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MAY 2021

Russian Missile, Air Strikes Hit Western Outskirts Of HTS-Held Idlib City (Photos, Videos)

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On November 13 afternoon, a missile struck the western outskirts of the northwestern Syrian city of Idlib, which is occupied by al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS).

Local sources in the Syrian coast confirmed that the missile was launched from Russia’s Hmeimim Air Base located in southern Lattakia.

The missile was likely one of the types that can be launched from the Iskander missile complex, that is known to be deployed in Hmeimim Air Base. The complex can launch a variety of ballistic and cruise missiles.

Late on October 23, two suspected Iskander missiles were launched from Hmeimim Air Base at fuel storage facilities operated by illegal traffickers in the Turkish-occupied part of northern Aleppo. The missile strike inflicted heavy human and material losses.

Following the missile strike, warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out a series of airstrikes on the same area in western Idlib.

There is still no information on the nature of the target or on the losses inflicted by the Russian strikes. The upcoming few hours may reveal new details.

HTS, which is allied to a number of other al-Qaeda-affiliated groups and Turkish-backed factions, maintains a tight grip on Greater Idlib. In the morning, a wave of Russian airstrikes targeted the southern part of the region.


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  1. paolinks says:

    Holy crap. The three explosions in the first two videos are really massive.

    1. roland says:

      Why did it take Russians so long to start launching missiles at Idlib and why didn’t they wipe out the whole hts headquarters?

      1. Tudor Miron says:

        Chessboard is much larger than Idlib and entire Syria.

        1. roland says:

          Yes but the fact that Putin is playing on this chessboard means he is playing their game and going by their rules which means there is no hope that Russia can be a force for good in this world.

          1. Tudor Miron says:

            Putin is playing the game that is present. On the deepest level this is the fight between civilisations. In other words – Concepts of globalisation. Globalisation (unification of the population of this planet due to technological advances in transportation, communications etc.). It was said – “Globalisation in itself is an objective process. But the scenarios of globalisation are very subjective.”
            “Western” scenario of globalisation (some call it “Biblical project”) at its core is nothing other than a society based on slavery. Due to technological advancements its forms are changing but it’s still “good old” slavery. Here’s a video that I’ve posted many times. https://youtu.be/5bWq-KyZ8uA
            As a result of expansion of “Western” civilisation, other civilisations were wiped off the face of this planet. National identity is declared a sin. Entire society could be described as a melting pot that produces atomised sheeple with animal like level of awareness. Fear and greed are main drivers of people’s behavior in such society.
            Russian civilisation, despite being attacked and influenced by western civilisation for many hundreds of years (It could be said that this attack started with Kniaz Vladimir adopting Christianity as “official” religion. That was a moment when foreign concept of governance was adopted by country level “elites”) is different. If one would try to use simple short statements to describe “ideals” of Western civilisation one could say that “individual success” is their ideal (remember that atomised sheeple are easiest to rule). Eastern (say China to simplify) ideal is so called “middle way”. Russian civilisation ideal is Fairness. In other words “Western” civilisation can be described as “exclusive” and Russian as “inclusive”.
            Russia was also expanding – but unlike “Western” expansion when new territories were added, people were accepted into Russian civilisation as equal members. National identity, culture, language were preserved. It contradicts to what the Western society was telling to its sheeple – they kept telling all kinds of horror stories about Russia but if one observes the facts objectively (which is not easy) than facts speak for themselves.
            Do all Russians share this view? No. But this idea is always present in “Russian world”. It resurfaces again and again. That’s why Russia is an existential threat to “Western” civilisation.
            Putin is “playing” his “game” in objective world. People often forget that mere 30 years ago СССP collapsed and Russia lost its sovereignty (almost completely). “Western” civilisation controls almost entire world and ~80% of Russian elites. But somehow “West” is still unable to conquer Russia. At list not yet.
            We’re witnessing times of global changes. Anything can happen in such times. I still think that there is hope :)
            Let’s see how it unfolds.

          2. roland says:

            While there is a lot I like about Russia and Russia I tend to disagree that it is in a much different position to the west these days I don’t know much about Russian history but I know Russians have been through hell in the last 150 years and it seems some force has been trying to smash Russia into the ground but the funny thing is this same force has been trying to smash America into the ground and I believe I know who is doing this, it’s those hidden powers based in Europe and Israel. And what you need to understand is western governments are under the complete control of gangs like the illuminati which act as spy and security for these hidden powers we don’t live in democracy here in the western world. The west has fallen it fell quite some time ago. And I Will put it to you that these same forces that control western governments control Russia as well.

          3. Ryan Glantz says:

            Thank you Roland, you are onto the truth and speak your mind well.

          4. roland says:

            Thank you for the kind words. I have been trying to make sense of this world for a while now but im still learning and will be learning untill the day I die.

          5. S Melanson says:

            Just a heads up, I published Part 4 out of a 5 part series on SouthFront and this is the link:

            Appreciate any feedback SJM

          6. Tudor Miron says:


          7. Frank G says:

            Russia cannot do massive bombing or win or advance too quickly or as in the past the west uses false flag gas attacks to counter, adds more sanctions and blames Russia for all kinds of war crimes, so as you can see going about it the long and slow way keeps it pretty much out of mainstream media and no western hissy fits to hear about.

          8. roland says:

            That’s incorrect during the height of the Syrian war Russia was launching cruise missiles a dozen at a time into targetst inside Syria, now that’s a lot of firepower so they can do such things. The fact is Russia could have easily wiped out those remaining jihadists by now, but they haven’t simply because it would anger the Israelis and the Turks.

          9. Cromwell says:

            Russia has cared for too long what the West thinks,who cares what they think?

      2. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        The Russians didn’t bomb HTS positions as the SF article claimed, they bombed moderate opposition SNA Sham legion positions, and they can’t kill all the moderate opposition forces in Idlib/Aleppo, if they do resolution 2254 can’t be implemented, and the Russians need some of the moderate opposition left alive for that.
        SF just lied to you Roland, look up for yourself and see who actually runs the fuel depots the Russians bombed, it’s the SNA not HTS.
        Google search the Syrian National Army and the Sham Legion, then see what everyone else but SF has to say about the moderate opposition forces that Russia both supports and bombs at the same time.

        1. roland says:

          Thanks for the correction I haven’t been following who these rebel gangs are. I tend to lump them all into the jihadist bucket. Plus they seem to change their names a fair bit so its a bit confusing. And I think Assad would be quite annoyed to say the least at what Russia’s been doing or not doing in past few years.

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            Oh boy do they change their names a lot, even the people who track them find it hard to keep up.
            I think Assad would be a bit more than annoyed, but sadly there’s nothing he can do about it, unless he switched sides of course, mmmm, maybe he could use that as a bargaining chip to get more of what he wants, a few thinly veiled threats to Russia could go a long way, or maybe backfire too, mmm.

  2. mhtsaropinigitakis says:

    Now that Russians got what they wanted at NK seems the party is moving back to Syria again

  3. Cromwell says:

    This is good,but it needs a massive ground attack.

  4. occupybacon says:

    RIP trees.

    1. Captain Freedom says:

      What are you, Greenpeace? You should know the first casualty of war is the environment.

      1. occupybacon says:

        I’m Captain Planet

        1. Captain Freedom says:

          and I bet you’re vegan. you don’t wanna know how bacon is produced…

        2. roland says:

          I remember watching that show. Captain planet he’s a hero gunna get pollution down to zero. Well I think caption planet has failed miserably in his endeavour as the environment is completely fucked the Pacific ocean is poisened with so much radiation that scientist are advising you shouldn’t eat fish from those waters.

          1. occupybacon says:

            Captain planet should have made a virus to reduce pop… Wait

          2. Ryan Glantz says:

            you know rona virus is a basic tactic that the “galactic United Nations of “advacned species” ” uses to remove aspects and specific genetics of the surface farm population they don’t want moving forward, right?

          3. occupybacon says:

            In which chapter?

      2. roland says:

        He’s got a point the Russians don’t seem to be bombing that many jihadists these days.

  5. nyomarek says:

    Witnessing the Mercy of Allah. Way too quick death for ISIS.

  6. Porc Halal says:

    The new SAA offensive is on the move … it will start in 3, 2, oh shit, it just started …Turdish trolls will cry and rage…:)))

  7. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    So HTS is linked once again to Russian offensive strikes, despite the fact the missile/air strikes were mostly directed at SNA/NFL positions, and the fuel depots in question exclusively run by Turkish backed moderate opposition SNA forces, that don’t have anything at all to do with HTS, in fact they kill each other as often as they can.
    So why not tell people the real truth you lying pieces of mischief, which is the Russians [and the US] have been concentrating most of their attacks on the Turkish backed Sham Legion [Faylaq al-Sham], and the Russians have good reason to attack them.
    But they don’t want us readers to know they’ve been attacking them, and they don’t want us to know because the Sham legion factions are actually the moderate opposition army that the Russians included in the Astana agreements, so they want us to think HTS is the problem when they’re not, and that’s because HTS aren’t included in the Astana agreements, which means they’re expendable to the political process, but the Sham Legion aren’t though, they’re vital to the Astana/resolution 2254 process.

    SF tells us the Russians are hitting HTS positions but they don’t always, most of the time the Russians are hitting Turkish backed SNA positions, and mostly Sham legion positions, here’s an article that might explain why the Russians hit them so hard and so often, but sadly it doesn’t explain why the Russians keep blaming HTS for the Sham legions activities.

    “Syrian rebel faction Faylaq al-Sham, targeted by deadly Russian air strikes Monday, is one of Turkey’s main allies in Syria, and a source of mercenaries sent to Libya and Nagorno-Karabakh.
    The faction was founded in March 2014, bringing together several Islamist groups fighting in the north and center of the country as well as near Damascus.
    For all the latest headlines, follow our Google News channel online or via the app.
    Faylaq al-Sham is considered to be close to the Syrian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, with some experts considering it to be its military arm.
    In the northwest, it was part of the alliance called Jaish al-Fatah with militants from Syria’s then Al-Qaeda affiliate that overran Idlib province in the summer of 2015.
    Later, it fought against the militants of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham — which has since renounced ties with Al-Qaeda — who now control Syria’s last major rebel bastion of Idlib.
    Faylaq al-Sham’s thousands of fighters are today present in the north of the country, including in Idlib and other areas such as Afrin and Azaz controlled by Turkey’s Syrian proxies.
    Faylaq al-Sham has fought alongside Turkish troops during the country’s three cross-border incursions on Syrian soil since 2016, especially against Syrian Kurdish fighters.
    Nicholas Heras, of the Institute for the Study of War, said Faylaq al-Sham was likely targeted on Monday as a message to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that there are consequences to Turkey’s wide use of Syrian rebel fighters in conflicts where Russia is also involved.
    “Faylaq al-Sham is Erdogan’s favored Syrian rebel proxy group, and it is a main recruiting agency for the Turkish leader’s foreign legion that he is deploying against Russian allies throughout the Greater Middle East, from North Africa to the Caucasus,” he said.
    The Observatory says some Faylaq al-Sham combatants have individually gone to fight on the Azeri side in the Caucasus, while the faction has sent more fighters to battle in Libya on the side of the UN-recognized government.
    According to the Britain-based monitor, some 18,000 pro-Ankara Syrian mercenaries have been sent to Libya since last year.
    It says that, in total, more than 2,000 pro-Ankara Syrian fighters from different factions have been sent to Nagorno-Karabakh.
    Monday’s strike by key regime ally Russia killed 78 fighters from Faylaq al-Sham, and wounded 90 more in training camp near the Turkish border in Idlib.
    It was the second such devastating air raid by Russian aircraft to target the group, after another in September 2017 killed almost 70 members, also in Idlib.
    A Russian-Turkish ceasefire deal has since early March largely stemmed a Moscow-backed regime military campaign against Idlib.
    Several rounds of UN-backed peace talks have failed to end Syria’s nine-year war.
    In recent years a parallel track of negotiations led by Turkey on one side, and Russia and fellow regime ally Iran on the other, have instead taken precedence.
    As one of the most prominent groups of the armed opposition, representatives from Faylaq al-Sham has taken part in both.”


    1. Lamumba says:

      ‘Al-Arabiya’ is a MBS project. Don’t trust anything coming from them.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        That’s good advice and I already take it, but I actually go one step further, I don’t trust anything any of them tell me, even the side I’m backing, which is the Syrian Government.
        But when the majority of media, both independent and opposition, are all telling me one thing, and my own side is telling me another, it usually means my side is lying to me, then I have to try and work out what the truth is, and on this matter I believe the opposition sites are telling the truth and the pro Russian sites are hiding the truth.
        Russia’s doing political deals with the Muslim brotherhood and yet Assad keeps saying the Muslim Brotherhood is by far Syria’s biggest threat, so it’s hard to reconcile the 2 parties different stances on the same political agenda.
        And pro Russian media keep telling us the HTS the terrorists are the main problem in Syria now, but any one who cares to find out for themselves can see that HTS have actually been abiding by the ceasefire, in fact they stopped hostilities at the very start of the year before the new ceasefire even came into effect [march], but the Turkish and Russian backed groups like the SNA, NFL, FSA, SLF, haven’t stopped fighting at all.
        Russia should just come right out and admit their deal with the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t working, instead they bomb the hell out of the moderate opposition forces [they support politically] and then tell us [or insinuate] they’re bombing HTS instead.
        I’m offended at that deception and morally outraged at the reason for their deception, I think everyone else should be too, they’re trying to force Assad into a political settlement with people the Russians can’t even control [even when the Russians are actually giving them exactly what they want], so it’s not going to be any better when the moderate opposition finally get a political voice, and they will get a huge political voice when resolution 2254 is implemented thanks to Russia and Iran.

  8. Potato Man says:

    These Wahhabi shitheads know they gonna get hit and just put camera right outside of their hideouts.

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