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Russian Minister: Syria Experience to Strengthen Armed Forces & Create New Weapons

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Russian Minister: Syria Experience to Strengthen Armed Forces & Create New Weapons

FILE – Russian navy personnel are seen disembarking from an armored personnel carrier (APC) in Kaspiysk, Russia, Aug. 5, 2015.

The Russian military contingent’s experience gained in the struggle against terrorists in Syria will help strengthen Russia’s Armed Forces and develop new-generation weapons, the TASS news agency reported on July 15, citing the words of the Russia’s Defense Minister, Army General Sergei Shoigu.

The statement was made by the Russia’s minister at a military and scientific conference on the military and political results of using the armed forces in Syria and basic strategic conclusions.

“At the military and scientific conference today we’ll generalize the experience of using the Russian grouping in Syria and also analyze the problems of conducting warfare and making supplies for it,” Sergei Shoigu said.

“This will help elaborate proposals on further developing the Armed Forces and raising their combat capabilities and developing new-generation armaments,” the General added.

The Russia’s Defense Minister said that “the situation in Syria was critical” during the start of the Russian military operation there. Over 70% of the country was controlled by terrorists, who continued to develop an offensive in all the directions.

“The state’s resources were being depleted. Most experts predicted the events would further develop under the Libyan scenario and the state would inevitably disintegrate,” Shoigu said.

The recently successful country “was becoming a source of the spread of the terrorist threat,” he added.

The Defense Minister also noted that this Middle East region threatened to the national security of Russia.

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