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JUNE 2023

Russian Missiles Purge Facilities Of ‘Artyom’ Missile And Space Enterprise In Kyiv And More

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Russian Missiles Purge Facilities Of ‘Artyom’ Missile And Space Enterprise In Kyiv And More

Destroyed Ukrainian military equipment in Kherson

As of April 29, the situation on the frontlines in the region of Donbass remains relatively stable amid the continuation of Russian missile strikes on military infrastructure of Ukraine.

Russian forces and DPR units continue their siege on positions of the remnants of Kyiv’s forces hiding in the Azovstal indusrial area in Mariupol city.

Positional fighting and intense artillery strikes on positions of Kyiv’s forces continue in the areas of Ugledar, Mariinka, Krasnogorovka, Avdiivka around Donetsk city.

Meanwhile, LPR troops achieved another tactical success in their clashes with Kyiv’s troops in the area of Popasnaya to the south of the Severodonetsk-Lysichansk agglomeration. To the west of the agglomeration, around Liman, Russian-led forces advanced around settlements of Drobishevo and Stavki.

Russian Missiles Purge Facilities Of ‘Artyom’ Missile And Space Enterprise In Kyiv And More

Destroyed Ukrainian military equipment in Kherson

Russian Missiles Purge Facilities Of ‘Artyom’ Missile And Space Enterprise In Kyiv And More

Destroyed Ukrainian military equipment in Kherson

Russian Missiles Purge Facilities Of ‘Artyom’ Missile And Space Enterprise In Kyiv And More

Destroyed Ukrainian military equipment in Kherson

The active military actions are ongoing in the area of Izum in the south of Kharkiv Region. The advance of the Russian military towards Slavyansk there faced an attempt of Kyiv’s forces counter-attack. Nonetheless, according to reports, this attempt of Kyiv’s forces turned into a total failure. A grouping of pro-Kyiv troops involved in this attempt found itself surrounded Oskil Reservoir and is now being pounded by artillery and heavy weapons.

Media reports speculate that the number of Kyiv’s troops surrounded is up to 1,000. If these claims appear to be true, this will become another major blow to pro-Kyiv forces in the east of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry released a new statement on the progress of its military operation in Ukraine.

According to the statement, a strike with long-range air-based weapons of destroyed the production buildings of the Artyom missile and space enterprise in Kyiv.

At the same time, a strike with sea-based Kalibr cruise missiles destroyed 3 traction power substations near Fastov, Krasnosyolka and Polonnoe railway hubs.

On top of this, the Russian Aerospace Forces launched a missile strike on 10 more Ukrainian military assets. The targets included 9 areas of manpower and military equipment concentration as well as an ammunition depot near Illichovka.

The Russian side says that recently its operational-tactical and army aviation hit 112 military assets of Ukraine. The targeted facilities included 2 command posts, 11 strong points, 95 areas of manpower and military equipment concentration, as well as 4 missile and artillery weapons depots in Pokrovskoe and Gorokhovskoe.

During the night, Russian missile troops have hit 13 strikes.

A Ukrainian Tochka-U missile launcher, from which a strike was launched against residential areas in Kherson city, has been identified and destroyed near Gorokhovskoe, Nikolaev Region.

In addition, 6 areas of Ukrainian manpower and military equipment concentration and 3 artillery batteries of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and a division of multiple rocket launchers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces were destroyed.

In the same period, Russian artillery units carried out 975 firing missions. The neutralised targets are 21 command posts, 69 strong points, 763 areas of manpower and military equipment, and 107 artillery positions. The attacks reportedly resulted in the elimination of more than 280 nationalists and up to 38 armoured and motor vehicles.

Meanwhile, Russian air defence means shot down 13 Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles over Redkodub, Shiykovka, Nevskoe, Malaya Kamyshevakha, Stepnoy Yar, Petrovskoe, Zelenoe Pole, Bukovo, Panteleimonovka, Makeevka, Chernobaevka, including a Bayraktar-TB2 at the Russian-Ukrainian border near Novovodyannoe.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, since the start of the operation Russian forces have destroyed 142 aircraft and 111 helicopters, 634 unmanned aerial vehicles, 278 anti-aircraft missile systems, 2,638 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 304 multiple launch rocket systems, 1,175 field artillery and mortars, as well as 2,467 units of special military vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.


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Is Azovstal over?


Is our 100% guy going to be happy now?

Last edited 1 year ago by good4u
Karl Pomeroy

Thanks for the link. Not sure it’s true yet. Nothing on this in DAN (Donetsk News Agency), but sometimes their news takes a few days to appear. Apparently I’m not in the know: who’s our 100% guy?


Troll: “Is Mariupol 100% liberated” or something like that handle. When I was a kid back in Czechoslovakia we were very skeptic about “Pravda” what in Russian means “Truth” – always lies

Mariupol was 100% liberated

This time for real?

hans raus

Ukrainian forces destroy russian invaders and their Uragan lunchers and supply trucks


Last edited 1 year ago by hans raus

Lucky shot. Look at 1:16 at the damage. 1 out of 6 I must say that the music was good this time :)


so? 1 russian weapon each 50 ukrop weapons? yeah yeah you are surely winning, this is why the various liz truss bitches are going into psycho rampage


WHAT was used? Did the US UK or foreign forces do it?


Just keep taking out infrastructure in the west. Start hitting highway junctions along the border with Poland and Romania.


The front line is still after 2 months so very close to Donetsk! Why? It has only moved maybe 5 kilometers or so and I am wondering if the big city metropol is still within ukrops artillery range? Did the hohols build huge bunkers everywhere 🤔?


And the Kinzhals can’t take out those bunkers? They must be some bunkers


donbas has quite a few coal mines. maybe they converted some to bunkers


Tomorrow 30.4 is the day when Adolf Hitler made suicide in his bunker in Berlin 1945. Will AZOV Nazi pigs follow their leader and make the same in their Azovstal bunker tomorrow? Commit a mass suicide to their hero Hitler and offer themselves as human sacrifices to Satan? I pray they don’t kill the innocent civilians if there are any left in Azovstal 🙏🤲.

Cyric Vigillius

Did he commit suicide or was spirited away to somewhere in South America?

Scientism Is A Cult

Sadly, Hitler escaped the bunker (DNA shows that the alleged “body” was not his). There are theories, some more credible than others, that he fled to either Argentina or Brazil (the latter having him passing in 1984 in bed with his black lover, ahhhh, the irony). Many credible theories suggest he was gay, so this is also up for debate.

But since “Hitler” (or more precisely, Huller or Hutler) was likely the illegitimate son of a Rothschild, the convoluted nature of his lineage and allegiance is still very murky.

Miles Mathis has a good article on his geneology:


stephan williams

You’re so full of shit it runs out over your lips.

Is this the kind of garbage history they teach you dimwits enrolled in Hasbara school?


The best story about this I’ve come across is Harry Cooper’s book “Hitler in Argentina.” Well worth checking out. He follows Hitler’s escape from Berlin to Bariloche, Argentina, where the Fuhrer lived out most of his remaining years, in a beautiful villa by the lake of Bariloche, owned by Mercedes, until he was moved further north, for his own safety, due to the expanding tourism in the area where he had been living. And there he died in the mid sixties, a broken man. And, yes, Eva Braun was with him to the end … the real end that is, not the fake one i Berlin. Apparently she died only a few years ago.


Ukrainian army is so low on armored vehicles, that they’re using civilian cars now to move their forces. What a joke.

UkrOrks Uruks

Very good that Ukro-rats trying these insane counter-attacks like Zelensky and his girlfriend Arestevich promised to their US masters. They leave their shitholes only to be exterminated by Russian artillery in the open.


Looks like Ukraine is having a really bad day.

The Russian meat grinder keeps turning. Front line troops have no air cover or artillery backup. Supplies lines are a bad joke. Officers are ditching troops on the battlefield. I have no doubt the battlefield death toll is greater than 10 to 1.

Shooting fish in a barrel. Reload. Advance. Repeat. 25,000,000 Russians were killed fighting the Nazis in the Great War. Europe will learn the hard war that Russia will not tolerate NAZIS on their border again.

stephan williams

AZOF and the rest aren’t remotely National Socialists, if that what you were attempting to infer with your use of the pejorative, “nazis”. They’re sociopaths – murderous thugs – bankrolled by the same slimy jewish billionaire behind the rise of piano pounder Zelensky.

And that’s ALL they are.


Brilliant deduction, the Russians are a force to be recognized, they just don’t quit!. They proved that in WWII when the Germans thought they had em on there knees in stallongrad. Unfortunately for those German’s laziness took Hold of them then the Russians regrouped an ran those Germans over like they never had ever experienced. All the way back to Berlin. DFWR


https://twitter.com/MrKovalenko/status/1520068931800686594?t=OGPW-lEBjxPcQVxSGS8RFw&s=19 TikTokKaBOOM

Dejan Beric

‘Artyom’ Missile And Space Enterprise was blown into space by missiles.

Joseph similia

Competing world powers

It’s just as the bible said it many centuries ago. Predicted in Daniel chapter 11, the pull and tug of the King of the north and the king of the south. Two great powers on earth both under satanic influence have been battling for centuries, both have the same purpose and that’s world domination exclusive of God Jehovah’s sovereignty. Furthermore, they want people’s worship as Revelation 13 describes.

These two great powers will come to to an agreement of peace the bible prophecy predicts. When the political system thinks they have succeeded in enslaving mankind, the bible says:

” Whenever it is that they are saying, “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, just like birth pains on a pregnant woman, and they will by no means escape. 4 But you, brothers, you are not in darkness, so that the day should overtake you as it would thieves, 5 for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We belong neither to night nor to darkness.” 1 thessallonians 5:3-5.

Satan the devil is behind this struggle of the great powers on earth. His plan is similar to the political system objective, ” rule or ruin”. Diabolical objective is to distract people from the real source of peace and good health, which is no other than God’s kingdom- Revelation 11, 13, and chapter 21.

The Universal issue is: ” who has the right to be rightful sovereign of the earth and universe”.

It’s not really about jabs from pfizer, it’s about total control of the Earth’s inhabitants in whatever means possible and strangle all aspiration and hope of God’s kingdom and it’s rightful ruler for the earth , Jesus Christ appointed by Jehovah God.

We need to pray for God’s kingdom to come soon and judge these beastly powers that disdain Jehovah’s appointed king in heaven, none else but Jesus Christ.

“Your will be done on earth as in heaven, your kingdom come.” Matthew 6.

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