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Russian MoD Reveals Routes Of Patrols In Northeast Syria (Map)


On October 30, the Ministry of Defense of Russia released a detailed map revealing the areas that will be patrolled by the Russian Military Police in northeast Syria as a part of the recent agreement with Turkey. According to the ministry’s map, Russian patrols will be carried out between the following villages and towns:

  • Ajami – Bozekli (near Manbij)
  • Ajami – Meshrefa (near Manbij)
  • Ajami – Avshariya (near Manbij)
  • Ajami – Karakozak (near Manbij)
  • Korakozak-Kobani-Koran (near Kobani)
  • Qamishli-Faqira (Near Ras al-Ayn)
  • Qamishli-Simalka (near the Iraqi border)
Russian MoD Reveals Routes Of Patrols In Northeast Syria (Map)

Click to see full-size map.

Earlier, the Turkish Ministry of National Defence announced that the talks with the Russian military, which were held in Ankara, have been completed. The talks discussed several issues related to the agreement on northeast Syria.

“The Negotiations progressed positive and constructive, and tactical and technical aspects of the field application of the issues within the text of the agreement were discussed,” a statement by the Turkish ministry reads.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan reached the agreement following a long face-to-face meeting in the Russian city of Sochi on October 22. Despite repeated violations by Turkish-backed militants in northeast Syria, the agreement has been holding, so far.

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