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Russian Miltiary Advisers Remain In Venezuela Despite Hysteria In MSM


Russian Miltiary Advisers Remain In Venezuela Despite Hysteria In MSM

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Russian military personnel continue to remain in Venezuela for military-technical cooperation with the Venezuelan military, despite continuous US claims that it should leave.

Opposition sources say the Russian military is operating not only in Caracas, but along the Colombian border.

Photographs were released of supposed Russian personnel. It can be assumed that at least some of the people in the photo are Rostec employees who ensure the implementation of defense contracts in Venezuela.

It is worth recalling that both Rostec and the Russian Ministry of Defense say that military specialists are in Venezuela as part of official agreements with the Venezuelan government with periodic planned rotation. They mean President Nicolas Maduro’s government, and not the US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido’s opposition-controlled National Assembly.

Russian Miltiary Advisers Remain In Venezuela Despite Hysteria In MSM

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Russian Miltiary Advisers Remain In Venezuela Despite Hysteria In MSM

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Russian Miltiary Advisers Remain In Venezuela Despite Hysteria In MSM

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Russian Miltiary Advisers Remain In Venezuela Despite Hysteria In MSM

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In early September, it was reported that by the end of the summer of 2019, Russia will provide (in large part through the Sechin Rosneft) resale of 66% of all Venezuelan oil that is exported.

On the one hand, this allows Venezuela to circumvent the stifling American sanctions and so that it does not fall into a permanent economic crisis, followed by a collapse.

On the other hand, this allows Russia to strengthen its position in the oil market, as one of the largest countries in the world in terms oil reserves at the current stage is very dependent on Russian military-political and economic assistance. In this context, the agreement would prove profitable, allowing Venezuela, among other things, to gradually pay back loans issued to allow it to survive the crisis of 2016-2018.

And most importantly, in the event of further escalation of the arms race and the deployment of new American short- and medium-range missiles in Europe, Russia may get an option of negotiating for the placement of its missiles and bombers in the backyard of the United States (in addition to the ‘classic’ scenario with Cuba).

On September 4th, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova repeated Russian support for the Maduro government and accused the Guaido-led opposition of attempting to destabilize the country.

She commented on Guaido announcing that he would be forming his own competing “government.”

“Venezuela’s radical opposition continues to take steps to destabilise the political situation in the country. A few days ago (August 29), Juan Guaidó, the President of the National Assembly, announced the formation of his own “government.” We consider this another dangerous attempt to legalise the duality of power, to create a pseudo legal reality that can only lead to the further polarisation of Venezuelan society and slow the search for the middle-ground solutions Venezuela so desperately needs to improve the humanitarian situation and to embark again on the road to progressive advancement.

There is no doubt as to who instigated Juan Guaidó’s willingness to make this statement. Apparently, the United States, having seen the failure of power-based scenarios to topple the legitimate Venezuelan authorities, is trying to design a new strategy “to restore democracy” in that country. This slogan is now used to justify the formation of a parallel government in total violation of all norms of the rule of law in the country.”

Furthermore, the ministers in Guaido’s government were all employed by US-funded NGOs in the past.

In addition, to up political pressure, the US announced that it was opening a “Venezuela Affairs Unit” at the US Embassy in Colombia.

“This political and propaganda scheme was designed in the bowels of the respective agencies in Washington. A number of questions come up as to the methods to be used for achieving the proclaimed goal of the so-called “restoration of democracy and the constitutional order in that country, and the security and well-being of the Venezuelan people.” How can one speak of the restoration of constitutional order when everyone supported by Washington as members of the legitimate government is being sponsored by Washington itself?”

Meanwhile, on Maduro’s side, vice-president Delcy Rodriguez revealed evidence of Juan Guaido leading a criminal group accused of transferring national bonds to foreign countries, especially the United States.

“The Venezuelan people know who Juan Guaido is. He does not (represent) a political project, basically it’s a criminal group,” Rodriguez said in a press conference.

In July, Venezuelan Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez reported that two security guards of Guaido had been captured for trying to sell weapons stolen from the National Guard in the run up to Guaido’s failed coup d’état attempt of the government, April 30.

Separately, Colombian media is reporting on the activities of the Maduro government, which according to Jorge Rodriguez is pure propaganda.

“The publication of Semana magazine is full of lies about the operations of the Venezuelan State,” Rodríguez said as he showed evidence that dismantles the report, which he attributed to former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe Vélez as an intellectual author.

Rodríguez said the supposed document extracted from Venezuelan intelligence bodies does not correspond to the terminology used by the country’s institutions.

“They put a seal where it shouldn’t be, they put a stamp where it doesn’t go, with typography that isn’t used … it’s a terminology that doesn’t apply …,” he argued.

According to the Semana magazine, Colombia is to tell the UN that Venezuela is harboring terrorists.

Nicolas Maduro commented on an apparent threat of war from Colombia. On September 9th, Maduro said that the National Security council discussed possible actions against a confrontation.

During an address to the nation, President Maduro made clear that between January and April, the Colombian government has tried to overthrow his government in the interest of United States factions.

During his speech, the president said that Colombia’s media is acting like a “war machine,” against which “Venezuela has to defend itself with the truth, and to defend its sovereignty.”

He added, “we want to preserve the sovereignty, the right to peace and the right to the future of this Bolivarian Venezuela.”

President Maduro emphasized that “Colombia is a failed state that hates Venezuela, like never and … wants to create conflict between our two nations,” but the president called for bells of peace rather than trumpets of war. “With Ivan Duque, they declared war on the Bolivarian Revolution. It has been impossible for a minimum of relations and communications in two governments that are obliged to engage in.”




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  • Tiresia Branding

    actually Venezuela is in a pre-war state of alert against Colombia

    • Jens Holm

      Funny version. I see no great succes. USA should change narco, weapon and crime politics at home in stead.

      Russians cant do anything there as well. Guaido whatever has no solutions as well. Maybee everything could calm down, if all used horses and also had to grow their own food.

      Venezuela should start all over, but they have none for that.

    • Alberto Garza

      that would be the perfect excuse for the united states to step in .

  • cechas vodobenikov

    more evidence the US empire is impotent and near collapse

    • BMWA1

      Actually, it is taking Russia very little effort, relatively speaking, to reverse teh course of events in Georgia 2008, Krim 2014, Syria 2015 and VZ 2018. What is more interesting is how little power there was in the first instance as it is not taking much to change the course of history..

  • AM Hants

    Venezuela needs them. Nice to see Russia supporting the democratically elected Government of the sovereign nation.

    • Jens Holm

      Those are relatives to Potemkin :)

  • RichardD

    A lot of Americans aren’t buying the Guaido narrative. We’ve seen this type of nonsense to many times. The days of unbridled support for US Ziocon foreign regime change projects that do nothing for us are over. With the national debt going through the roof. And a bloated military for being the world’s policeman that is far more than what we need for national defense. Americans want their tax dollars spent at home, not overseas.

    • Redadmiral

      Agree with most of what you are saying RD. However I believe you have slipped into the same trap as many in stating the Yanki Military act as the worlds policeman. They are nothing of the sort, they are Mafia in uniforms. As Smedley Butler rightly noted after his retirement from the US Marines “I served in all commissioned ranks from second lieutenant to Major General. And during that period I spent most of my time being a high-class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer for capitalism. I suspected I was just part of the racket all the time. Now I am sure of it.”

      • RichardD

        World’s policeman is just a phrase to describe the Jewmerican hegemony insanity. I completely agree with Butler.

    • Alberto Garza

      nonetheless the socialist goverment of venezuela has only bring misery to its people and its shameful that russia helps them

      • verner

        nah what is shameful is that you take side against the people of venezuela and join force with a traitor that had no compunction about betraying the venezuelan people. that is where the shame is found – in you.

      • RichardD

        You’re blame shifting. The Jew world order subversion is causing the problems.

  • verner

    great stuff that russians are there and preventing the unhinged morons of washington dc from carry out the regime change that was planned.

  • Boycott-Israel!

    Legend says “Kalibr” is already in Venezuela.