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Russian MoD: ISIS Strongholds In Syria Are Located In Areas Controlled By US-led Coalition

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Russian MoD: ISIS Strongholds In Syria Are Located In Areas Controlled By US-led Coalition

Major General Igor Konashenkov

On June 9, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov said that the remaining strongholds of ISIS in Syria are located in areas controlled by the US-led coalition, according to the Russian news outlet Sputnik.

“As for the current situation in the Syrian Arab Republic, we recommend the Pentagon chief to examine the map showing the situation in this country. All remaining pockets of resistance of Daesh [ISIS] terrorists in Syria are located only in areas controlled by the United States,” Konashenkov said in an official statement.

Maj. Gen. Konashenkov statement is likely a response to remarks by US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, who said earlier that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad had triggered a “disaster” “upon his people in Syria” with the help of Russia and Iran.

In his statement, Maj. Gen. Konashenkov said that the Russian MoD was bewildered by “verbal manipulations” of Mattis and noted that the “real disaster” of the Syrian people is in the areas of al-Tanaf and Raqqa , where the US-led coalition and its proxies are illegally deployed.

“The vast majority of US-supplied arms and ammunition fell into the hands of the Syrian al-Qaeda branch – Nusra Front [currently known as Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham] and Daesh, who sought, like Washington, to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government,” Konashenkov said.

This month, ISIS launched two major attacks from areas besieged by the US-led coalition on strategic positions of the SAA and its allies in southern Deir Ezzor. Local observers believe that the coalition is not only ignoring these hostile acts, but also facilitating them.

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John Mason

Russia is in Syria to destroy ISIS and Co, you know where they are so destroy them.

Saaed Wayan

You laugh on who. And the Russian arms trade with distinction


And US and French pussies are not there for that?!
It is on the territory controlled by them that ISS is doing whatever they want.
Russia is there above all to help Assad and theirs allays to “destroy them”.


“Russia is there above all to help Assad”

…..that turns little by little into “to help itself getting out of sanctions”, to get Crimea recognized (maybe Putin gives up Assad’s GOLAN for that..) , to have settled the Ukraine fifty-fifty and to freeze the NATO troops-concentrations thru East.. And the cherish on the bacon = to return to the G8-raptors’ table.

OK Trump tries to play the smart fox = to please Bibi to do something for PUTIN in return of the Russian abstains by an Iran-war, BUT TRIES to make some dollars with that move, not investing POLITICAL COMPROMISES for that: saying “Let Russia back to G8, I want their resources, Gold.. but the rest remains sh*tty for them, so as it is now”..

Yeah… but he found the wrong “target” for such cheap shameless tries: that cold-blooded KGB-snake :)))


In the last few months, it looks more and more like Putin went there ( and STARTED IN FORCE, DETERMINED!) ..to have later something to deal with in exchange to the EU-NATO-USA benevolence and ISRAEL’s support by its Jew-Yorker AIPAC-goons.

First signs: YPG (Israeli assets) ask to talk to ASSAD’s Government and TRUMP starts to yell that he wants RUSSIA back to G8..
As I listed a possible PUTIN-wish-list to give-up some Assad-territories and to shrink some of his Presidential powers.. the very important return to G8 raptors-table was one of the points.

Well… it stinks there and stinks like BIBI..

Promitheas Apollonious

in that case it is time also to have the yanks go back to the shithole they come from.


Hey Prom, I see you are back. All went well?

Promitheas Apollonious

very well yes. R U coming to my territory? We have two boars in the freezer and a small deer . Let the guys know, to start the fires and moonshine the best I tasted yet, we had a very good year with the grapes last year.


ok pro, i do that after traveling is done. If not, then I be for sure there, for celebrating our birthday.


US and NATO support entire SDF, YPG, PKK and Israel which are based on ISIS terrorists.


Any prime minister or president supporting the child butchers Trump, Netanyahu and Israel is in fact declaring himself the child butcher, oppressor and thief……..


This is a charity if somebody assassinate the child butchers Netanyahu and Israel and rescue Palestinian hostages…..



Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

What a shocker lmao

Wise Gandalf

bullshit! Syria should clean th large isis pocket west from euphrates.


.. with WHAT? If no S-300 to protect them from US-Air-Force attacks?

Wise Gandalf

WEST from euphrates. This pocket is between Palmyra and Deir ez zor.


Why Russia is so diplomatic .. just say it . US is ISIS.

End of the story .. bomb them


Russia will bomb the shit out of them and NATO and who ever else is necessary.
But only if U.S. kill Russian soldiers or put even small finger on Crimea or any other part of Russia they will kill everything that moves.

When it comes to Syria that is not their country.
Assad makes calls and Russia chooses to comply or not


Bibi was in Moscow 9th of May 2018, and suddenly Russia stood aside as Israel started to bomb the Iranians and the Hezbollah. Israel even bombed ASSAD’s troops and Russia didn’t say anything !… Macron, Merkel were in Soci, recently..
This all stinks very Zionistic, on my humble opinion..


There was no “sudden” standing aside from Russia and no obscure agreements.
It was and still is well known Russian policy not to stand between Iran and Israel in their conflict and not to take side.
Russia wants good relations with Israel and Syria, Iran as well.
Russia has distanced herself from any arrangements, actions Assad might have with Hezbollah and Iran that are related to Israel.
For very simple reason Russia has arrived to Syria to kill terrorists not to participate in any other wars for interests of any other country.

Russia can be labeled “Zionistic”. Or it can be claimed that Russia is under influence of Israel but than that point of view is very short sighted.
Because that F-16 that was shot down by Syria was shot down only thanks to Russia. They have upgraded old Soviet systems so Assad’s air defenses are dangerous even for very advanced Israel airplanes.
That speaks volumes for itself. Russian support for Assad is clear but that doesn’t mean that Russia will permit herself that Syria or any other country manipulates her into the war against Israel either.

The best example of manipulation is how Israel manipulates US for their wars…..
This is not fairy tail – there are no good and bad countries. Just countries with their interests.


THIS IS “very Zionistic”
comment image

Gregory Casey

Mattis has his head shoved up his ass to utter driveling shxt like he did. How dis Bashar al Assad together with Iranians, Hezbollah and Russia trigger the “disaster” visited upon the people of Syria when neither Iran nor Hezbollah nor Russia became involved in the Syrian War until 2014 – 2015? and when it was the US together with the Hovel of Saud that together initiated the infiltration of outside head-choppers into Syria from 2009/2010 onwards under the very grateful, avaricious and watchful eye of Israel on the one side and gimlet eyes of the the thieves of Ankara on the other who happily peddled guns, military equipment, ammo and NATO grade communications equipment into Syria through Turkey whilst also turning a complete blind eye to the infiltration into Syria of hordes of head-choppers gathering from worldwide to partake in the destruction of the only secular State in the entire Middle East where Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expressions were and are absolutely guaranteed under the Syrian Constitution. Under International pressure, al Assad freed prisoners held in Syrian jails acting on the basis that freeing jihadi prisoners who had preached and fomented the tearing down of the secular Syrian State might cause the pressure to relent but ……….. not in the least! the freed “prisoners of conscience” promptly set about joining and setting up Daesh/IS and Syrian versions of al Qaeda whilst Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Turkey, United States, United Kingdom, France and NATO ensured these dangerous psychopaths were armed to the teeth and handsomely paid for their ‘work’ on behalf of their Western Bosses ……….. all carried out under the noses of our excellent Western Media organizations from CNN to the BBC to Fox to France 24 to ABC, NBC and every other form of prehistoric BC (broadcasting corporations) whose job it was to condemn al Assad and the majority of the Syrian Peoples, from Christians, both Orthodox and Roman, to Sunni to Shia to Jewish and every shade and variation in between whilst blindly praising Daesh/IS/al Nusra/al Sham and every other recipient of western war monies …………..

Obama came and went, appearing only to change his mind on what he had been advised to do from the beginning by the permanent security establishment in Washington & Langley …… something that changed in the State Department when John Kerry took over a poisoned chalice from Clinton who ran ‘point’ for BiBi throughout …….. but not managing to push a change in what was happening resulting from Obama’s own gullibility or stupidity and only to be followed by Trump who ran for Office promising, undertaking and exhorting the gullible of his stated intention to forthwith withdraw from Syria once he had been elected only to immediately run the BiBi/Clinton/Saudi playbook and continue with the support for those wishing to tear down the Syrian State.

And WE, Citizens of Western “democracies” were both blind deaf and dumb to what was happening with the majority of us remaining in such a state of sycophancy.

Grrrrrr !!!!!!


Didn’t read article. SF want people to believe that they are neither a propaganda outlet nor subject to MSM’s vices while they publish whatever nonsense the Russia Foreign Ministry says. Seriously, South Front, LOOK AT YOUR OWN MAP.

Joe Dirt

ivan is drunk on vodka…and Southtard will publish any bullshit they say. Fake news Southtard


comment image%3AnffzfJMC_ylMDjYLGJqLkILjfMc&cuid=3606370


War is always about ridiculous political shenanigans. Without their US / Israeli air cover, the RuAF would destroy ISIS inside a week. It’s a ridiculous political sham, so bad that most NATO / EU nations won’t have a bar of it, leaving it to the real zionist lapdogs.


What a surprising coincidence :)))))))
comment image

Elmarie Muller

Russian tactic of reveal ISIS areas in USA territory just only give time for USA to convert them quickly in ISIS SDF . Russia it’ self doesn’t know who is ISIS OR SDF therefore should force USA Pout of Syria.Both ISIS SDF terrorist are attacking Syrian government for just to be able to negotiate for piece of land, to promote USA terrorists agendas. Russia has the necessary weapons, navy, airforce and tools just attack all ISIS pockets don’t tell us do as you do in Latakia and Idlib.What war is Russia fighting revealing terrorists possession before attack just to led them run away . USA should keep on criticizing for Russians to tell the us we’re the terrorists ISIS SDF is.

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