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JUNE 2023

Russian MoD Reveals Why Syria Didn’t Activate Its Air Defenses During Recent Israeli Attack On Lattakia

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Russian MoD Reveals Why Syria Didn’t Activate Its Air Defenses During Recent Israeli Attack On Lattakia

FILE PHOTO An Israeli F-16 fighter jet © Amir Cohen / Reuters

Syria didn’t activate its air defenses to stop the December 28 Israeli attack on the port of Lattakia because at the time an aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces was landing at the nearby Hmeimim Air Base, Oleg Zhuravlev, Deputy Head of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria, revealed at a briefing held after the attack.

The Russian officer also shared new details on the Israeli aerial attack, which inflicted some heavy material losses on Lattakia port.

“From 04:21 to 04:26, two F-16 tactical fighters of the Israeli Air Force from the Mediterranean Sea, without crossing the border, struck with four guided missiles at facilities in the port of Latakia. As a result of the Israeli strike, minor material damage to the port infrastructure was inflicted,” Zhuravlev said.

The Israeli attack didn’t result in material losses only. According to Syrian pro-government sources, two people were killed. At least one of the victims was a service member.

The Syrian decision to not engaging the Israeli fighters in order to avoid any friendly fire incident was responsible. On 17 September 2018, Israeli fighter jets on a mission to strike targets on the Syrian coast used a Russian Il-20 intelligence plane as a cover from Syrian air defenses. The plane was shot down by friendly fire. Back then, 15 Russian service members were killed.

This was the second Israeli attack on Lattakia port and the third to target Syrian territory in general during December. On December 7, several airstrikes targeted the Port of Lattakia. Several containers, which were stored in the port’s main shipping yard, were destroyed in the attack. However, there were no casualties. On December 16, a series of airstrikes targeted Damascus International Airport. The southern runway was heavily damaged. A service member was also killed.

These attacks were a part of Israel’s “War-Between-Wars” military campaign, which is meant to push Iran and its allies out of Syria as well as to prevent them from developing their offensive capabilities. None of these objectives have been achieved as of yet.



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According to official CDC numbers.

Among the 1-17 age group the death rate from Covid-19 is .0025%. The overall death rate from the Covid Vaccine is .0046%

Where is the sense in injecting those children? There is none.

With all the fear and stupidity, you would think Howie Mandell was running the country. They act just like germaphobes. No reason or logic, just fear.


Fkin cowards using terrorist methods of “human shields” ..


Zion also kills their own “kind” Jews to justify the need for Zion’s “statehood”. Iraqi Jews were getting killed by Zion so they leave for Palestine.

-When the Zionist Underground Planted Bombs Outside Baghdad’s Jewish Cafés and Synagogues “An article in Electronic Intifada by Ali Abunimah on what happened in Iraq in 1950-1, when the Zionist underground set off bombs in order to ‘persuade’ Iraqi Jewry to emigrate to Israel”

Chris Gr

To be true, Judaism is not an ethnic group but a religion.


it proves Russian allowed coward Israeli to attack . Russian are pro Israeli pusdy

Lone Ranger


Peter Wallace

As long as Israel doesn’t touch Russian assets Russia has allowed Israel all the freedom to do as it pleases in Syria. That has been obvious for a long time. Russia doesn’t want to confront Israel as that would then include having to confront the US.


Sometimes it seems so.

Michel LeBlanc

No it shows the israeli cowards have to hide behind others. True cowards they are.

Soon there will be zionist bbq, just wait.


Yes. That has been clear for a while now.

You have to remember that the leaders of the biggest countries in this world fear the “Jews” because they believe that the “Jews” are God’s chosen and HE will fight for them.

This comes from a severe misinterpretation of Scripture and is basically a rejection of it’s true Spiritual teaching.

That is why “Israel” gets special treatment and impunity at the U.N..

This is also proof that the end time deception which people expect has already happened.

Peter Wallace

Israel doesn’t get impunity at the UN. Many many times the UN has condemned Israel or told it to stop but Israel ignores every resolution against it. It refuses the ICC any jurisdiction as does the US and as per the ICC charter there is sweet FA they can do about it. It all means Israel and the US are laws untoo themselves when it comes to war crimes and crimes against humanity. The UN is powerless to do anything more.


The fact that Israel “ignores every resolution”, as you put it, just proves my point. But the fact is that there has never been a resolution to punish Israel. A resolution codemning an action is nothing anyway.


I understand what you mean and I agree. Unfortunately the system which countries agreed upon for governing international relations (the UN) has some flaws that allows the US to veto at least 53 UNSC resolutions for Israel since ’70s (total number of times the US vetoed are 82). US veto is one of major reasons for the chaos we see today in west Asia (there are other important reasons, such as active or indirect involvement of US terrorism against this part of the world, not intended to downplay its terror acts against the rest of the world).

The US has no veto power over UNGA, hence the numerous condemnations with large margins immediately followed by shrieks from the crazies… In UNGA usually between 2-13 countries vote against condemnation of the Occupying Regime’s crimes. 2 are always there: Themselves and Americans.

Last edited 1 year ago by Garga

Yes. The veto power of the 5 major members just shows what a farce and a deception the U.N. is. But again, regardless of the symbolic condemnations, Israel operates with impunity.


Obviously dude. There is no question about it. When US struck Syria in 2018, Russia was prepared to fight US and threatened severe retaliation. Israel strikes on a weekly basis and not a word about it.

L du Plessis

israel needs a painfull lesson!!

Peter Wallace

We would all love to see that but who is going to do it and when. Been waiting decades for it. They purposely attacked a US ship the Liberty and America apologised for being in the way. Iran has not attacked another country since 1856 and they are not interested in doing so yet. So as long as Israel doesn’t push too far they know they can get away with whatever they like.

Icarus Tanović

They are pushing farer and farer.

Peter Wallace

If they are going to use Russian planes as cover too attack Syria then Russian should let Israel know they will shoot down any such plane. If Syria can’t defend itself then it’s like Israel is attacking a baby in a pram.


yeah, but right now Russia has more pressing issues on its border than a few containers in Latakia…


Russia has more than 20.000 km of land border (out of nearly 60.000km total borders. while Earth’s circumference is about 40,000km). It’s not like Russia has a single cell brain and can’t do 2 things at a time, but: There are other reasons for this. While I’d like them to defend Syria and stop this nuisance, we have to note: Did the Syrian government ask Russia to defend it against the Zionist regime? Russia brought AD systems to Syria to protect its own assets, so they are stationed only in Russian bases and used only to defend Russian assets.

Neither Iran nor Russia went to Syria to fight the Zionist regime, Americans or Turkey. There’s a reason why seemingly state-less terrorists are used by those 3 (and others).

Geopolitics is not a black and white game, there are countless parameters to consider. I do not deny the “special” relations Russia has with the Occupying Regime, just that the relations between states are vastly different from our personal relations. No country did nor will declare war on another for the sake of a 3rd nation, unless they see an interest in doing so or in the case of US they see an excuse for yet another war/dual nationals -for the interest of their true loyalty- push them into war. How do you think Russian/Iranian public opinion handles such scenario?

Chris Gr

Great answer bro, but Syrians and Israelis have ethnic conflicts. Iran and Israel have religious conflicts only not ethnic.

Lance Ripplinger

Israel knows that what they are doing is completely illegal. Notice how they don’t cross into Syrian airspace. Instead, they either shoot missiles from over Lebanon, or over the Mediterranean Sea. The last time they crossed over Syrian airspace, their F-16’s got shot down. So instead, they continue use the 2018 incident against the Syrians, and hide behind Russian aircraft. They know that the Syrians won’t risk getting radar signatures wrong, and accidentally shoot down their Russian allies again. Infuriating. It has to be absolutely maddening for the Syrian people being unable to stop Israel’s constant attacks.


Two main factors explain why basically happens whenever Israel strikes Syria with impunity :

-Putin is ideologically close to the far-right in Israel and has recently, finally stated on record that for him the security of Israel is of utmost importance. It is a political earthquake of epic proportion for a Russian leader to be so explicit in its preference for a country going technically against Russia’s every interest in the Middle-East , and was not noticed enough one bit. The only vague and lax condition for Israeli strikes to continue would be not to alter the balance on the ground, but even that can be pushed by any given PM in charge. As we also saw, the last time a SIGINT plane was taken down, the military brass alone was infuriated for its dead officers, NOT Putin. Some sort of silent crisis occurred behind the scenes and Putin finally had to offer some sort of reaction to the tragedy by changing his posture overnight. Previously, initially, he scoffed at the news being merely “something that happens in war”, pretty much asking families to kiss his ass in favor of Israel. Exactly like American leaders do when waging war to the last US soldiers in Iraq for the sake of Tel-Aviv first and foremost.

-Assad,now more than ever before in his reign, an extremely weak leader when it comes to Israel, the latter having pushed insult to injure as far as to literally send his cabinet diplomatic notes and telex in the past stating that he will personally be killed in the event of any kind of escalation with the Zionist state. He lost the little legitimacy he once had after the decades-long civil war that is continuing to linger in key parts of his territory , which certainly does not help.

So in the end, he is left being entirely dependent on a superpower patron called Russia that openly spits in its face when it comes to Israel hitting it : it’s “take it or leave it” from the Tzar. Either he accepts the whole package with Turkey and the US kept at bay from 70% of his territory and not colonizing it further than they already have in their respective areas of influence and occupation, AND Israel using it as a punchbag whenever it wants to vent frustration from its inability to hit Lebanon or Iran directly instead , or Russia packing and leaving it for the taking, pre-2015 style. Not a real choice, one of the options obviously being a big no-no.

As long as Syria is rife with jihadist-controlled legions in the North and its main critical ressources and supporting extraction infrastructure is at the hand of US/Israel/GCC supported separatist Kurds, the situation will not evolve. And it is in Russia’s interest for that situation to continue so that they can unconditionally dominate the country for the foreseeable future.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gryzor
Chris Gr

This is very true. However, you are missing a point. When you lose a great war there are consequences. Germany lost two wars but won one that’s why they are united now but they have lost places like Alsace.


Sad but true, prize of war are indeed still a given of the contemporary world. Just like Japan wants the Kuril islands back and Russia will never give in to their request. Or the whole of the USA that was lost by the natives. The list goes on and on. My point is that it doesn’t make the gains any more legitimate, especially when we refer to “modern times” where a resemblance of an more civilized order of nation is supposed to offer better alternatives than a persistance of the rule of the jungle.


I think if Iran had anything significant worth bombing, the last place they would leave it would be on the dock sitting around like a duck. Sounds like it’s retaliation of some-sort for not being able to reach the real target/s further inland.


It has nothing to do with Iran, they are targeting Syria’s food security by attacking a commercial port while the US is looting grains from Syria’s farmlands. The Dec 7th bombing targeted food shipments. Rice, Nescafe 3×1 and diapers (it was so embarrassing that some outlets changed it into “cloths”). Either they suck at intelligence or their aim is something very sinister.

Here’s a footage of aftermath of Dec. 7th bombing: https://twitter.com/i/status/1468065535619334148

Here’s the 10kg rice sack we see in the above video. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FF-d7z5VQAAnDKn?format=jpg&name=large


Hiding behind friendly aircraft is an old tactic. It can be countered by changing the standard departure and arrival procedures and by patrolling drones with radar and other devices to scan the skies. Somebody sleeps at the wheel.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mario8282
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