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JUNE 2023

Russian MoD Releases Footage Of Recent Strikes On ‘US-Trained Terrorists’ In Syria’s Raqqa

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Russian MoD Releases Footage Of Recent Strikes On ‘US-Trained Terrorists’ In Syria’s Raqqa

File image. Source: the Russian Ministry of Defense.

On June 25, the Russian Ministry of Defense released footage showing the elimination of an ISIS cell responsible for the recent deadly ambush in central Syria.

In a statement, the MoD said that the terrorist cell was one of many trained by the US at al-Tanf garrison in Syria’s southeastern region.

“The terrorist cells, that have been trained in al-Tanf area by Daesh [ISIS] terrorist organization, and whom the US considers as one of the tools of achieving its foreign policy priorities in Syria, are attacking the civilians and the Syrian civil facilities, including oil facilities,” the statement said.

The MoD added that the cells’ ambush, which took place near the administrative border between Raqqa and Deir Ezzor, claimed the lives of 14 people and wounded five others. The Syria Arab Army (SAA) launched a combing operation in the region in response to the ambush.

Russian drones were able to locate the cell in the southern Raqqa countryside. Immediately, the terrorists and their vehicles were targeted by Russian warplanes and the SAA.

The Russian MoD concluded its statement with a warning to terrorists in Syria, especially those taking shelter in US-occupied areas.

“Every terrorist, wherever he hides, must know and remember that punishment is coming,” the ministry said.

In mid-June, a series of Russian airstrikes hit positions of US proxies near al-Tanf garrison. Back then, it was reported that the airstrikes were a response to an attack with a roadside bomb that resulted in Russian military casualties.

Syria and Russia has warned on several occasions that the US is training terrorists at al-Tanf. US proxies in the area were also accused of providing logistic support to ISIS cells in central Syria. Despite these warnings, terrorists are still active in US-occupied areas.


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Last edited 11 months ago by Anglia
Assad Defeated Zionists

NATO hypocrisy is disgusting. Not only do they break international law with their illegal occupation of Syrian territory but they also collude and directly help ISIS Sunni-Wahhabis. During the “September 2016 Deir ez-Zor air raid” that lasted hours they killed 83 and wounded more than 120 Syrian army soldiers that were defending Tharda mountain a key position for the defense of Deir Ezzor airport. Minutes after the airstrike ISIS attacked and overran those positions. The coalition then said it was an innocent mistake. Yeah right. They can hit a moving car inside a heavily populated urban area with a hellfire ninja missile and only kill the occupants. Of course they knew those were fortified Syrian army areas.


Huh!?! They created ISIS. If you watch carefully at the timings you will see that:

1. Baghdadi was released from Abu Ghraib ( we are talking about an infamous and uber dangerous terrorist ) mere weeks after Obama tried to invade Syria and Russia put its ships in front of the syrian coast

2. after 3 weeks ISIS was born, perfectly organized, armed, coordinated, invincible to the point of making sausage of the iraqi army ( trained by nato!! )

3. the general commanding the iraqi force left the heavy weapons and armoured vehicles and ordered his men to flee

seriously, who the hell can believe such bullshit? it is crystal clear the muricans made it


Don’t know about heavy weapons in point 3, but I know about numerous humvees and hand weapons taken by DAESH with no fight, same as ~500 million dollars in bank of Mosul. All members of self-proclaimed coalition under the US did nothing, i remember the news that “coalition destroyed terrorists motorbike and bulldozer”. Good fighting against terrorism, yeah. They didn’t fighting terrorism at all, they supported it and and even struck at army of Syria sometimes. That’s how DAESH reached outskirts of Damascus.

Assad Defeated Zionists

Now that you mention it actually sounds very plausible. After Americans voted for Obama to withdraw US troops from Iraq the only way for them to go back and re-establish bases there would be what you just mentioned. I guess the “Deep State” overruled Obama.


Jens StoltenBERG and the rest of the jews that run the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization always fund terrorist proxy groups to try to weaken Russia from all angles, but they are failing hard.

Bob - Enough

Good stuff. Hey SF – get these trolls / bots / whatever off the site, they really are pissing me off. AMIWHITE FOR ONE.


The US is illegally occupying land in Syria and could be attacked by Syrian government legitimately. They set up bases there just because they could, with no legal justification in any firm. The Russians are there at the invitation of the Syrian government. Hiding and training ISIS terrorists is even more reason to blast the US bases.

Florian Geyer

When Russia has control of Ukraine the US squatters in Syria will be will be removed by all necessary means, and there will be a global push to ‘Cancel’ the US interference everywhere, in my opinion.

Slava Russiya.

Hayate kirino

That video quality is from the 90s’

Peter Jennings

The US/isreali proxy vermin will keep coming, as long as a US Al Tanf garrison exists. The SAA and the Russian forces are just mopping up the blackheads but the acne still exists, in Al Tanf.

Last edited 11 months ago by Peter Jennings
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