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Russian Ministry Of Defence Warned Of New Staged Provocations In Ukraine

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Russian Ministry Of Defence Warned Of New Staged Provocations In Ukraine

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The Russian Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response in Ukraine released a new statement, warning about new staged provocations aimed at accusing the Russian Armed Forces of war crimes:

” The Russian Joint Interdepartmental Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response, in co-operation with the competent federal executive authorities and law enforcement agencies, continues to record in detail the numerous facts of the inhumane treatment of the civilian population by the authorities in Kiev, as well as the flagrantly brutal provocations against their own people.

According to reliable information, the Kiev regime has carried out another bloody action in Kharkov Region based on the Bucha scenario. 6 civilian vehicles with white flags mounted on them were shot at by AFU soldiers on a stretch of road between Staryi and Novyi Saltov. The photo and video footage of this heinous crime was made by specialists from the AFU’s Centre for Information and Psychological Operations.

In addition, from the area of private houses in Belaya Krinitsa, Kherson region, the Ukrainian armed forces’ artillery struck several positions of the Russian Armed Forces in order to provoke retaliatory fire on residential buildings with civilians, whom the territorial defence fighters are not letting out of the blockaded settlement by holding them as a “human shield”. Meanwhile, Norwegian media representatives were present in Belaya Krinitsa for photo and video recording of allegedly indiscriminate Russian strikes against civilians.

We warn in advance that these and other materials fabricated by the Kiev regime about alleged “Russian atrocities” are soon to be widely spread through the Western and Ukrainian media, as well as online resources.

We stress once again that during the special military operation, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation treat the civilian population extremely humanely and do not strike at civilian infrastructure facilities, unlike the armed formations of Ukraine, which everywhere use hospitals, residential buildings, churches, kindergartens and health camps, schools and other civilian facilities to shelter combat units and deploy weapons:

  • in Mogilev-Podolski, Vinnitsa region, nationalists and foreign mercenaries have equipped a stronghold in a school building (23 Poltavska Street), as well as warehouses with military equipment and weapons, and forcibly detain civilians from nearby houses in the basement;
  • in Lisichansk, Lugansk People’s Republic, AFU soldiers forced women, children and elderly people out of a bomb shelter located in school No 5 and equipped an ammunition depot there;
  • in Slobozhanskoe, Kharkov Region, nationalists have equipped a stronghold in the building of Lyceum No. 1, tanks and armoured personnel carriers have been placed in the surrounding area and the approaches to the lyceum have been mined, but the local population is deliberately not informed about this.

These facts demonstrate that the current Ukrainian authorities, who are completely confident of their impunity for war crimes committed against their own citizens, cynically ignore the generally accepted principles of humane treatment of civilians enshrined in international humanitarian law and the Geneva Conventions, and that the lives of civilians do not matter at all to Kiev.

At the same time, the United Nations, OSCE, the International Committee of the Red Cross and other international human rights organizations continue to overlook the numerous war crimes committed by Ukrainian military units against residents of the Donbass republics and Ukrainian citizens in Kiev-controlled territories, with the full approval of Western handlers led by the USA.

Despite all the difficulties and obstacles posed by Kiev, over the past 24 hours, without the involvement of the Ukrainian authorities, 8,787 people, including 1,106 children, have been evacuated from dangerous areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics and Ukraine to the Russian Federation. Since the beginning of the special military operation, a total of 1,208,225 people have been evacuated, including 210,224 children.”


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Ukies are destroying toilet seats so that RF can’t loot and send them to Russia.


As if there’s a Ukrainian alive who knows how to operate a toilet. Ukrotards may be destroying the seats so that they can more easily drink and eat from the toilets.

Last edited 10 months ago by Clyde
Joseph Day

How’s the ukie counter offensive going? Has it started yet?


They seem to do fairly well around Kharkiv.

Michel LeBlanc

Not so well towards bakhmut.

Glory to the Vodka People!

Are we trying to take Kiev one more time?


Kiev was a tactical distraction and it worked very well. Ukraine is on life support and they loose around 500 servicemen each day. That is more important than any gains in territory. So far Ukraine has walked in every trap prepared for them. Snake Island was the the latest example.

Nato is laughing at you


Glory to the Vodka People!

Haha Russians don’t use toilet seats because they are for wc bowls. Russians have backyards.


Heavy loses on the Ukrainian side and all you come up with are talks about toilets. Shows everyone in here what real dimwits your are. But be assured, we never expected more from some wannabe pathetic NATO fanboys.

BTW, must be a real agony to see your buddies loose daily while you are desperately trying to push more BS about Ukraine winning. If that’s winning then by all means, keep that going.

Last edited 10 months ago by TopGum

Do you seriously think Russia is winning this war? Yes, they have destroyed the Ukraine, we can all see that. Have you thought about price you Russians will have to pay for your ‘victory’?


Crawl back to your shit hole.


Why do they need toilet seats when they can shit in your mouth freely and an orifice from the rear to piss into?


Obviously they’re still laying baits.


Still waiting for the UKIE comeback any day now! Any day now, any year now, any decade now, any century now. Bwahahaha 😂😂🤣🤣


“Armed Forces of the Russian Federation treat the civilian population extremely humanely” LOL!


No-one should donate anything to SF because it is nothing more than RU disinfo channel.


RU does not even care for their own people. Compensation for death in war is 5000…10000 rubles (80…160 USD?) and the body is left to rot or eaten by wild animals.


Don’t lie.

“All family members of servicemen who died during a special military operation in Ukraine will be provided with insurance coverage and a one-time allowance provided by law – this is 7 million 421 thousand rubles,” Vladimir Putin said. Monthly monetary compensation will also be paid to each family member of the deceased.

“But in addition, I consider it necessary to establish an additional payment of 5 million rubles to each family of the deceased serviceman of the Ministry of Defense, military personnel and employees of other law enforcement agencies involved in the operation,” the president said.

All servicemen wounded during the operation will receive insurance and a one-time allowance for injury, injury or contusion. If a contract employee is found unfit for service due to injury, he will receive a one-time allowance of 2 million 968 thousand rubles, and in case of disability – monthly monetary compensation, Putin continued. These measures are already provided for by law, he said.

It is also necessary to provide additional payments to servicemen of the Ministry of Defense, military personnel and employees of other law enforcement agencies participating in the operation and injured – 3 million rubles each, the president announced.

Last edited 10 months ago by Andrey
Wishing for stability

NATO believe there are no rules winning is the only thing that matters they will use every dirty trick in the book (lie, cheat, steal, bribe, threaten, murder, falsely accuse, use chemical / biological weapons ). Russia seem to believe that there are certain rules that have to be followed.

Russia will never win the propaganda war it is lost. They may lose the real war if they allow NATO to continue stand at the side untouched and take part while immune to retaliation.

Russia should immediately set up an exclusion zone in the black sea announce any aircraft approaching or in the Black sea will be assumed to be taking part in the conflict and will be targeted. Then shoot down a few of musk’s satellites declare any foreign satellites above Ukraine suspected to be taking part in the conflict will be destroyed.


Wrong. It is not Russia that will escalate this conflict. They will always wait for the other party to make that mistake. NATO paying more and more for this. That sort of pain is much worse to them as they are already drowning in debt while inflation is seriously hitting their economies. So far the west has failed at everything. Look at their sanctions. Banning oil and gas was yet again a failure, they could not agree on terms. They switched to Ruble payment for gas as demanded. Ukraine situation has worsened after they got their weapons. It just resulted in more strikes far beyond the actual front-lines as warned by Russia. As you see there is nothing to escalate here. Russia is calling the shots while EU has no way to do anything. If they like they can cut gas, but they never will. Shows you too how in a real scenario wishful thinking does not work. EU has shot themselves in the face by going this way. Prices are up and they even have to pay in Rubles.

Last edited 10 months ago by TopGum
Muhammad your Prophet

Do you want a napkin so can wipe your tears? Don’t start crying now like a little girl. That’s not very Russian of you.

Last edited 10 months ago by Muhammad your Prophet

Who is crying dude? Are you really so retarded and unable to have a normal conversation? It seems you have many unresolved issues while coping with reality regarding Ukraine. Dump your BS as much as you have to. I don’t care about some wannabe NATO fanboy who is clearly out of his league in here. It only makes you look bad and embarrassing. Everyone can see this in here. Any other pathetic attempts you wanna try out? So far you got shot down every single time you post your crap in here. Long history of failure for you … very long.


Very well said, Top Gum.

Muhammad your Prophet

What are Russian the rules for raping? Do they have a limit about how many civilians they can rape?

Muhammad is not my prophet

I don’t know about Russians, but Ukrainians have been raping in the Donbas for 8 years.

Muhammad your Prophet

The moronic Russian propaganda is copycatting everything that the Ukranian foreign ministry says. That’s very interesting. Makes perfect sense. The Putin cockroaches have no brains to come up with anything by themselves.


I guess Snake Island is Ukrainian now. Oh and gas supplies to EU are still OK. More BS form a sore looser, nothing else. No facts, no real talk, just a bunch of desperate and mostly pointless BS. How pathetic.

Muhammad your Prophet

There are no Putin cockroaches in Snake Island. In fact there are no Russian warships in Snake Island at all. They’re at the bottom of the ocean. Did I just got my facts straight?

Putin bitches tears taste like heaven

look here a russian turret breaking world records, guess where? fucking mariupol ahahaha

100% liberated that turret from the tank 😘



https://twitter.com/TpyxaNews/status/1524336867704979457?t=-GcjjuJbKwUY78AkldyI8Q&s=19 Russian difficulties at Izium might make them use chemical weapon

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