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Russian Ministry of Defense: White Helmets Staged “Chemical Weapons Attack” In Duma

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Russian Ministry of Defense: White Helmets Staged “Chemical Weapons Attack” In Duma

Lieutenant-General Viktor Poznikhir. IMAGE: Russia’s Defense Ministry press-service/TASS

On April 11, First Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff’s Main Operations Department Lieutenant General Viktor Poznikhir said that the supposed April 7 chemical attack in the Duma district had been staged and filmed by the Western-backed White Helmets organization.

“On April 7, probably the last attempt to stage a chemical weapons attack in Eastern Ghouta was made. The notorious White Helmets, who operate as part of terrorist groups, staged and filmed a chemical weapons attack on civilians in the town of Duma,” Lt. Gen Poznikhir told reporters, according to the Russian news agency TASS.

Lt. Gen Poznikhir added that the White Helmets had made several failed attempts to stage a chemical attacks during the recent battle in the Eastern Ghouta region. The Russian commander also revealed that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) had discovered toxic agents in an underground workshop of the militants during its operations in Eastern Ghouta.

“On March 3 the militants’ workshop was found in an underground tunnel in Hazrama. Makeshift ammunition pieces were charged with poisonous agents there,” said Lt. Gen Poznikhir.

The Iranian news agency FARS also reported on April 11 that the SAA had allegedly discovered a location in the town of Saqba in Eastern Ghouta, which had been used by the White Helmets to fabricate videos against the SAA. This report can be linked to the information provided by Lt. Gen Poznikhir.

Syrian pro-government activists expect that all of these evidences and many others will likely be presented to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) investigation committee that’s expected to arrive to the Syrian capital of Damascus this week.


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Gregory Gregory

Yes they did

Deo Cass

There will be US missile strikes tonight to derail that OPCW mission.

Vince Dhimos

Our hats off to Vanessa Beeley for her excellent research on the White Helmet hoaxters: THE US IS GOING TO WAR BASED ON A HOAX http://www.newsilkstrategies.com/news–analysis/us-is-going-to-war-based-on-a-hoax

jerry hamilton

Thanks for using a different source. It is the first of your links I got through on.


I find that Chrome seems to slow down or even prevent non Zionist websites now. They use a lot of memory for some reason on Chrome.

Daniel Castro

And they never answer us when we question who they are, from what country they are, etc.

Always fake accounts, always russia bashing when pretending to be against zionism. They want to sow dissent among us.


Jew Trolls are easy to spot as they leave their rat droppings behind them with every comment.

jerry hamilton

Google are heavily censoring much of the internet. I study WW2 with a slant on the jewish side. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to discover the truth. By way of example, if you google Bolsheviks it is difficult to find anything that does not tell you they were Russian. At least Winnie was good for something. https://ia601304.us.archive.org/5/items/ZionismVsBolshevismByWinstonChurchill/Zionism%20vs%20Bolshevism%20by%20Winston%20Churchill.jpg


Yes, much of the information is still there but harder to find.


WOW – there’s a MI6 false flag in play. Thanks for telling me- never would have noticed otherwise. Well that’s if you discount me telling all of you the false flag was coming a very long time ago – and that zionist appeaser Putin would be ruined by it- a false flag to justify massive strikes and then invasion of Syria.

And I knew this how? Not because i’m a genius or prophet. Simply because unlike you proudly ill-educated fools, people like me pay attention to the facts of history and the facts of the present and how they relate.

It’s TOO LATE to do any good getting the sheeple worked up about this false flag- it’s already done its job. We are WAY beyond that moment. Now its all about zionist appeaser Putin ,and how he is going to lead his troops. But every move so far by the ball-less wonder proves Putin is going to lead Russia to its most humiliating DEFEAT, as Russia runs away and the West takes another nation from the PNAC list, leaving just Iran.

Vince Dhimos

You need to understand that Putin is an incrementalist, taking it step by step. Remember the Shayrat attack. VERY few missiles actually shot down. THIS time, it was 71 out of 105. Great results considering that they only used mostly the antiquated S-200s (with upgrade) and the S-125 Pechora, a short range missile shield.Russia is mulling sending S-300s.


The Zio Jew press is unlikely to broadcast her report though Vince.

Most US aggression’s have been based on lies.


It doesn’t matter, most Americans don’t care if Syrians were killed by chemicals or bullets. It’s not worth getting involved in in either case. Only the Jew megaphone cares, and most people aren’t buying their insanity.


” most people aren’t buying their insanity.”

That’s encouraging but does public opinion really matter in the US any more ?

There again ,I suppose it must if the furore about ‘fake news’ is anything to go by :)

Or is it just Window Dressing by the Deep state Jews?


It matters, the question is does it matter enough to solve the problems? There’s a black out on important issues trying to suppress what most Americans do or don’t support. The support for the Afghan war is negligible at best, but there’s no information on it available, because the people who could gather it, if they even are, aren’t making it available because it doesn’t support the war. You search the internet and the most recent information is 4 or 5 years old. The same goes for Syria today, there are no polls available, and if there were, they’d be negative. I’m assuming that the information is being collected for electioneering purposes, and then been withheld from publication.

The Jews are the back bone of the deep state. And their prize projects, Israel and Jew world order hegemony, are being threatened by the progressing victory over their regime change project in Syria. And their primary support for that project, the US Israel first swamp, is under assault by America First, led by a flawed and compromised politician, Trump. Who rode it to victory by telling people what they wanted to hear. And once in office faced an entrenched Jew world order establishment diametrically opposed to what he won the election on.

I’m sure that there’s a lot of infighting going on right now in DC as to how to proceed. They know that they don’t have and won’t get public support for another Jew war in the middle east for Israel. And with the midterms coming up in November, what happens in Syria will be a deciding factor. They’ve painted themselves into a corner with the UK nerve agent and Syria gas attack fabrications. Because at the rate that things are going, the investigation in Syria, on what is soon to be government controlled territory, is going to go against them. And if they launch a cursory attack, like Trumps WWF stunt last year, it won’t change a thing. The Syrian government coalition will just shrug it off as a baby raper type nuance, and proceed with rolling up the terrorists unhindered. And the chem investigation will come against the NATO Jew 3 scammers.

If they attempt something more serious to stop the chem investigation and significantly degrade the Syrian government coalition’s war fighting capability. That’s going to trigger a response from the Russians and company that’s going to result in lost NATO lives and equipment in a manner that they haven’t sustained in previous intimidations and regime change operations against regional victim nations. And they won’t be able to proceed with what they have previously, because the cost will be to high. It’s a case of the school yard bully attempting to intimidate another pupil that can and will bloody and break them badly. The more that they dish out, the worse of a beating that they themselves will take. That isn’t how bully’s operate. They don’t pick fights with peer opponents.

So the deep state and NATO Jew 3 have no good options. It’s going to turn out badly for them no matter what option that they chose. The only question is, how much death and destruction are they going to create in the process?


You make a compelling argument Richard that I completely agree with.

The Russian people are united with president Putin and know from their long history that kneeling to bully only begets more bullying.

The Russian People spent 74 years under the yoke of tyrannical and cruel jews and will NEVER do so again.


Thank You

jerry hamilton

This expected war had nothing at all to do with a chemical attack. The attack was a trigger. America can find lot’s more triggers. America don’t want proof of anything. They want war.

Gregory Gregory

The State Department are hedging their bets already by talking about exploring a number of options. If Kim Jong Un’s rhetoric was enough to dissuade them, I can’t see them risking even a limited exchange with Russia.


NO they are NOT- in order to buld a massive coalition, May is playing Good Cop (we mustn’t have a rush to judgement) and Trump the Bad Cop (proof- I don’t need no stinkin proof). The the Brits say to the allies “lo, here’s the proof of the nerve agent attack- SAMS got us blood and tissue samples from the night involved, and our labs have found Russian/Iranian nerve agents present. ”

Then all the other member of the coalition say “thanks for being correct enough to get real proof” and they commit with significant forces of their own and agree the ‘overthrow’ of Assad and the expulsion of Russia/Iran is the only acceptable goal.

You have NO idea of the scale of what is coming.

jerry hamilton

I was wondering similar myself. Could America be sending their military close to Syria to see if Putin backs down? He won’t but if America back down, they have lost World Domination. That would be massive. The gunho Pentagon have made a big mistake.

Oh ignore starlight, she is our resident paid troll.


I blocked Starlight a few weeks ago. Whining and wailing jews are rather boring. :)

Ariel Cohen

Starlight is actually probably “Stahlberg” . .


Starlight is a Dead Star here anyway :)

888mladen .

I believe this discussion group is not about Starlight but the facts of war and their far reaching implications.

Ariel Cohen

lol. Managed opposition sounds better …

888mladen .

Can you find out how many cruise missiles are carried by all the US and NATO navy ships and subs and from how many directions they will be launched simultaneously and you will get better idea what threat RU is facing in Syria?


There are people in the US government who see the lies and madness as something to avoid. It’s questionable how much of a moderating effect that they’l have.


That’s a pretty astute comment. I suspect the reason they haven’t torn into Iran yet is they’re not absolutely sure that Iran doesn’t have the bomb.

888mladen .

They think Pusin is more predictable than Kim so they act accordingly. They might be right. They had enough time to asses what he is about.


NO- when Trump was seeking election he did so on an ANTI-WAR ticket, you dribbler, and THAT is why he beat war hawk Clinton- despite Clinton having a bigger election budget than any person everr seeking election in Human History. All people of the West are inherently ANTI-WAR, the yanks most of all.

But after Trump was elected, the jewish monkey on Putin’s back told Putin to keep his distance, hanging Trump out to dry. Helpless Trump was therefore targeted by the full weight of organised jew terror in the USA, and co-opted within weeks.

Then the jews went to work on public opinion in the West, demonising Russia and Putin to a degree that was breathtaking, while zionist appeaser Putin kept singing the praises of the jews.

The JEWS and the FABIANS the jews serve, and the DEEP STATE both of them serve, want war. And the Demons who rule over the Deep State (like Tony Blair) in the name of pure evil (= anti-life) want a final species ending WW3.

And OBVIOUSLY everything the Deep State sez is a lie designed to bring about the outcomes they desire. So yes, MI6’s false flag is a trigger- and yes, if that trigger failed another or another or another would be tried, but none of this takes away from the fact that the pathetic actions of Putin the zionist appeaser were key. Without the appeaser’s appeasement, the Deep State would NEVER get the wars they crave.

The real cause of all this coming conflict is the jewish monkey on Putin’s back- and how eagerly all Russians are programmed to accept the ‘advice’ of the jewish monkey.


“Helpless Trump” Hah! Trump was not betrayed by Putin, Putin was betrayed by Trump. Not just Putin, all Trumps voters/supporters were betrayed, only fools still believe him.

“Then the jews… demonising Russia and Putin to a degree that was breathtaking, while zionist appeaser Putin kept singing the praises of the jews.” Of course you are completely contradicting yourself….


Jew trolls often debate from both sides at the same time Neo. Its a pattern many have noticed.


And discredit themselves with their own contradictions in the process.

Leon Auguste

Tony Blair is a real demon indeed… you got that 100% I’m still baffled by what happened to Robin Cook!


Ignoring the massive Russian victory of the Syrian government going from 10% of Syria to 70% of Syria under their control thanks to Putin on a small budget as you do. Makes your anti Russian hasbara propaganda complete nonsense.


actually it has just increased from 70 to 80 percent marking the full liberation of Eastern Ghouta declared some few hours ago.


Russian victory in Syria cost far less than all the spending to overthrow the Syrian gov too.

paul warren

Well this time will be the last time. If this is a just world then this time we are going to see 1. Israel turned into a glass bowl. 2. New York, Hollywood, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles turned into a glass bowl.

jerry hamilton

No. It takes a certain type of people to destroy to that extent. The Russians are not monsters. They do not want to obliterate anything. There is only one people that behave like Bolsheviks and they control America.


This is and have always been the moral problem for decent people. They want to fight evil in a good way, which never works. Their good intentions will just create even worse suffering for the great majoriy of humanty.

jerry hamilton

I really really hope Russia can kick shit. Saying that I live in the West. Few of us support our government.


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Evil people can LIE, STEAL, RAPE, MURDER, BETRAY and Feel Good About it… Good people can’t….that’s a disadvantage…. but Good can Become pretty Evil…and that is the Moment to Eradicate these Evil Psychopaths….

Christian Gains

Jerry, you’re 110% correct, but! PLEASE, realize that there’s a LARGE ANTI-WAR faction here in the U.S., that have NO INTEREST in supporting our “DEEP STATE” / “SeS” [Senior Executive seServices] dying desire for WWIII! The “C.lowns I.n A.ttitude”, in collusion with the 8000 member SeS Beuroughcrates[sp?] (who are attempting to “hoodwink” our President into a war we ACTUALLY do not NEED nor WANT)…are being exposed, as the TRUE ANTI American Fascists!

Soooo…all that said, be assured that we’re fighting a “COUP ATTEMPT” and trying desperately to keep (and get us) OUT of SYRIA! We don’t necessarily like Assad, BUT It’s HIS country! AND! NOT OUR FIGHT!

Just to make CLEAR who IS & who IS NOT supporting war in the M.E.! IT’S NOT OUR WAR! It IS the same fools who followed Hillary Clinton’s doctrine of “THE ARAB SPRING”!


If they want Warrr…..Just Start it mister Deep Throat Trump…then you’ll get your War….


What’s New????




Yes, even, as we speak, United Snakes of America and its Western allies are preparing many more hoax chemical/poison attacks on which they will blame on Russia, Syria or Iran. Russia and its allies should prepare ways to counter these sustained false flag accusations which will surely be coming in the near future.


NO- it was REAL. The SAS released a Porton Down produced nerve agent (of a type know to have been once used by Russia, and researched by Iran) into the shelter. The white helmets ‘discovered’ the victims. SAMS- a CIA front present a few doors away, had their medical experts assist, and then take medical samples from the corpses. These samples were then shipped to labs in the UK and USA.

But dribblers on our side are TOO THICK to even comprehend how professionals go about their business- choosing instead to believe in jewish spread NONSENSE about the bad guys being ‘keystone cops’.


Russia has fallen so low standing up for a murderous animal like Assad. I just fail to see why Russia is doing this to themselves.

It’s like one of these women who are involved in abusive relationship but don’t want to stop despite multiple advises and in this case Assad is Russia’s abusive boyfriend.

Just get out of the way. We will free you Russia off this abusive relationship


Even Zionists in their hasbara fantasy world have opinions. Just focus on Israel’s standing shooting peaceful protesters in cold blood and rejoicing after a kill. Thus, the most “moral” army in the world…pathetic.

jerry hamilton

His mother would be so proud. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZk8O395ilo

Hewal Neutralizer

World needs gas rooms and ovens,asap.

jerry hamilton

Plss 0ff


Himalayan shit heap. Heard you have been reduced to 2 sheckles per post


Cable news forms your opinions. You just vomit what you hear. It’s embarrassing. I feel pity for you.


Feel pity for your abusive boyfriend his going to need it

First Lastname

Why are you even here? lol


The US doesnt seem to care about murderous regimes when they happen to be their puppet client like Pinochet in the 70s or the right wing regimes in Central America. Even Saddam for a while was a favourite son of the US when it served their purpose to fight Iran. How many murderous dictators have the US imposed on the the local population just to serve their agenda.

Wayward Son

I could almost respect the U.S. regime if they were honest and came out and said what they were doing. But they lie and sugarcoat it in some sick moral wrapping–total hypocrisy.

Wayward Son

After how many months of “we are only in Syria to kill ISIS….” Yeah, we knew all along what they were in Syria for–REGIME CHANGE.


Your parents are animals… and close relatives. Trump is not an animal, he is far worse: animals kill when they must, American politicians kill for ratings. They are demons not animals. Swamp mutants.


Here come the UKRANIANS!

First Lastname

Since the gas attack trope is so old, I think it’s fitting to react to Russia’s statement that the recent gas attack was a hoax with an old meme… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b505fb324a1cb449784f070203ab340ac8dd70ba23c1dbe97c8637abf8505019.jpg

Pave Way IV

Even if Russia had video of the head-choppers cooking up the Sarin, then gassing their Alawite/Shia/Christian hostages in a basement with it, the west would STILL insist that Assad personally dropped Sarin barrel bombs “on his own people!” This false-flag clownfuckery will just never end.

Jaish al-Islam (al Qaeda) just killed some Syrian kids for this charade. The US and western leaders know that. What kind of depraved fucks would still support Jaish al-Islam after? And what kind of depraved cowardly fucks (this would be YOU, CENTCOM) would not immediately level Saudi Arabia and the GCC to put an end to this? Why are you not carpet-bombing the FSA head-choppers? Your treason and collusion in war crimes is already epic – censoring the internet will never make it go away.


Yes- that’s called “controlling the narrative”- something MI6 does perfectly and Russia cannot do to save its life.

BUT such a crap narrative would never get other members of the coalition on board- which is what Tony Blair needs.

So we had the Skripal saga, laying down the narrative of Russia using and prefering nerve agents. And then women and kids were gassed in East Ghouta with a similar nerve agent – and CIA front, SAMS was on the scene to collect blood and tissue samples to be IMMEDIATELY shipped back to labs in the UK and USA. Britain’s leader, May, is now showing the results from these labs to many other world leaders.

And Putin, in a supreme act of stupidity, told his people to LIE about the event, and say no-one died of nerve gas. So when May shows proof to say, the leader of Germany (Merkel) that the nerve gas attack really did happen in East Ghouta, how does that make Putin look?


Well said Pave Way.

jerry hamilton

The thing I don’t get is America tell lies just like jews do. Are they being assimilated?


I’m afraid the anglo-zionists have left Russia without much choice…

– Either Russia indeed has to respond, like they say, on an attack by the USA – Or USA will just come and attack and Russia has to withdraw in order to avoid a 3rd world war..

and all those sanctions… Life here in Moscow, for the ordinary people is only getting harder and harder, as everything gets more expensive

jerry hamilton

World Domination depend on America winning. If Russia win, we live in a fresh new world.


NO- zionist appeaser Putin has left Russia with no choice. Two months ago Putin had hundreds of good options. Now you have growing ruinous sanctions on Russia and Russia’s reputation utterly ruined as May and Trump ‘PROVE’ Russia was behind the nerve gas attack in East Ghouta (see my other comments for how MI6 trivially arranged this)


Starlight, honestly, I don’t think that Putin works for the zionists. On the contrary, he fights the anglo-zionists in Syria. Their plan for Syria is ruined and they have to switch to plan B, Plan C etc.

The west is so butthurt about Putin’s great actions, that they are desperately blaming him and our country for everything such as “meddling in elections”, “skripal” etc.

Ghouta attack was a fake, so that they have a pretext to attack and provocate Russia and try to push Russia into a corner in Syria from where it can only either react and strike back or withdraw and avoid a world war

Brad Isherwood

http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=105078 Truman Carrier group deployment was scheduled.

White Helmets,CIA/Israel ….Panic…. as East Ghouta falls to SAA at faster pace than expected. Knowing the Carrier group is deploying…they must act out the False Flag event before Douma is under SAA control.

Part of IAF attack at T4 was to enable ISUS and FSA to attack SAA . These ploys failed. .. Media has to rush to the front screaming Justice lies against Assad. US Politicians along with NATO puppets all sing the same tune .

Israel and Lunatic Bolton/Neo cons are behind this allong with British Intel. It’s also redirect away from Failed Skrypal drama show and Trump’s @’d up Presidency . And Israel murder Gazans.

Tudor Miron

Denis Ivanovich, life is about the same (more or less) and we can endure much more if needed. As russian sitizen I say that life if fine as it is – WAY better than it was when west was loving (while raping) us in 90’s. I will say that this time we HAVE to retaliate if US dares to strike. If country chooses shame insteed of war it than receive both shame and war.


I agree, we have to strike back now, because if we try to avoid and avoid, in the end we will end up with a war as well anyway..

Ah, the 90’s I was still too young to remember a lot from it, but I think in 2014, a lot of things changed in terms of product prices! Especially foreign products like phones etc have skyrocketed in price. Holidays became much less affordable

But yes, I agree, we can endure much more if needed and meanwhile we will become more independent with everything, using Russian instead of foreign products/services.

Hope Russia will drop oil trade in USD/EUR soon, and will start trading with Rubles or local currencies of the clients :)

Tudor Miron

You missed a lot (90’s) :) Trust me (you can ask those who remember) – it was terrible but still we can endure much more. This nation went through WWI than civil war and than WWII and came out victorious.


Certainly better than situation of Chuikov with 62nd Army-and that turned-out well in the end.


Quick Recap: Jaysh al Islam were negotiating terms and conditions for withdrawal from Douma for almost 2 weeks. It was on today, then off tomorrow. All of this dragged out surrender procedure was to enable the head chopping terror affiliates to stage a chemical attack. Which they managed to pull off on the 7th. This staged event by the Child murdering head choppers psychos was flagged by the SAA and Russian Military weeks in advance and many of us hear believed this event would not happen as their Chemical Factory was overrun weeks earlier, during the liberation of


It’s like listening to a group of metally disabled 5-year olds talk about nuclear physics here.

The nerve attack really happened, you dummies. On the night you could see just how many MI6 and CIA people were on the scene at the time. It was the PERFECT set-up. So why the f–k do you think the West would be dumb enough to have complete control of the scene (thanks to Putin), and then FORGET to manufacture the evidence?

1) SAS agent places time release capsule of Porton Down manufactured nerve agent in the confined space of the shelter. 2) When the right time has passed, the white helmets are directed to where the victims are to be found. 3) The White Helmets inform the CIA SAMS ‘medics’ that just happened to be present to ‘help’ the victims. 4) SAMS takes blood and tissue samples, and ships this back to labs in the West (so the West has ABSOLUTE proof of the nerve gas attack – proof it manufactured of course). 5) Putin’s people discover the nerve gas attack was real. Putin PANICS- chlorine can be blamed on the rebels by never such a nerve agent. So Putin once again lies about an atrocity, and has his people say it never happened. GAME OVER for Russia- perfect victory for MI6.

Wayward Son

NOVICHOK was manufactured in Uzbekistan, not Russia, up until 1991, when the facility was closed and cleaned up by Americans. The makers of NOVICHOK reside in the USA.

888mladen .

What was Uzbekistan part of before dissolution of Soviet Union?

Wayward Son

Yes, as was Russia. But Russia is not USSR, and neither is Uzbekistan. Most Soviet premiers were non-Russian.


Blackstone Intelligence Network — Major Evidence Syrian Chemical Attack Staged by US-backed Terrorists : https://youtu.be/8CChV1UVfoQ


White Helmets did NOT stage this attack, Britain’s SAS did by infiltrating and releasing a suitable Porton Down manufactured nerve agent into the shelter. Then the White Helmets (an MI6 creation) ‘discovered’ and ‘helped’ the victims, and drew the attention of SAMS (CIA front posing as american medics) to the victims. SAMS people gathered the blood and tissue samples and rushed them to american and british forensic labs, allowing May, behind the scenes, to brief the leaders of dozens of nations as to the absolute proof that Russia gave Assad nerve gas, just as Russia used similar gases in anattempt to murder the Skripals.

Contrary to what the dribblers here THINK they know, many gas born nerve agents have little residue toxicity after enough time has passed- especially if one ventilates the effected room some hours hence. For sure some disposable assets MAY suffer long term effects from exposure gained when handling the victims- but does anyone here think this matters in the slightest to the planners?

The SAS agent who planted the time release capsule was properly briefed, and HE (or even she) had no exposure risk. The white helmet losers, being first on the scene, had the greatest risk but if they had dropped dead there and then- all the better for the story. The CIA SAMS people had a near zero risk- but they would have taken it anyway.

But me tellng you the exact details of how Team Tony Blair pulled off this aspect of the false flag does none of us any good at all. Any more than mithering about the exact form of a bomb, and the chemistry and physics involved when the explosive explodes does in a warzone. A bomb is a bomb. A false flag is a false flag. Both are weapons of war.

PS once the false flag happened, Putin was in a COMPLETE PANIC- which is why he has had his people foolishly deny that a nerve gas attack was detected. Russian experts examined the bodies and spotted the signs of a nerve agent immediately. Responding in the WORST possible way to the potential propaganda fallout, Putin fell back on his favorite tactic – LYING.

Putin LIED about the altitude bombing of the Russian plane in Egypt for FOUR WEEKS, claiming it was an accident. The terrorists posted video of the plane exploding on DAY ONE.

Putin LIED about the downing of the plane carrying the Russian military orchestra to celebrate the liberation of Aleppo. Ukrainian special forces, working on behalf of MI6, used ex-soviet tech to down that plane.

Putin LIED about the plane that was shot down recently in Syria as it was on landing approach, killing the cream of Russian flight command there.

Zionist appeaser Putin is terrible at playing the psy-op game, and Britain is king. But even MI6 must have punched the sky with joy, and cheered the building down, when they learned Putin was going to deny the gas attack even happened in East Ghouta. For this meant that when May presented the lab results, with a perfect chain of evidence back to East Ghouta, Putin’s LIE would be exposed to each nation’s leader.

Brad Isherwood

Putin may be Compromised by how he came to power and who he is beholding to.

He is however… Not!!…. the Liar you cast upon him.

There’s no F’ing way Chain of evidence from East Ghouta ends up with May . Your Rule Britannia sing along is BS

VeeNarian (Yerevan)

You seem to be living in your own dreamworld! This is what the British Porton Down labs said last week about the nerve agent allegedly used in Salisbury: *We don’t know the source of the nerve agent”. Read the report carefully and scroll down for the interview with the CEO Gary Aitkenhead which has exposed the LIES of the UK government and their US/EU/NATO backers. Why are you spreading LIES about RF and Putin? Who are you? “For this meant that when May presented the lab results, with a perfect chain of evidence back to East Ghouta, Putin’s LIE would be exposed to each nation’s leader.”



Ukrainian special forces shooting down Russian planes, MI6 white helmets connection, CIA SAMS connection, The SAS planting the chemical weapons, can you provide sources that substantiate these claims?


Yeah duh that’s what the Empire PAID them to do. And? Did you exterminate the White Helmet scum? Make the Israelis regret their unprovoked attack? Or are you waiting in your safe space until the big attack comes?


I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the NATO Jew 3, the US, France and the UK, start some type of limited attack to prevent the chemical inspectors from doing their job to prevent them from coming back with findings that don’t support the allegations of the Syrian government’s complicity in the attacks. Making the Jew 3’s shrill lies plain for all to see.


That’s common knowledge. Face the fact , US coalition wants to save their forces trapped in Syria and will find an excuse to Attack Syria


Seems to me a white helmet would make an easy target.


This is the end of the zionists lunatic regime change agenda one way or the other. The Russians, Syrian, Iranian and Chinese know that if Syria falls into the hands of zionist terrorists then it’s going to be them next .The Russians are defending all decent people every where wether they realise it or not. Humanity cannot afford for Syria to fall.This is the ultimate red line in the sand.

John Mason

To solve the White Helmets problem is to put out a contract/bounty on them; Wanted: Dead or Alive. Bound to get a reasonable response.


A series of publications include the British bases in Cyprus that will play a crucial role in an escalation of the West’s intervention in Syria, noting that especially the base in Akrotiri has “contributed” in similar circumstances in the past. This poses a great risk to the security of the Republic of Cyprus, for this to be abolished as soon as possible and to assign our security to loyal allies and not to nations that start wars on the pretend of use of chemicals.


Maybe there was a legal use “chemical weapons”: tear gas. Look what I’ve found : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mace_(spray) which is used as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tear_gas. This kind on chloride (CN) gas is legally used by all “hypocrite crying” governments like US, French (now in Notre-Dame-des-Landes https://www.lexpress.fr/actualites/1/societe/nddl-debut-des-operations-de-deblaiement-sur-la-zad_1999531.html), UK and so. These are considered as non-lethal chemical weapons and the aim of this attack was to avoid victims to loose parts of they body. The international community needs this kind of war attitude and the animals (mostly cows) are Trump, Macron and May.

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