.

    3. zman says:

      Oh, yeah. Can’t you hear the radar man calling the Captain… ‘Sir, you have to come see this…I think we’re under attack. Captain? CAPTAIN?’ Anything could happen…ever see the Bedford Incident?

      1. Attrition47 says:

        Yes, the first time I didn’t notice it was Moby Dick, I was too busy laughing at Sid Poitier taking the piss.

    4. FlorianGeyer says:

      Many senior US navy officers last year were involved in a bribery scandal. It was said at the time that naval morale was very low. All the US navy as done in recent years is shoot AT people who could not shoot back.

      The Russian navy can shoot back and accurately as well. :)

      1. jerry hamilton says:

        I knew an admiral or two had been sacked but not about the bribery.
        I had just been thinking about it.
        Americans are lying like jews. They are behaving like jews more and more.
        I strongly feel it has to be stopped.
        I sometimes feel I am putting too much of my hopes on Putin and we may be on the receiving end.
        It’s Brandy o’clock.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          It was all to do with a businessman who provided services to US navy ships in foreign ports. He bribed naval officers to tell him where they were headed for, so he had services and products in place ready to sell to the navy.

          1. jerry hamilton says:

            Clever businessman. Corrupt Navy.
            So much of what you read about America is corrupt though.
            Clinton, the biggest thief they ever had is still not in jail.
            Mind you we are as bad.
            Blair should have been executed.

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            Hung Drawn and Quartered preferably :)

    1. Starlight says:

      Ah, the trolls STILL boosting the narrative of the MI6 false flag. As if MI6 is unaware of its own tricks.

      Trolls want you to focus on ANYTHING but the actual problem at hand.

      1. Nigel Maund says:

        Starlight…………don’t you read the MSM news. Even they are carrying the story that the Head of the UK Biological and Chemical Warfare Establishment at Porton Down near Salibury has publically stated on the BBC that there is no evidence the Russians carried out any such poisoning of Skripal or his daughter Yulia. Indeed, they have not even identified the chemical used as this would take weeks. The entire story has quite literally fallen apart, just as the Russians said it would, to the enormous international embarassment of the UK Government . So your comment above is simply crass and uninformed. If you want to comment on this site – get your facts straight!!

    2. Sephy says:

      She looks great

      1. You can call me Al says:

        Take that extra glass and see her change – just like that.

        With her, you need your beer googles on for 5 minutes until they melt, then so and so on, even heroin does not work.

  3. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

    Russia sticking its teeth out for the first time? Is it possible that even the super quiet and peaceful Putin gets tired of so many insults and bad attitude from the Americans then? Seeing is believing.

    1. Starlight says:

      Putin is LITERALLY sabre rattling, which in Russia’s case is what Russia always does just before RUNNING AWAY (see the Kosovo War and the Iraq Invasion for previous examples of Russian cowardice)

      1. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

        You made me laugh with your comment but sadly I have to admit that you are not wrong at all.
        It is more than likely the scenario that you projected in your reasoning I fear,
        my friend.

        1. Tudor Miron says:

          Terence, when Kosovo and Iraq happened Russia was in ruins left after collapse of CCCP. But we’re back.

          1. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

            Yes my friend, and believe me by telling you that I pray with all my strength for that.
            Because the world already needs so much a strong and healthy Russia capable of putting a brake to the demons and destroyers of the planet earth called americans.

      2. jj says:

        Russia did not have any troops or defenses – not to mention a naval base – in Kosovo or the area when NATO attacked.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          I do remember a battalion or so of Russian paratroopers ( I think) landed at an airbase in or near Kosovo and the NATO gang were shitting their pants :)

          1. FlorianGeyer says:

            That’s it. Thanks :)

      3. Steve Bell says:

        Really? Ask Germans about Russian “cowardice”, moron.

    2. BMWA1 says:

      Plus, this costs money….actually, this is significant.

    3. Rob says:


      Saddam and his nation were innocent just they invaded Iraq for Israeli migrants.

      Trump, May and Macron like witches deluding the world by false chemical attacks in Syria to make it reason to invade Syria.

      US, UK and France have invaded Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya etc. have done massacre there for occupying lands and now Russia are trying their best to stop massacre there and liberate these lands from these witches.

    4. Attrition47 says:

      If the Russians blink now, everything they have done to help Syria defeat the US head-chopping, heart-eating, rapers and slavers will be for nothing. Stick American Caesar’s brinkmanship up his arse.

    5. 888mladen . says:

      Terence read this:
      Use Google Translator.
      It doesn’t look to me that RU has made serious preparations for what’s coming. In other words it doesn’t seem like they have been planing for any major confrontation with US NATO and coalition forces on Syrian soil. RU projection of force into Syria is not sufficient enough to deter their aggression. If conflict happens RU forces will be overwhelmed by US NATO coalition firepower. Putin (Pusin) definitely lacks Kim’s determination to strike at major US cities. If RU gets defeated in SY it could mean the end of Pusin. There is already serious difference between him and the army generals about how to respond to the current challenge. My assessment of him is that he is a low risk person and that is not what you need in the current situation. He is too much hopeful of a bright future when all mankind will live at peace and prosperity. And remember he let US and Turkey into Syria. And now what’s gonna happen with Turkey when it come to the push? It looks almost certain that it will side with NATO. Not a bright prospect for Syrian future at all. The road to hell is paved by good intentions.

      1. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

        Then I am afraid that I was completely right in my previous comments and much more
        with your analysis confirming my suspicions that Russia will not change its usual peaceful position in the face of the next major aggressions of the Americans on the horizon.
        Believe me that our position on Russia, however rational and logical it may be, will always be very unpopular here among the most utopian commentators of Southfront.
        But time will give us the reason for more unpopular that it would be, at the end. .
        Very good and logical analysis, my friend.

        1. 888mladen . says:

          A well put together construct “utopian commentators”.

        2. Chinedu says:

          Terrence, A lot of commentators and analysts are just wrong about everything in this case. Russia/Putin has shown a lot of determination and at the same time restraint in dealing with US and Israel over Syria. It is typical of Russia (dating back to the tsarists period) to appear weak before any conflict and hence the reason why they have always been underestimated by their opponents… Remember both Hitler and Napoleon comments before they attacked/invaded Russia?

          That said, what many analysts are interested in is just sheer numbers. Having many warships, frigates, subs, navy destroyers etc. does not mean anything to someone who possesses anti ship missiles. Russia does not need to have the same amount of naval assets of the combined number of US, UK and France. Russia has got enough anti ship missiles capable of destroying all and every naval assets of the allied power, and that my friend is what matters. In this war all that counts are ANTI SHIP MISSILES and INTEGRATED AIR DEFENCE, which you do agree that Russia is the best in the world in this regard. Currently, Russia has got enough batteries for their s300 and s400 and they have enough integrated air defence. Russia also has brought in enormous amount of fighter and bomber jets for forward deployment and attacks.

          Infact looking at Russia contingent forces in Syria, I SAY BRING IT ON!

          1. Terence Silvestre Jr. says:

            I am excited by the content of your comment, wishing with all my heart that Russia can be up to the great challenges being planted by the United States along with her herd and puppets in NATO.
            I hope that time can grant you the reason confirming the correctness of your analysis, and may Russia get out victorious with its head held high,
            while coming out well rid, of each and every one of its challenges, my dear friend.

  4. Roger Snellman says:

    As usual Puny ED Putin shoots his wad during the foreplay. Stormy sez Trump shoots missiles all night long.

    1. Russie Unie says:

      I guess you’re a Tsahal Troll.

      1. Starlight says:

        ??? these types of ‘obvious’ ‘baiting’ trolls tag team with the real workers- the key zionist trolls like The Saker.

      2. Roger Snellman says:

        That insult went right over my head. What is a Tsahal Troll?

      3. FlorianGeyer says:

        Roger is a Jew Ladyboy. He likes young boys as well.

    2. zman says:

      I hope to god you are not an American. Trump is bad enough to have to live down without you piling on the manure.

      1. You can call me Al says:

        Unfortunately zman…. I hate to say it, but !!!, he is.

    3. You can call me Al says:

      You are starting to irate me, you stupid braid dead zio-yank. FO.

  5. georgeking says:

    Mr. Putin is doing are he can to bring a bit of Sanity to Trump! One hopes the Generals and Admirals have more sense and guts to do what is right and stand down.

    But one fears they do not have the Balls to say no to War!

    1. Starlight says:

      Er- NO! that’s the last thing zionist appeaser Putin is doing. Like all appeasers in Human History, Putin is emboldening Trump all the more.

  6. nilst2011 says:

    Worth watching – The Jimmy Dore Show – Russia Has Devised New Generation Of Nuclear Weapons with Oliver Stone : https://youtu.be/9tIeKzOL_Qw

    1. Starlight says:

      Both the USA and Russia have insane deadly ‘new’ nuclear warheads developed from the 1960s onwards. Our knowledge of nuke tech pretty much stops with the neutron bombs of the 1950s. How far have computers come since that date? Nukes have advanced every bit as much.

    1. Starlight says:

      This point cannot be overstated. Putin’s appeasement has got the US public frothing at the mouth demanding that Trump give the Russians a good beating.

      One of the more interesting co-ordinated jewish trolling you’ll see in most forums these days is the person who claims nuclear weapons are FAKE- yeah, you read that correctly, no such things as nuclear weapons. This plays VERY well with the kids educated across the Tony Blair period, from just after the first Gulf War to the present day.

      Then there are those Yanks who know Russia has nukes, but think the ‘commies’ have such a crap and inefficient society, everything they build is useless junk. So Russian nukes are no threat to the US war machine. Sadly these yanks are thick for the same reason most of the regulars here are thick- no education. And a person with no education from our current age of universal schooling always leaves school telling him/herself that he/she is every bit as ‘clever’ as anyone else.

      In reality, Russia has brilliant engineers, scientists and mathematicians that make far more of Russia’s meagre resources than the over-privileged yanks make of America’s infinite wealth. Until the 1990s, people of the West KNEW this cos they had watched ‘failed’ ‘trashed’ Russia rise from the ashes of WW2 in a matter of years and DESTROY the yanks in space and nuke tech. The magnificence of such a rise had no prior precedent in Human History, and left even the worst enemies of the USSR in awe.

      Blair’s kids know NOTHING of this. Tony Blair is lord and master of many generations of people in the West now even if they have never even heard his name. Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube etc etc etc perfectly indoctinate with Blair’s demonic purpose.

      Tony Blair’s attack dog, the US war machine, is now poised once again to bring down a helpless target, and once again Blair has the braindead riff-raff of the USA cheering for the coming atrocity.

      1. RichardD says:

        “Putin’s appeasement has got the US public frothing at the mouth demanding that Trump give the Russians a good beating.”

        The only one frothing at the mouth is you. You’re a complete head case.

        1. al quaida says:

          I don’t bother to read his very lengthy rants anymore, I see his name and skip to the next comment.

          1. Judith says:

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        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          Starlight has sucked some the British ‘Novochok’ of his boyfriends dick and is now frothing at the mouth.

          He will be better in a week or so Richard.

          1. RichardD says:

            You’re too generous in your prognoses, after a lifetime immersed in Jew corruption, they may never recover until they’re closer to death and realize that the only thing that they’ve accomplished is to alienate much of their fellow humans with their Talmud antisocial behavior.

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            The Jews need a miracle Richard :)

          3. RichardD says:

            They’re both perpetrators and victims. The problem is the ideology. They have a large defection rate of people who reject it. The rational solution is just to outlaw it, prosecute those guilty of crimes, and put it behind us.

        3. Deo Cass says:

          Putin’s appeasement is real. It was Putin who let the Americans take all of North-Eastern Syria on the Eastern shores of the Euphrates river. To be honest, I don’t like either Russian ambassador to the UN hugging and kissing the satanic witch Nikki Haley. Makes me suspect more than ever that Russia is in cohorts with the US as it is with the Zionist tyranny occupying Palestine. My assessment is that if the US and co do attack Syria, Russia would have approved it whatever it says in public. Let’s hope I’m wrong.

          1. RichardD says:

            Putin didn’t let the US take east of the river. It was in regime change hands already. The Syrian government has gone from 10% of Syria under their control to 70% due to Russian intervention. They didn’t have the resources to clear west of the river and east of the river at the same time. Once the mopping up operations west of the river are further along. Those freed up resources will be used to clear east of the river on an as needed basis.

      2. John Whitehot says:

        why do you sound like a woman that is constantly on menstruations?

        1. Tudor Miron says:


        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          He is a bloody headache I agree John.

          1. goingbrokes says:

            He’s paid to be a headache.

      3. Merijn says:

        All of a sudden You must have changed your mind about Russia…you are very close to reality in your remark…The U.S. Citizens & European Citizens in general don’t have the Slightest Idea of what is about to come… But..the Whole Western Society will be very, Very surprised when the Hordes are comin’…imagine the look on their faces.. in complete shock & awe..it will be like a Close Encounter of the third Kind…

      4. Fred Dozer says:

        Based on what your saying, If I were Putin. Right now I would tell NATO. Turn your ships around now or we Will USE OUR NUKES. You want war, Washington, London, Paris is gone. And one week to get out of Syria.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          Israel should be first to go.
          I would be unfair to deny the citizens of Washington ,London and Paris to see what a REAL Holocaust looks like :)

          1. Fred Dozer says:

            Yea, but the fallout would be in Syria.Conventional weapons against Israel. Maybe I”m wrong ?

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            I was having a whimsical moment Fred :)
            Maybe one day :)

      5. Behold a Pale Horse says:

        Aint no nukes bro

      6. ruca says:

        Wordy pile of crap as usual. How much do you get paid for this?

      7. j. jaxson says:

        yes i understand.

      8. Deo Cass says:

        Good comment. I agree Putin should have acted tough from the very beginning when he had complete air superiority in Syria. Instead he opted to offer a broad anti-ISIS coalition to Russia’s arch enemies which the Zio-Nazis immediately grasped only to turn the tables on Putin and Russia again. That was Putin’s greatest blunder. The other was trusting Erdogan and believing in his fake conversion. That leads us to this situation where now Putin has no other alternative than to act tough and confront force with force.

    2. 888mladen . says:

      It must be approximately the same percentage as those who are permanently on drugs grown in Afghanistan under the watchful eye of CIA and Bush’s family.

    3. EL ZORRO says:

      Twitter is rigging the answers, they only allow the twitter favorable to their agenda, all the others are eliminated, remember, the CIA CONTROLLED all the media PROPAGANDA.

    4. Dušan Mirić says:

      Well, niki (Monster) halley said they would slap Russia when it needed!!!
      Hang her high!

    5. Nigel Maund says:

      Yes the US gung ho jingoists are in for one hell of a shock. They say ignorance is bliss and the classic mistake as described in Sun Tzu’s book “The Art of War” – underestimation of your enemies capabilities. The USA is 44th in the world table of best educated countries – this alone speaks volumes for their lack of education and knowledge.

    6. Fred Dozer says:

      North Korea has how many nukes ? How many American attacks since maybe, they have nukes. Russia can turn the world to ashes, but you hear morons say attack them. Would Putin ever turn Russia over to NATO without pulling the nuclear trigger ? I think he would pull the trigger if it was his only option. Otherwise why have the weapons at all. We know USA will and have used nukes.

  7. RichardD says:

    There are also Russian ships that have recently come down from Sevastopol. And more are probably on their way. The US Navy has never faced a peer force like this since WWll.


    1. Starlight says:

      ‘cept that in a modern super-power conflict, surface ships are irrelevant JUNK. Each side should be planning to sink all those ships of the other side within the first hour, BEFORE they even have a chance to fire their first shot.

      If Putin were serious (hahahhahahahahaha- god, that’s a good one), it is essential he strikes FIRST as a final warning- and this would simply mean choosing one of America’s lesser ships and sinking it with as hard a strike as possible. The British demonstrated this tactic with the sinking of the Argentine’s Belgrano battleship during the Falklands War.

      It gets worse. So awful is the appeasement by Putin, it literally ENCOURAGES US military planners to consider “accidentally” sinking a couple of Russian ships once the missile strikes and bombing runs begin. Just like Blair ‘ACCIDENTALLY’ bombed the Chinese Embassy in Serbia over and over again during Blair’s Kosovo War. Blair killed many chinese and China ran away immediately afterwards. Tho China worked to have its revenge later. China has the balls Putin is so clearly missing.

      1. RichardD says:

        The Russians aren’t going to start a shooting war with the US. But if they’re attacked, they’l respond in kind. Which will be very poorly received by most Americans who are against getting involved in another Jew war for the baby rapers. Especially one with a peer opponent.

        It’s questionable if the US even has parity, let alone superiority in anti-ship capability. So if US ships are going down while they can’t take out Russian ships. That would be a public image disaster for the US. And it’s a very real possibility. Anything that goes beyond no response from the Russians is going to fuel anti Trump sentiment, and support for his impeachment, immensely in the US.

  8. David Pryce says:

    Has anyone else heard that Russian sr

  9. Starlight says:

    Over and over and over I TOLD you the british, french and americans were planning the greatest concentrated air blitz of Syria yet witnessed in Human History, and this was WEEKS ago long before the recent British false flag.

    Did Southfront?- NO! To the contrary Southfront crowed about Putin’s “victory” in Syria, even as Putin allowed a NATO spearhead to invade from the East.

    Did The Saker? – NO! As usual this zionist troll based in jewish heartland Florida USA, right next to one of America’s most important military facilities, told you all the doubters of Putin were “idiots”.

    Now the moment has come- I predicted a massive, 911 style false flag as the justification, and that’s just what we got with the MI6 Skripal morphing into the nerve gassing of women and kids in East Ghouta (which happened, by the way- MI6 would hardly be stupid enough not to manufacture the evidence when doing so was so trivial).

    And now all of you, thanks to your combined stupidity, face imminent death. Oh, maybe not from this destruction and invasion of Syria- that is still actually intended by the Deep State to assist the path to the biggie, the Iran War. But the Iran War is almost here, and then WW3, and then you are all finished.

    Zionist appeaser Putin COULD have saved the world- this is what is so tragic about the situation we find ourselves in. Putin had built Russia back to being enough of a Great Power to take on the Deep State- no doubt about this. But the jewish monkey on Putin’s back and the jewish monkey on YOUR back (by which I mean the media, including chumps like The Saker) did their job so very well.

    Putin is now down to sabre rattling- the laughable FAIL of any ruined leader. The appeasers of the 1930s rattled their sabres at Adolf Hitler as well, allowing him to go to his generals and say “see, I told you are enemies are paper tigers who will do NOTHING”. And then the nazis rolled into nation after nation.

    Tony Blair’s coalition, for it is that Deep State demon who NEVER left power in the UK, is far larger than any of you yet guess- multi-national to a frightening degree. It has been built with one purpose, to crush everything Russian in Syria- by which I mean anything Russia ever achieved there. Blair expects Putin to leg it- run back to mother Russia sobbing about the “meaness of the meanies”. Then, having driven Russia out of the Middle East, just like the time Blair invaded Iraq, its time to take on Iran.

    1. Steve Bell says:

      For “sabre-rattling”, look no further than in your own backyard… Trump and May. Putin doesn’t rattle, he acts first (check out the Russo-Georgian war, over in 3.5 days). That Trump and May have signalled their intentions well ahead of time suggests either stupidity or bluff. You’ll know which soon enough.

    2. AJ says:

      You really need to cut down these long winded rambling monologues & get to the point – this site is just a geopolitical forum to express opinion – nothing we say has any effect in the real world so how has combined stupidity played any part in decisions taken

  10. leon mc pilibin says:

    The Bully has never had anybody stand up to it like this before,Putin has them by the balls,,lets see how tough they are now,that they have met their match.

    1. zman says:

      Erdo is already wanting to cut and run. Go figure.

      1. Steve Bell says:

        Seen the look on Erdos’s face? He looks confused and scared… like staring at death.

      2. MH370 says:

        erdo is ready to flip side again

    2. Starlight says:

      I assume most people on our side now finally want to see the Russians directly take on Blair’s coalition. So do I. But it isn’t going to happen.

      Take Demon Tony Blair’s FIRST war, the Kosovo War (you know, the one where Blair bombed the Serb’s equivalent of the CIVILIAN BBC headquarters, butchering all the young innocent kids working therethat night- which by the way led to the Serbs assassinating a leading war-mongering member of the BBC, Jill Dando, in revenge). What did Russia do to help their ally, Serbia- oh, that’s right, absolutely nothing. Astonishingly it was CHINA who helped Serbia to such a degree, Tony Blair even ordered direct strikes against the Chinese Embassy.

      The Kosovo War failed for Blair (he wanted the yanks to invade Serbia, but they proved too cowardly), so after Blair’s 9/11 false flag, he finally got the Iraq Invasion (yes, the Afghan invasion happened first, but the Taliban were no-one’s idea of a military opponent). Russia was in Iraq at the time- they reported daily for a period on every detail of the West’s invasion- then when things got too hot after a couple of weeks they legged it- the COMMON Russian pattern.

      Even Russia’s best friends (I mean those with a BRAIN, not the type who comment here or lionise The Saker) agree Russia is the world’s worst ally, now Putin is in charge. When the going gets tough, Putin is but a puff of smoke vanishing into the distance. Just ask the people of Novorussia, blown to pieces each day STILL by the NATO mortars of the neo nazis Putin allows to rule in Ukraine.

      Do none of you ever WARGAME. With computers, wargaming has never been more accessible. If you did you’d know that as an isolated power like Russia, you NEVER allow a massive coalition of all the other powers to build up their forces unchallenged on the doorstep of a nation you are trying to protect. Because once that giant force has assembled, you literally have NOTHING to gain by attacking it, or standing in its way.

      No- you act BEFORE. You STRIKE early and you strike HARD to give the bully a bloody nose, and make the bully understand that this is a tactic you will not stand for. But Putin hasn’t done this. So Putin is putting on a show NOT for the West, but for YOU- to impress and fool YOU. Like we see N Korea does every so often, FOR SHOW.

      PS Putin assumes safely that you illiterate thickies have never even read a military manual like “The Art of War”. If you had done so, you would know it is game over for Russia in Syria, and that Putin is just putting on a show for you before running away. As a Great Power, Russia, of course, can run away in complete SAFETY- its not as if the other powers will hinder these forces or persue them.

      1. Steve Bell says:

        The U.S. had its chance to confront Putin in Georgia 2008 when Russia dispatched the Georgian Israeli/U.S. trained military in 3.5 days. Will Trump/May/Macron try it this time? You’ll know when NY, Washington, London and Paris are vaporised.

      2. AJ says:

        They were the Yeltsin years when the country was still a mess after the 91 collapse – what do you expect with a drunk in charge

  11. Rancho Deluxe says:

    Can you say hey hey look @ me??? The Russians are trying to dress to impress!!!! Question is, do you really think they are all show & no go??? Be careful how you choose!!!!!

  12. TruthSeeker says:

    Do I see a US warship going down in the Mediterranean? This is the perfect false flag attack “Russian warship fires upon US warships” to good to be true.

  13. Jesus says:

    The Russian fleet in the Mediterranean Sea deployed from the Black Sea consists of a cruiser, three modern frigates and several other older ships along with multiple Kilo subs.
    The cruiser (Moskva) has very good surface to surface missile capability with 16 Bazalt supersonic missiles which can be carrier killers, and air to air capability of 64 S300F.
    The Grigorovich class frigates have a surface to surface capability of 8 Oniks and Kaliber missiles and 20 Surface to air Sthil missiles.

    The costal S300 and S400 can provide additional air support for the ships up to 250-300Kms to the sea, and more with fighter air cover and Suk 34s armed with cruise missiles.

    Russia can control any air activity all over Cyprus and several hundred kms beyond, Kaliber missiles along with the supersonic Oniks cruise missiles will pose the greatest danger. The supersonic Bazalt is deadly, however it’s accuracy is not as good.

    A carrier task force equipped with mediocre surface to surface capability, and being kept away 600-800 kms from the Syrian coast lines with the naval weapons I described would not be able to effectively launch its aircraft for meaningful missions.

    However, if Russia chose to to use a concentrated force of Kaliber missiles launched from land in combination with Kh 32 and Kh 101 long range cruise missiles, US carriers will not be safe in the Mediterranean Sea.

  14. Ivan Freely says:

    Foolish to waste your missiles. Everybody knows Russian hardware works. It will suck for Russia when NATO attack when Russian ships are getting resupplied.

    1. Tudor Miron says:

      Don’t think they are that stupid.

  15. Ivan Freely says:

    Any word of Chinese ships in the Med? Trying to verify a rumor.

  16. Tudor Miron says:

    Russian forces are ready to fight. This “exersises” are nothing other than deploying in buttle formations.

  17. Steve Bell says:

    Interesting to see how the U.S. and its stone age tomahawks compare with Russian/Chinese supersonic missiles. After the first couple of U.S. ships are turned into fish food in the blink of an eye, the West will have a choice- death or retreat.

  18. John Brown says:

    Problem solved easily. If Russia wants peace, Russia needs to openly plan a nuclear decapitation strike against world Jewry and the 0.01% racist supremacist Jewish billionaires and trillionaires, Israel and the USSA AIPAC military, the global racist supremacist Jewish confederate slave empire, if they want peace, put nuclear force on alert publically etc. Jews will fight to the last Goyim, but will back down immediately if one Jewish billionaires fingernail would be broken. Let Satanic cowards like Trump,Soros, Sheldon Adelson, Macron etc know they and their Rothchild masters not the goyim of the world will be amongst the first to die if they start this war.

  19. RamboDave says:

    This is totally brilliant, Russia. I am very impressed. The US will at least be forced to wait another week until their aircraft carrier group arrives. Meanwhile, anti-war voices are just now appearing on the talk shows. The inspectors will have time to inspect Douma and interview people. Journalists will be swarming the place.
    The neocon-Zionists will be forced to back down. This whole episode will be a footnote in history. Twenty years from now we will all look back and have good laugh, and say …. “remember when WW3 almost started because some guys with a water hose spraying some children in that fake video” ?

  20. AJ says:

    Is is a good idea to waste munitions at a time like this?

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