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JULY 2022

Russian Ministry of Defense Says US-led Coalition Responsible for Bombing of Hospital in Aleppo

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Russian Ministry of Defense Says US-led Coalition Responsible for Bombing of Hospital in Aleppo

The Russian Ministry of Defense has refused reports of “Western media about strike against a ‘hospital’ in Aleppo carried out by Russian Aerospace Forces”.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, an aircraft of the US-led coalition was performing tasks in the air space over Aleppo in the evening of April 27 .

We remember Western media had spread information that the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out an air strike against a hospital in Aleppo. According to the reports, the air strike killed “dozens of people”.

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I always try to believe the russian media outlets, because i also know that the western media has biases. But to say that the bombing of the hospital in Aleppo was carried out by the US led coalition is just stretching it to far.


Hello Escapos. I hear what you are saying. I am surprized the Russians have gone out there like this. On the flip side, the US did let an AC130 Spectre work over a demarcarted hospital in Afghanistan for half an hour not too long ago, so anything is possible. Either way, it´s all bad news.

chris chuba

I hear ya. Unless the U.S. has gone totally, black flag rogue, and I just can’t believe their story without evidence. I don’t see how this could happen. Is the U.S. conducting ANY strikes in the Aleppo area?

The only U.S. air strikes in the Aleppo area was in the early days when ISIS was closer to the city and they took out an electrical power plant under their control. The U.S. even bragged about it but then later U.S. journalists shook their fists at Assad for making the city residents suffer needlessly.

Boris Kazlov

WHystretching it too far? The US has already bombed Aleppo’s power grid, just to increase suffering to the population, they are capable of this and more.

Boris Kazlov

WEstern media is not biased, it is a controlled propaganda,brainwashing machine

Graeme Sutherland

The USA did it for certain they are targeting hospitals mosques and power stations etc to speed up the refugee crisis as part of their NWO martial law agenda. These are the facts. USA’ mainstream media are systematic deceivers.

gail stangeland

Yes another american atrocity to turn the tide against Russia anything America can do to make people think that Russia is a boogeyman they will do

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