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Russian MoD Says US-led Coalition’s Secrecy Aimed To Evade Responsibility for Civilian Casualties

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Russian MoD Says US-led Coalition's Secrecy Aimed To Evade Responsibility for Civilian Casualties

© USAF / Tech. Sgt. Taylor Worley / Reuters

The secrecy of the actions of the US Air Force in Syria has allowed to evade responsibility for civilian casualties, the Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said on Wednesday.

“The aviation of the US Air Force and the international coalition tries to act in secrecy during operations in Syria. Our US colleagues do not like to notify of their plans of use of their military planes, only rarely outlining the approximate timeframe and area. But not the specific types of planes and to whom they belong. This allowed the coalition’s planes to evade responsibility for civilian deaths and destruction of civilian objects in vases of tragic ‘mistakes,” Konashenkov said.

Konashenkov added that US military officials are often nowhere to be found on the other end of a hotline set up between Moscow and Washington to discuss and resolve contentious issues in Syria.

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I don´t think the mass murders of the Russians can be compared to a dozen civilians death caused by US airstrikes


I think answers require to stick to the facts, if one wants to be taken seriously – you should try it sometimes.

1st – the US of A is the agressor nr 1 since world war 2 – they have piled up millions of dead since then either by direct or indirect involvement.
That´s what one could call mass murder. The 100s of 1000s of dead during the illegal war against Iraq – a war based on (later on admitted) faked evidence – is mass murder, too. In fact I can´t remember any war the US has initiated (and any war the US was involved in was initiated by them) where the reasons told to the public – freedom and democracy – were “true”.

Tactical bombing with an enemy using civilians as human shields does lead to casualties. But I haven´t heard yet, that the Russians did bomb a marriage ceremony or hospitals on purpose – that is just a unique capability of the US.


Stop watching occident propaganda. Look the information from both sides and make a better judgment and opinion about the matter. Do not be anti-russian by definiton.

John Whitehot

or by need. All those sweet saudi dollaz gonna stop coming @Washington if the yanks armed forces can’t fullfill the zionist/wahabist plan.


“I don´t think” Up to this point you made perfect sense…..everything else is bullshit.


What mass murders? There were no independent journalists in East-Aleppo, there were no verifiable news sources in East-Aleppo. All we had were twitter messages from supposed 7 year olds and whatever else was flung on the internet from god who knows who saying the Russians were carpetbombing the city. So basically Jihadist propaganda was taken, presented and accepted as trustworthy news.

Considering that no mass graves were found of thousands of civilians killed by indiscriminate Russian bombings, although there were mass graves found with the victims of the Jihadists, I’d say that on average the Russians probably did kill more civilians collaterally then the average US Chair Force strike, as they kinda lack most of its advanced guided weaponry, but indiscriminate bombings targeting civilians? That seems about as credible as Colin Powell’s famous presentation to the UN of the supposed Iraqi WMD program.

And that’s excluding that the Russian air group is not that large to engage in large scale carpet bombing and conduct other operations. They barely have enough aircraft to cover all fronts, that’s part of why Palmyra fell, let alone conduct WWII style terror bombing raids.


“there were no verifiable news sources in East-Aleppo” This is why we all rely on Aurelius to keep us informed with in depth analysis. He likes to start the discussion with clear and concise facts and figures! But will not reply! :) / :(

Joseph Scott

Remember, advanced guidance systems are only as accurate as the operators and intel directing them. When you consider a.) the minimal qualifications to be a USAF pilot, and b.) the historical performance of US intelligence agencies and arms of service, especially compared to their Russian counterparts, I very much doubt having more laser-guided munitions will cause less collateral damage per strike.


Define this ‘mass murder’ – what are your numbers and sources for deaths attributed to RuAF?
The USAF regularly hits civilians – in a range of countries it currently regularly bombs across subcontinental Asia to ME, with both conventional aircraft and Predator armed UAV’s – from Pakistan to Syria. The reality is the USAF is in the business of bombing other countries – in any given week they are operating in multiple theaters. That scale of operations adds up to a lot more than a dozen civilian deaths annually. Likewise, the USAF has been deeply involved in the Saudi air campaign in Yemen since 2015. Saudi’s have limited abilities and need US geo-mapping, air-refueling and mechanical expertise – that is more USAF personnel than they care to admit – and they have been part of campaign that has deliberately struck thousands of Yemeni civilians and swathes of civil infrastructure in the poorest country in ME.
Do some basic research once in a while and aim for less turgid Russophobe troll-baiting.


For Heaven’s sake, take your medicine! If you don’t have enough money to pay for it, I think we’ll all chip in so you can get well.

John Whitehot

since other people already took their time in giving you correct and polite replies, I’ll limit myself at just laughing out loud at your face.

Carol Davidek-Waller

That’s what you consider correct and polite?

John Whitehot

i don’t – you must have misread the above.

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

Absolutely amazing. The US now supports the very head-chopping ilk in Syria that murdered 3000 on 9/11, just to remove Assad. Do tell, how does it feel to be the cheerleaders, trainers and fans of ISIS and Al-Queda in Syria? Absolutely amazing!

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