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JUNE 2023

Russian Millitary To Establish Large Base In Syria’s Palmyra – Report

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Russia is preparing to establish a military base near the ancient city of Palmyra in central Syria, the Zaman al-Wsl news outlet reported on June 14.

Citing a special source, the outlet said the base will be established at the Palmyra Air Base. A Syrian military delegation headed by Maj. Gen. Tawfiq Khaddour, commander of the air forces’ 22nd Air Division, reportedly handed the base to the Russian military a while ago.

“The Iranians have evacuated the air base, in addition to everything related or belong to regime forces, whether it is military or logistical,” the source said.

The air base was badly damaged during the second battle of Palmyra in 2017. According to Zaman al-Wsl, the Russian military has begun work to rehabilitate the base. The outlet claimed that warplanes will be deployed at the base, which will be also used as a commercial airport in the future. However, this scenario is highly unlikely.

Russian Millitary To Establish Large Base In Syria’s Palmyra – Report

Click to see full-size image. By Google Earth – CNES/ Airbus Maxar Technologies

Last month, President Vladimir Putin has ordered Russia’s defense and foreign ministries to hold talks with Damascus to obtain additional facilities and maritime access in Syria.

The information provided by Zaman al-Wsl are yet to be verified. Nonetheless, Russia may be indeed interested in boosting its presence in central Syria. A Russian base in Palmyra could forward anti-terrorism efforts in the region, where ISIS is still active.


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namulit emperor

What for? For how long?

Tommy Jensen

If Russia is doing this in Syria against an American, we can also do the same thing in Syria against them.


you can also masturbate..

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Be an excellent UCAV (Orion-2) operating base along with the manned Su-25 Grach close air support jet. (perhaps the two systems could be integrated?)

Anduin Lothar

Phereps mig 29s, most likely buks or some systems like that, but who knows…


An air base deep in the interior of Syrian gives Russian aircraft a shorter flight time to potential target zones, and a longer loiter time.

On the other hand, it increases the risk of a successful attack by drones, rockets or ground forces.

I hope the base will be thoroughly defended.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Where would any such attacks come from? (it would be likely Israeli or U.S. controlled territory)

Dick Von Dast'Ard



I think it could be more easy to defend since there is more plain desert


I think it could be more easy to defend since there is more plain desert


I heard news about UCAV used in Syria last night, i know Orion was operational but are they already in use in Syria ? that was fast

John Wallace

Everyone building their bases making Syria the frontline. Northern Idlib is to be renamed Turkistan after Turkey has made it clear they ain’t moving . Eastern Deir Azor is now a province of Kurdistan , Iran are building their bases despite `Israel trying to slow them down, Israel isn’t building a base in Syria as a money saving measure. They will wait till someone else builds one then go and take it for free.. Russia are taking over abandoned US ones and making their own new ones . Palmyra is an obvious choice so they can fly in the Russian Symphony to give another concert in the ruins like they did after the first recapture.

Domenic Patrone

Spread out the features of the camp, maybe twice the distance things would ordinarily be from one another or more. Underground bunkers should be common, for the men as well.


This is a very important development that bodes well for Syria and the region.

The Zionist NATO stranglehold on the planet’s energy resources is being broken. And the success of the Syrian war on Israel’s doorstep has been a game changer.

Venezuela, Iran and Russia account for a significant % of the planet’s energy resources in the SCO sphere of influence. Adding Iraq and Libya would be helpful. And would put half of the leading proven oil and gas reserves outside of the Zionist NATO combine.

Defeating the Zionist NATO regime change operation in Libya and getting NATO out of Syria and Iraq would make putting a functional and effective regional coalition capable of keeping NATO at bay and clearing the IDF and Israeli government out of the occupied territories with minimal hostilities a realistic option.

The military force is only part of a successful operation. The economic aspect is equally important. Egypt, Turkey, Iraq and Jordan all need economic alternatives to Jew economic subversion. Moving ahead with the Chinese belt and road initiative can help provide this. Along with strengthening non aligned economic cooperation as an alternative to US EU Jew economic terrorism.

Egypt and Turkey both need mitigation of the risk of a two front war. One with Israel and the other with NATO. With Egypt it’s a second front with Libya, with Turkey it’s the Kurds. This is why getting SCO friendly governments in place in Libya and Iraq that aren’t NATO vassals is important.

Getting NATO out of Iraq should make the US presence in NE Syria untenable. And lead to a US withdrawal. That leaves Al-Tanf to be reclaimed.

Without NATO support in Syria and Iraq the Kurds will be much easier to manage to address Turkey’s security concerns. Which will allow Turkey to stand down it’s Syrian occupation. And transition to stationing arrangements with the Syrian government coalition in Syria. And improve logistical arrangements with Jordan for moving a NBC capable force to the West Bank border for clearing operations.

Porc Halal

In the future conflict between Russia and the islamist turkey, one of the strategic movements of the Russians will be to secure the Bosphorus Strait and the adjacent territories, and this will of course include the old Byzantine metropolis of Constantinople …


This could be big. the number of effects it could have are astronomical and none of them will be helpful for the Coalition and friends. At the moment, The US bases in the NE seem to be merely glorified warehouses, preparing the SDF for their departure. What the Russians seem to be doing here, is an entirely different matter. It would be easy to speculate on what they could put in there and what the effects from it would be. However, it may be much more fun to just watch it happen and enjoy the surprises. I wish well to all.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

It’s about time and long overdue, now Isis will have something to really worry about, 2 helicopter gunships and 3 long range artillery units should do the trick nicely. And there won’t be any more Israeli airstrikes here either, no Iranian presence means no more Israeli bombs, that’s another bonus. This will probably be the first of many bases the Iranians abandon, they’re running out of money fast and this is the best way for them to save money now, and the more bases they vacate means the more money they’ll save. The locals have been complaining about the heavy Iranian presence here lately but now they won’t have any more reason to complain, and that’s because the Russians are very welcome in all the places the Iranians aren’t, the locals won’t be protesting against the Russians the way they did against Iran, they’ll instead all come out in force to support them. This is the very best news Assad could get, this will help ease the current tensions in Daraa a well as here in Homs, good will goes a long way but good will’s been in short supply of late, so maybe this is a turning point Assad can take full advantage of, fingers crossed he does. Listen to Russia Assad.

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